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    This is a recent trade in a dynasty League with 15 man bench rosters. Teams start 2 wr's and 2 rb's and the scoring rewards both yardage and td's equally. Like most drafts running backs tyically score more than recievers and there is a large gap between the elite backs and the good backs.

    Team one Trades: Steve Smith and Randy Moss

    Team Two Trades: Clinton Portis, Deion Branch, Lamont Jordan and a 5th round FA/Rookie draft pick.

    Team one has Andre Johnson, Lee Evans, Drew Bennett and Deion Branch as his remaining WR's. His current Backfield now includes: Portis, Ronnie brown, edgerrin james, Lendale white, corey dillon, domanick rhodes and lamont jordan.

    Team two now has: Shaun Alexander, rudi johnson, chris brown and mike bell at rb. And Moss, Smith, Galloway, Keyshawn, joe horn and jerry Porter at WR.

    Who got the better end of this deal in your opinion and who's team is better off after the deal?

    I see it as win-win for both teams, but I do see a definate winner as far as value goes. What do you guys think?

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    It's win/win honestly. Getting Portis and Jordan could be huge if Jordan turns it on again, I'd probably take that side with Moss down now. Team 1 still have good WRs and made the right call.

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      Team two filled a big time need at wideout but team one has so much depth now.

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        Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
        Team two filled a big time need at wideout but team one has so much depth now.
        yea thats my outtake as well, but Jordan is a bum as far as i'm concerned. though he really needs an OL improvement


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          I thought team 1 was the definate winner in this trade. Team two got two players that could start on his roster and gave up a bum rb (jordan), A possible top 5 fantasy player in Portis (possible ir player too), and Deion branch who is not only an adequate backup, but seems poised to become the #1 guy in seattle this season. The 5th round pick will amount to little more than a kicker (which he needs too). Because of team one's WR depth the move made perfet sense for him, and the possibility of portis returning to 2005form makes this trade a winner. Both teams were winners, but I think Randy will be a bust if he is traded or at best a one year comeback player and done.

          Team one also made another really good trade IMHO later yesterday. He traded corey dillon and matt leinart for brian westbrook. Leinart could be a fantasy star in the future but at this time he was the 4th qb on that teams roster behind Palmer, Big ben and Losman (yeah losman's fantasy stats weren't that bad). the team that traded westbrook had only Jake plummer and damon huard at qb so he had to do something.



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