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First Fantasy Football Draft complete!

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  • First Fantasy Football Draft complete!

    Here is my team and who I picked, 12 teams, .5 PPR.

    QB: Tony Romo – 6.08
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew – 1.05
    RB: Ryan Mathews – 2.08
    WR: Miles Austin – 4.08
    WR: Jeremy Maclin – 5.05
    TE: Owen Daniels – 11.05
    Flex: Adrian Peterson – 3.05
    D: Chiefs Defense – 20.08
    K: John Kasay – 22.08
    BN: Demaryius Thomas – 7.05
    BN: Mike Williams – 8.08
    BN: Ryan Williams – 9.05
    BN: Doug Martin – 10.08
    BN: Andrew Luck – 12.08
    BN: Austin Collie – 13.05
    BN: Kyle Rudolph – 14.08
    BN: Lamichael James – 15.05
    BN: Jon Baldwin – 16.08
    BN: Knowshon Moreno – 17.05
    BN: Kendall Wright – 18.08
    BN: Dion Lewis 19.05
    BN: Mohamed Sanu – 21.05
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    Heavy on the youngsters, no? Esepcially given the pre-draft status of this draft. I also think there's a ton of risk in your picks in rounds 7-10. Was it that thin, or did you choose to select all young upside and pass on the old guard that may be more reliable?

    AP in the third is nice. That could be a huge play if he's ready to go at the start of the season. Even if he's only a late season play, he's one hell of an insurance policy. Though I think it's very concerning that you weren't able to get Toby. Where did he get drafted?

    Also, where did Forte go? I'm curious about him as his injury never gave us a chance to see him play again this season and this super early draft makes him a bit of a question mark.

    Austin and Maclin are a crazy good combo and Maclin will prove to be an epic steal in the fifth. I was huge on him last year and injuries were the only thing that kept him from being an absolute stud.

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      Gronk & Graham in round 2 . . . still not drinking that particular cool-aid. Guys like Nicks / Wallace / Roddy and quite a few studs should simply not be going after a TE. Madness.

      While it's a bit tough to pick on the Champ, I'm thinking the guy drafting at the turn has put together a stinker of a team through 6 rounds. Marshawn? I love the guy but he seems like his only stud years are contract years. No thanks. Richardson and Reggie Bush when Bradshaw and Beanie are still on the board? Yikes. Maybe once we know where Richardson will be that would make sense, but I'm not sold that's smart now. Reggie isn't pulling off another stud year in Miami.

      QB heavy round one. I like the team the Cam owner put together but have a hard time believing Newton will live up to the value of a top 10 pick. He has the look of epic sophmore slump to me. (And that's coming from a guy that drafted him in round 16 of a keeper league last year. I'd LOVE to be wrong. lol)

      I'm loving Leshoure as a round 8 pick. Even moreso as a round 16 keeper for my Flying Funk this year. ;)

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