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    With the Dunk Contest coming up I came up with the idea to have a make your own Dunk Contest Draft. 10 rounds, you must draft 6 players, a Stadium/Arena, 3 Judges/Broadcasters. You can draft players from any era, but if a player is drafted as a Judge they can't be used as a player. So who's in? I am looking to get 6-8 people including me.

    Draft Order:
    Round 1
    1. T-Rich: Michael "Air" Jordan, Chicago Bulls
    2. OSUGiants: "The Human Highlight Film" Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks
    3. BoyWonder22: Julius "Dr. J" Erving, ABA
    4. zachsaints: Vince "Air Canada" Carter, Toronto Raptors
    5. ncst8fan: "Nasty" Nate Robinson, New York Knicks
    6. freebirdsrams: Shawn "The Reign Man" Kemp, Seattle SuperSonics

    Round 2
    1. freebirdrams: Blake Griffin, Lob City Clippers
    2. ncst8fan: Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
    3. zachsaints: Tracy "T-Mac" McGrady, Houston Rockets
    4. BoyWonder22: Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, Portland Trailblazers
    5. OSUGiants: Jason "J-Rich" Richardson, Golden State Warriors
    6. T-Rich: Dwight "Superman" Howard, Orlando Magic

    Round 3
    1. T-Rich: LeBron "Greatest Of All Time" James, Miami Heat
    2. OSUGiants: Anthony "Spud" Webb, Atlanta Hawks
    3. BoyWonder22: David "Skywalker" Thompson, Denver Nuggets
    4. zachsaints: Dwanye "Flash" Wade, Miami Heat
    5. ncst8fan: Isaiah "J.R." Rider, Portland Trailblazers
    6. freebirdsrams: Andre "AI" Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers

    Round 4
    1. freebirdrams: Harold "Baby Jordan" Miner, Miami Heat
    2. ncst8fan: Dermal "Dee" Brown, Boston Celtics
    3. zachsaints: "The Durantula" Kevin Durant
    4. BoyWonder22: Josh "J-Smoove" Smith, Atlanta Hawks
    5. OSUGiants: Derrick "D-Rose" Rose, Chicago Bulls
    6. T-Rich: Madison Square Garden, New York City

    Round 5
    1. T-Rich: Scottie "Pip" Pippen, Chicago Bulls
    2. OSUGiants: Charles Barkley, Former NBA Player
    3. BoyWonder22: Desmond "The Cowboy" Mason, Seattle SuperSonics
    4. zachsaints: Boston Garden, Boston
    5. ncst8fan: Kenny "Sky" Walker, New York Knicks
    6. freebirdsrams: Ernie Johnson, Sports Caster

    Round 6
    1. freebirdrams: Magic Johnson, Former NBA Player
    2. ncst8fan: The Staples Center, Los Angeles
    3. zachsaints: Earl "JR" Smith, Denver Nuggets
    4. BoyWonder22: Darryl Dawkins, Former NBA Player
    5. OSUGiants: United Center, Chicago
    6. T-Rich: Kevin Harlan, Broadcaster

    Round 7
    1. T-Rich: Mark Jackson, Broadcaster
    2. OSUGiants: Marv Albert, Broadcaster
    3. BoyWonder22: JaVale "Lemonhead" McGee, Washington Wizards
    4. zachsaints:
    5. ncst8fan
    6. freebirdsrams

    Round 8
    1. freebirdrams:
    2. ncst8fan:
    3. zachsaints:
    4. BoyWonder22:
    5. OSUGiants:
    6. T-Rich:

    Round 9
    1. T-Rich:
    2. OSUGiants:
    3. BoyWonder22:
    4. zachsaints:
    5. ncst8fan
    6. freebirdsrams

    Round 10
    1. freebirdrams:
    2. ncst8fan:
    3. zachsaints:
    4. BoyWonder22:
    5. OSUGiants:
    6. T-Rich:
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    Im game just to get into something.



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