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    The Game will begin as of Saturday April 7th. Whoever possesses the 1st overall pick at that point has until noon on Wednesday to make their selection.

    The object of this game is not necessarily who has the best roster, but who has the most improved roster. We'll have a grading process when the game is completed.

    Refer to for your team's roster/depth chart (don't forget your IR players). Drafting players and making trades is the only way to change your roster. You need to finish the game with a 53 man roster, a little under is your choice, but no more than 53.

    ************************************************** ********

    Time Frames
    Round 1: Each team has 5 hours to make their selection. A 'rest' window will be implemented to allow for work/sleep/life to happen. This window will last from 11pm EST until 7am EST. So, if your team goes on the clock at 10pm PST, you have 1 hours before the window plus 4 hours after the window to make your selection, therefore, your deadline would be 10am EST. The deadlines will continue at 6 hours each until round 1 has been completed

    Round 2: Each team will be given 4 hours to make their selection. Same rules apply as round 1.

    Round 3: Each team will be given 3 hours to make their selection. Same rules apply as round 1.

    Day 2: Rounds 4-7 will give 2 hours for each team to make their selection, using the same 'rest' window as Round 3.

    If your time limit expires, then your pick becomes "passed", and you may make your selection at anytime. However, the next team's time frame begins when your pick expires. When you come back to make your pick, the current time frame stays in play.

    After you have made your selection, feel free to announce who is on the clock next, and give them their deadline. I won't always be here to do so. If you have a pick coming up, and the deadline wasn't announced, it is still the time frame from when the last pick was made, do the math yourself if you have to.
    ************************************************** ********

    There is no trading between teams with the same owner.

    When presented with a trade offer, make sure to get confirmation before announcing it. i.e. don't just post a trade happening when all you have is a proposal, as most owners will have several proposals floating around, and will take the best offer. Make sure you and the other owner know the trade is going to be announced before posting it.

    ALL TRADES WILL TAKE PLACE VIA PRIVATE MESSAGES. When a trade is finalized, announce the trade on "Trades NFL 3" Thread AND send me a Private Message as well if draft picks are involved. I don't care if you trade players, only if draft picks are involved. If you don't theres a chance you picks wont be updated.

    ************************************************** ********

    Game Threads
    Use the Roster Thread to keep track of your players and picks.

    Use the Trades Thread to post your Trade Blocks, Completed Trades, and other trade related stuff. Remember, when making a trade involving a draft pick, you must include the round number and pick number (i.e.: JAX trades Rd3 Pk15 (79 overall) to CLE for Rd4 Pk4 (100 overall) + "Player's Name"...or something to that degree), make sure we know what pick(s) are being traded.

    **do not sign up if your not dedicated.
    ************************************************** ********

    Arizona = DragonMekha
    Atlanta = PrimeTime21
    Baltimore = LeoObeid32
    Buffalo =
    Carolina = Fenikz
    Chicago = Bears Fan
    Cincinnati =
    Cleveland =
    Dallas =
    Denver = Fenikz
    Detroit = Thomas7399
    Green Bay = Moses
    Houston =
    Indianapolis =
    Jacksonville = JagsFreak27
    Kansas City =
    Miami = Miamichamp 305
    Minnesota = Princefielder28
    New England = FloridaFootball
    New Orleans = Flyboy
    New York Giants = Scottyboy
    New York Jets = Gang Green
    Oakland = Windy City Big Gamer Uno
    Philadelphia = DragonMekha
    Pittsburgh = Steel Man
    San Diego = JK 17
    San Francisco = Bootland 27
    Seattle =
    St. Louis =
    Tampa Bay = 24Cadillac24
    Tennessee =
    Washington =

    ************************************************** ********
    D&J Mock Draft Listing
    CBS Sportsline
    Draft Tek
    NFL Draft Countdown
    Anything else really.

    ************************************************** ********

    Draft Picks:

    Round One
    1 Oakland Raiders
    2 Detroit Lions
    3 Cleveland Browns
    4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    5 Arizona Cardinals
    6 Washington Redskins
    7 Minnesota Vikings
    8 Atlanta Falcons (from Houston)
    9 Miami Dolphins
    10 Houston Texans (from Atlanta)
    11 San Francisco 49ers
    12 Buffalo Bills
    13 St. Louis Rams
    14 Carolina Panthers
    15 Pittsburgh Steelers
    16 Green Bay Packers
    17 Jacksonville Jaguars
    18 Cincinnati Bengals
    19 Tennessee Titans
    20 New York Giants
    21 Denver Broncos
    22 Dallas Cowboys
    23 Kansas City Chiefs
    24 New England Patriots (from Seattle)
    25 New York Jets
    26 Philadelphia Eagles
    27 New Orleans Saints
    28 New England Patriots
    29 Baltimore Ravens
    30 San Diego Chargers
    31 Chicago Bears
    32 Indianapolis Colts

    Round two

    33 Oakland Raiders
    34 Detroit Lions
    35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    36 Cleveland Browns
    37 Chicago Bears (from Washington through New York Jets)
    38 Arizona Cardinals
    39 Atlanta Falcons (from Houston)
    40 Miami Dolphins
    41 Minnesota Vikings
    42 San Francisco 49ers
    43 Buffalo Bills
    44 Atlanta Falcons
    45 Carolina Panthers
    46 Pittsburgh Steelers
    47 Green Bay Packers
    48 Jacksonville Jaguars
    49 Cincinnati Bengals
    50 Tennessee Titans
    51 New York Giants
    52 St. Louis Rams
    53 Dallas Cowboys
    54 Kansas City Chiefs
    55 Seattle Seahawks
    56 Denver Broncos
    57 Philadelphia Eagles
    58 New Orleans Saints
    59 New York Jets
    60 Miami Dolphins (from New England)
    61 Baltimore Ravens
    62 San Diego Chargers
    63 New York Jets (from Chicago)
    64 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis)

    Round three

    65 Oakland Raiders
    66 Detroit Lions
    67 Cleveland Browns
    68 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    69 Arizona Cardinals
    70 Denver Broncos (from Washington)
    71 Miami Dolphins
    72 Minnesota Vikings
    73 Houston Texans
    74 Buffalo Bills
    75 Atlanta Falcons
    76 San Francisco 49ers
    77 Pittsburgh Steelers
    78 Green Bay Packers
    79 Jacksonville Jaguars
    Cincy : Forfeited pick on Ahmad Brooks
    80 Tennessee Titans
    81 New York Giants
    82 St. Louis Rams
    83 Carolina Panthers
    84 Kansas City Chiefs
    85 Seattle Seahawks
    86 Denver Broncos
    87 Dallas Cowboys
    88 New Orleans Saints
    89 New York Jets
    90 Philadelphia Eagles
    91 New England Patriots
    92 Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore)
    93 San Diego Chargers
    94 Chicago Bears
    95 Indianapolis Colts
    96 San Diego Chargers
    97 San Francisco 49ers
    98 Indianapolis Colts
    99 Oakland Raiders

    Round four

    100 Oakland Raiders
    101 Detroit Lions
    102 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    103 Cleveland Browns
    104 San Francisco 49ers (from Washington)
    105 Arizona Cardinals
    106 Minnesota Vikings
    107 Houston Texans
    108 Miami Dolphins
    109 Atlanta Falcons
    110 San Francisco 49ers
    111 Buffalo Bills
    112 Green Bay Packers
    113 Jacksonville Jaguars
    114 Cincinnati Bengals
    115 Tennessee Titans
    116 New York Giants
    117 St. Louis Rams
    118 Carolina Panthers
    119 Pittsburgh Steelers
    120 Seattle Seahawks
    121 Atlanta Falcons (from Denver)
    122 Dallas Cowboys
    123 New Orleans Saints (from Kansas City)
    124 San Francisco 49ers (from New York Jets)
    125 New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia)
    126 New Orleans Saints
    127 New England Patriots
    128 Tennessee Titans (from Baltimore)
    129 San Diego Chargers
    130 Chicago Bears
    131 Indianapolis Colts
    132 Pittsburgh Steelers
    133 Atlanta Falcons
    134 Baltimore Ravens
    135 San Francisco 49ers
    136 Indianapolis Colts
    137 Baltimore Ravens

    Round five

    138 Oakland Raiders
    139 Detroit Lions
    140 Cleveland Browns
    141 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    142 Arizona Cardinals
    143 Washington Redskins
    144 Houston Texans
    145 Detroit Lions (from Miami)
    146 Minnesota Vikings
    147 San Francisco 49ers
    148 St. Louis Rams (from Buffalo)
    149 Atlanta Falcons
    150 Jacksonville Jaguars
    151 Cincinnati Bengals
    152 Tennessee Titans
    153 New York Giants
    154 St. Louis Rams
    155 Carolina Panthers
    156 Pittsburgh Steelers
    157 Green Bay Packers
    158 Detroit Lions (from Denver Broncos)
    159 Dallas Cowboys
    160 Kansas City Chiefs
    161 Seattle Seahawks
    162 Philadelphia Eagles
    163 New Orleans Saints
    164 New York Jets
    165 Oakland Raiders (from New England)
    166 Baltimore Ravens
    167 San Diego Chargers
    168 Chicago Bears
    169 Indianapolis Colts
    170 Pittsburgh Steelers
    171 New England Patriots
    172 San Diego Chargers
    173 Indianapolis Colts
    174 Baltimore Ravens

    Round six

    175 Oakland Raiders
    176 Denver Broncos (from Detroit)
    177 New York Jets (from Tampa Bay)
    178 Cleveland Browns
    179 Washington Redskins
    180 New England Patriots (from Arizona)
    181 Miami Dolphins
    182 Minnesota Vikings
    183 Houston Texans
    184 Buffalo Bills
    185 Atlanta Falcons
    186 San Francisco 49ers
    187 Cincinnati Bengals
    188 Tennessee Titans
    189 New York Giants
    190 St. Louis Rams
    191 Carolina Panthers
    192 Pittsburgh Steelers
    193 Green Bay Packers
    194 Jacksonville Jaguars
    195 Dallas Cowboys
    196 Kansas City Chiefs
    197 Seattle Seahawks
    198 Denver Broncos[26]
    199 Miami Dolphins (from New Orleans)
    200 Dallas Cowboys (from New York Jets)
    201 Philadelphia Eagles
    202 New England Patriots
    203 Baltimore Ravens
    204 Tennessee Titans (from San Diego)
    205 Chicago Bears
    206 Tennessee Titans (from Indianapolis)
    207 Baltimore Ravens
    208 New England Patriots
    209 New England Patriots
    210 Seattle Seahawks

    Round seven

    211 Oakland Raiders
    212 Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit through New York Jets)
    213 Cleveland Browns
    214 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    215 Arizona Cardinals
    216 Washington Redskins
    217 Minnesota Vikings
    218 Houston Texans
    219 Miami Dolphins
    220 New Orleans Saints (from Atlanta)
    221 Chicago Bears (from San Francisco through Cleveland)
    222 Buffalo Bills
    223 Tennessee Titans
    224 New York Giants
    225 St. Louis Rams
    226 Carolina Panthers
    227 Pittsburgh Steelers
    228 Green Bay Packers
    229 Jacksonville Jaguars
    230 Cincinnati Bengals
    231 Kansas City Chiefs
    232 Seattle Seahawks
    233 Denver Broncos
    234 Dallas Cowboys
    235 Green Bay Packers (from New York Jets)
    236 Philadelphia Eagles
    237 Dallas Cowboys (from New Orleans)
    238 Miami Dolphins (from New England)
    239 Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore)
    240 San Diego Chargers
    241 Chicago Bears
    242 Indianapolis Colts
    243 Green Bay Packers
    244 Atlanta Falcons
    245 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    246 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    247 New England Patriots
    248 St. Louis Rams
    249 St. Louis Rams
    250 New York Giants
    251 Jacksonville Jaguars
    252 Jacksonville Jaguars
    253 Cincinnati Bengals
    254 Oakland Raiders
    255 Detroit Lions
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    I got Patriots


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      Originally posted by FloridaFootball View Post
      I got Patriots
      Also, be wary, the pick times are short.


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        J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!


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          i would bee philly but i dont have enuff knowledge to make day 2 piccks. count me out.


          XBOX360 Gamertag: GZA88


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            I'd do it but the reliability of a poster with three posts is too shaky for me sorry

            Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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              If we do not have at least 75% of teams with owners by tomoro at 1pm. im afraid ill have to cancel the game, but ill reopen it when theres more interest.


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                Sorry guys, seems like not enough interest + i got 3 or 4 other MDG going. so im gunna have to cancel it. Ill host one if there is enough interest at some point.


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                  yea a rookie is not cool only neko could pull this off


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                    Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                    yea a rookie is not cool only neko could almost pull this off
                    Not done yet!

                    Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                      IM NOT A ROOKIE! I GOT BANNED FROM THIS SITE A FEW MONTHS AGO AND I HAD TONS OF POSTS. NOT TO MENTION IM A EXPERIENCE MDG-ER, IVE DONE 7 MDG GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rookies can be more valuable then you think fool.


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                        then what was ur user name


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                          Originally posted by leoobeid32 View Post
                          IM NOT A ROOKIE! I GOT BANNED FROM THIS SITE A FEW MONTHS AGO AND I HAD TONS OF POSTS. NOT TO MENTION IM A EXPERIENCE MDG-ER, IVE DONE 7 MDG GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rookies can be more valuable then you think fool.
                          Oh you were banned even better! :) was it Jhasley or anything like that?

                          Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                            gobble gobble gobble.


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                              Originally posted by Windy City Big Gamer Uno View Post
                              gobble gobble gobble.
                              Random Much? (wow that sounded preppy, as if)

                              Sig thanks to Bonekrusher



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