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    Post your final rosters/write up's Here

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    PG Steve Nash/ Kyle Lowry/ Marcus Banks
    SG Leandro Barbosa/Nicholas Batum/Rashad McCants/Eddie Jones
    SF Shawn Marion/Brandon Rush/Jalen Rose/Jumaine Jones
    PF Pau Gaso/ Hakim Warrick/ Pat Burke
    C Amare Stoudemire/ Kurt Thomas/

    Key Aquiisitions

    PG Kyle Lowry
    SG Rashaad McCants
    SG Eddie Jones
    PF Hakim Warrick
    F/C Pau Gasol


    SG/SF Nicholas Batum
    SG/SF Brandon Rush

    Analysis: Obviously the biggest move for the suns was trading for Pau Gasol. This makes an elite team in the league even better. Kyle Lowry and Hakim Warrick are an underrated part of the deal. I feel Hakim Warricks game translates very well to the Suns up tempo style. Kyle Lowry will be the PG of the future in Phoenix. Who better than Steven Nash to learn from? In the draft my key focus was moving out of the 4th pick and getting either my SG or SF of the future. I was able to move down pick up another pick and a young unproven player in McCants. McCants is very unproven but he still has the potential to be great. Drafting Nicholas Batum was exactly what I was looking to do. Hes a versatile player that could play either the 2 or the 3. Hes got the potential to be an all star some day soon, sooner than most expect. Playing on a stacked team such as this should allow him develop at a decent pace. With my last first rounder I picked up Brandon Rush who also has the ability to play the 2 or the 3. I figure out of McCants, Batum, and Rush I have my future starters at SG and SF, in which combination? I am not sure. I am not sure I like Leandro Barbosa as a starting SG so I will hope after I groom Batum as the started I can move Barbosa to the sixth man giving me a real threat off the bench. Overall a very sucessful offseason.


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      Cleveland Cavaliers


      PG- Carlos Arroyo, Keith Bogans
      SG- Paul Pierce, Stephen Jackson
      SF- LeBron James, Matt Barnes, Josh Powell
      PF- Kwame Brown, Anderson Varejao, Ali Tarore
      C- Tony Battie, Adonal Foyle, James Hughes
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        PG Gilbert ARenas/ Antonio Daniels
        SG Caron Butler/Deshawn Stevenson/ Dominic McGuire/Roger Mason JR
        SF Rashard Lewis/Andray Blatche/Al Thornton/
        PF Antawn Jamison/ Darius Songalia/ Al Thornton
        C Etan Thomas/ Brendan Haywood/ Michael Ruffin

        Key Additions

        SF Rashard Lewis (suckas)

        Rookies Drafted

        SG/SF Dominic McGuire
        SF/PF Al Thornton

        Whenever you can bring in a guy like Rashard Lewis for as cheap as we got him you take the deal. We were lucky no one claimed him and were the only ones with an offer in. He will add to the scoring attack of the Wizards. We are talking an Elite Offesive team in the NBA. Having Al Thornton drop to us was the perfect thing that could have happened. Hes a SF/PF tweener but he will be able to excel playing PF in the Wizards up tempo system. Dominic McGuire is a jack of all trades. I compare his value to that of Renaldo Balkmans last year. He has alot of potential and he reminds me of a off brand Josh Smith type of player. Will be able to come in and play solid defense right away while his offensive game will have to be developed farther.
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          Los Angeles Lakers Final Roster:


          C - Andrew Bynum* - Ronny Turiaf - Mohamed Abukar(R) - Joel Przybilla
          PF - Joakim Noah(R)* - Darius Miles- Brain Cook - Donyell Marshall
          SF - Luke Walton* - Vladimir Radmanovic - Jared Dudley(R)
          SG - Kobe Bryant* - Maurcie Evans
          PG - Jordan Farmar* - Gabe Pruitt(R) - David Wesley

          also the Lakers get Clevelands and Portlands 2008 1st round picks
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            Originally posted by GB12 View Post

            Final Depth Chart

            PG: Mo Williams/Andre Miller/Charlie Bell
            SG: Michael Redd/Charlie Bell/Ricky Davis/Mo Williams/Desmond Mason
            SF: Charlie Villanueva/Ricky Davis/Ruben Patterson/Desmond Mason/Erson Illyasova
            PF: Brandan Wright/Brian Skinner/Nick Fazekas/Charlie Villanueva/Damir Markota
            C: Samuel Dalembert/Roy Hibbert/Brian Skinner/Damir Markota

            With the depth I have I am looking to get quality minutes from my starters by substituting frequently. Redd will be in for most of the game with only a quick rest every no and then, but the rest will be fresh at all times. Mo, Andre, and Charlie are interchangeable and I would feel comfortable with either of the three starting. Mo gets the start with Andre second due to Bell subbing for Redd as well. SF is close to the situation at PG. I am four deep with capable starters. Charlie V should find the SF mpre suitable for his skills than the PF position. Davis, Patterson, and Mason make SF my biggest strength when it was my biggest weakness a year ago. Wright gets the start at PF as a rookie. He isn't totally NBA ready but throwing him in right away should benefit him. Skinner gives me veteran leader ship and is a solid role player. He should help Wright grow when he is on and off the court. With out signing Skinner I was hesitant to starting Villanueva at SF, due to lack of depth at the 4 but he allows me to do so. Fazekas won't see a ton of time his rookie year, but I hope for him to turn into a very good second stringer. Dalembert gets the edge over Hibbert at center so I'm not starting two rookies. Their time will be almost even.

            3 Guard Lineup
            G: Charlie Bell/Andre Miller
            G: Michael Redd/Ricky Davis
            G: Mo Williams/Desmond Mason
            F: Charlie Villanueva/Ruben Patterson/Brandan Wright
            C: Roy Hibbert/Samuel Dalembert/Brian Skinner

            We ran a three guard lineup quite a bit this past season and should keep it in the playbook. The team I have is better fit for it than what we had. Bell, Redd, and Mo once again start at the guards, with Villanueva at F and Hibbert at center.


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              New Jersey Nets

              PG: Marcus Williams/Zoran Planinic
              SG: Allen Iverson/ Antoine Wright
              SF: Richard Jefferson/ Bostjan Nachbar
              PF: Nenad Kristic/ Linus Kleiza/ Mikki Moore
              C: Marcus Camby/ Hasheem THabbeet/ Mile Ilic


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                Denver Nuggets

                PG: Jason Kidd/Fred Jones
                SG: Carmelo Anthony/Nick Young/Fred Jones
                SF: Mickael Pietrus/Yakhouba Diawara/Herbert Hill
                PF: Kenyon Martin/Eduardo Najera/Herbert Hill
                C: Jason Collins/Jamaal Sampson
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                  FINAL DEPTH CHART

                  PG: TJ Ford/Jose Calderon/Derrick Martin
                  SG: Anthony Parker/Juan Dixon/Luke Jackson
                  SF: Grant Hill/Joey Graham/Jorge Garbajosa/Rashawn Terry
                  PF: Chris Bosh/Andrea Bargnani/Kris Humphries/Jorge Garbajosa
                  C: Rasho Nesterovic/Pape Sow/Chris Bosh



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                    Final Roster

                    C- Primoz Brezec / Dan Gadzuric / Kyle Visser
                    PF- Joe Smith / Shavlik Randolph
                    SF- Kevin Durant / Bobby Simmons / Bobby Jones
                    SG- Andre Igoudala / Damien Wilkins / DJ Strawberry
                    PG- Darren Collison / Earl Boykins / Louis Williams

                    This team will not win now. It is built to win in the future with the outstanding tandem of Darren Collison, AI2 and Kevin Durant. Collison is a very quick player that can hit a hole like few others. He also never has bad games, if he doesn't score points he has assists, and played solid defense. He is probably the best gaurd defensively in the draft. Durant is an amazing player that the offense will be bassed around. Kyle Visser will come in at center and provide some minutes of the bench, and DJ Strawberry is also a great defender. When DJ and Darren are on the court at the same time, which they will, offense's will not suceed. I picked up Primoz Brezec who is one ogf the most underrated players in the league. I kept AI2 who will be a teams second offensive option. Collison will be the key player though, he will run both the offense and defense and will play probably more minutes than a rookie ever had. The way I see it is you get better by learning, and you learn by playing, therefore you get better by playing time. Durant and Collison will play alot. I also have a second lineup which moves AI2 to SF, Durant to PF, and puts either Boykins, Wilkins or Strawberry at SG.


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                      Final Roster

                      PG Raymond Felton/Brevin Knight
                      SG Vince Carter/Matt Carroll/Adam Morrison/Morris Peterson
                      SF Jeff Green/Morris Peterson/Walter Herrmann/Adam Morrison
                      PF Emeka Okafor/Walter Herrmann/Sean May/Jeff Green
                      C Nene/Emeka Okafor/Jake Voskhul

                      Key Acquisitions/Draftee
                      Vince Carter SG
                      Morris Peterson SG/SF
                      Nene PF/C
                      Jeff Green SF/PF

                      Mumbo jumbo: The Bobcats have finally got the proper pieces for a playoff run and perhaps have become very close to a contender. Every need has been addressed as the Bobcats finally have acquired a legitimate Center in Nene who is only grasping his potential and is finally coming along. The Bobcats have also been lacking a big time shooting guard, and with the Vince Carter signing, they have finally got one. Jeff Green was a pick that just made sense for the Bobcats, as he is one of the more NBA ready prospects there was and will only help the Bobcats. Mo Pete was a signing to add depth to the bench as a good defensive player that can score. As for the loss of Gerald Wallace, it hurts the Bobcats immensely but guys like Vince Carter, Morris Peterson, and Jeff Green will all be willing to pick up the slack.

                      The bench is extremely talented with Walter Herrmann (who really has broke out the last few months), Matt Carroll (who is a solid scorer off the bench), Brevin Knight (a very good pure PG bench player), Sean May (an oft injured player but will have a lot less pressure on him without Herrmann emerging, and still has room to grow), Morris Peterson (a good defensive player and a solid offensive alternate off the bench), Adam Morrison (who has struggled this year but is still a good scorer off the bench), and Jake Voskhul (just a big defensive body). With these improvements and the overall talent level, this team is ready.

                      RIP TheManInBlack


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                        PG: Tony Parker, Beno Udrih, Taurean Green, Jacque Vaughn
                        SG: Brent Barry,Latrell Spreewell,, Michael Finley, Marco Belinelli,
                        SF: Al Harrington, James Posey, Bruce Bowen, Michael Finley, James White
                        PF: Tim Duncan, Robert Horry,Eduardo Najera, Al Harrington, Matt Bonner
                        C: Francisco Elson, Fabricio Oberto, Tim Duncan
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                          PG: Devin Harris, Daniel Ewing,Jason Terry, Rodney Stuckey
                          SG: Jason Terry, Greg Buckner,Daniel Ewing, Maurice Ager, Rodney Stuckey
                          SF: Josh Howard, Jerry Stackhouse, Devean George, Ryan Bowen, Avis Wyatt
                          PF: Dirk Nowitzki, Austin Coshere, Pops Mensah-Bonsu , Ryan Bowen, Jason Smith, Avis Wyatt
                          C: Erick Dampier, DeSagana Diop,Chris Mihm,Jason Smith, DJ Mbenga
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                            New Depth Chart

                            PG Chauncey Billups / Steve Blake / Daniel Gibson
                            SG Larry Hughes / Alando Tucker / JJ Redick
                            SF Trevor Ariza / Hedo Turkoglu
                            PF Chris Webber / Darko Milicic / Danny Fortson
                            C Dwight Howard / Fran Vazquez / Dikembe Mutombo
                            6th man Hedo Turkoglu

                            * Drafted and kept in Europe - Ante Tomic

                            Coach Billy Donovan

                            The Las Vegas Magic have been very pleased with their offseason moves. Their approach has been very aggressive, strategic and careful. Aggressive in FA, strategic in trades and careful in trying not to make a move that could hold potentially hold long term regret. In the end, we are very happy with the make up of this team and strongly believe that we have a team that can co-exist and play at a high level. We are pleased with the combination of hopeful youth and veteran leadership at every position. Our young players do not need to be rushed in, but we feel they can have an important role off the bench as they learn to develop their pro games. We also feel that the addition of Coach Donovan and the move to Las Vegas are also big pluses for the future of the team and organization.
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                              Depth Chart
                              PG - Monta Ellis - Jarrett Jack - Sergio Rodriguez - Dan Dickau
                              SG - Brandon Roy - Willie Green - Tarence Kinsey
                              SF - Lamar Odom - Travis Outlaw - Quinton Ross
                              PF - Lamarcus Aldridge - Reggie Evans - Andre Brown
                              C - Andris Biedrins - Steven Hunter - Raef Lafrentz - Peter John Ramos

                              Analysis: We feel that this team can compete with most anyone now, as well as being an elite team for years to come. With every starter and second stringer being under the age of 28, we have a bright future ahead of us. Yet, with a veteran like Odom and talented youth such as Ellis and Roy, it seems as though this team has the firepower to compete at the highest of levels already. Pretty much everybody on this team can pass, and from top to bottom it's a very lengthy team, so that should give us the advantage on the glass as well as defensively. With young, yet experienced players, this team is ready for the playoffs.
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