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  • KCJ58 MLB Under 25 Fantasy Team

    I am commited to make it all the way threw! Make a starting Team with all under 25 year old players they can be on the team as long as 1 point they where under 25 years old during the 2007 year, January 1st, 1982 is the latest they can be born. u need a...

    looking to get started as soon as possible also when you join select a team

    so far in:

    KCJ58 Los Angeles Dodgers
    nvot9 New York Mets
    Princefielder28 Milwaukee Brewers
    Chucky Toronto Blue Jays
    scottyboy New York Yankees
    adschofield Kansas City Royals
    Im A Romosexual Boston Red Soxs
    Tampa 2 4 life Tampa Bay Devil Rays

    Round 1

    New York Mets Jose Reyes, SS
    Milwaukee Brewers David Wright, 3B
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Carl Crawford, OF
    Boston Red Soxs Felix Hernandez, SP
    New York Yankees Robinson Cano, 2B
    Los Angeles Dodgers Miguel Cabrera, 3B
    Toronto Blue Jays Grady Sizemore, CF
    Kansas City Royals Joe Mauer, C

    Round 2

    Kansas City Royals Prince Fielder, 1B
    Toronto Blue Jays Hanley Ramirez, SS
    Los Angeles Dodgers Russell Martin, C
    New York Yankees Melky Cabrera, OF
    Boston Red Soxs Dontrelle Willis, SP
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays J.J. Hardy, SS
    Milwaukee Brewers Justin Verlander, SP
    New York Mets Brian McCann, C

    Round 3

    New York Mets B.J. Upton, 2B
    Milwaukee Brewers Jake Peavy, SP
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Scott Kazmir, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Francisco Liriano, SP
    New York Yankees Huston Street, RP
    Los Angeles Dodgers Delmon Young, OF
    Toronto Blue Jays Cole Hammals, SP
    Kansas City Royals Jeremy Bonderman, SP

    Round 4

    Kansas City Royals Matt Cain, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
    Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Morneau, 1B
    New York Yankees Philip Hughes, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Carlos Zambrano, SP
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Adrian Gonzales, 1B
    Milwaukee Brewers Rich Harden, SP
    New York Mets John Maine, SP

    Round 5

    New York Mets Francisco Rodríguez, RP
    Milwaukee Brewers Howie Kendrick, 2B
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Elijah Dukes, OF
    Boston Red Soxs Jeff Francoeur, OF
    New York Yankees Josh Hamilton, OF
    Los Angeles Dodgers Jared Weaver, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Nick Markakis, OF
    Kansas City Royals Stephen Drew, SS

    Round 6

    Kansas City Royals Alex Gordon, 3B
    Toronto Blue Jays Homer Bailey, SP
    Los Angeles Dodgers Curtis Granderson, OF
    New York Yankees Ricky Weeks, 2B
    Boston Red Soxs Tim Lincecum, SP
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Chase Wright, SP
    Milwaukee Brewers Ian Snell, SP
    New York Mets Chad Billingsly, SP

    Round 7

    New York Mets Jeremy Hermida, OF
    Milwaukee Brewers Chris Young, OF
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Joey Gathright, OF
    Boston Red Soxs Joel Zumaya, RP
    New York Yankees Jhonny Peralta, SS
    Los Angeles Dodgers Daniel Cabrera, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Ervin Santana SP
    Kansas City Royals Brandon Wood, OF

    Round 8

    Kansas City Royals Evan Longoria, 2B
    Toronto Blue Jays Ian Kinsler 2B
    Los Angeles Dodgers Willy Taveras, OF
    New York Yankees Scott Olsen, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Cameron Maybin, OF
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Kevin Whelan, RP
    Milwaukee Brewers Wily Mo Pena, OF
    New York Mets Bill Butler, DH

    Round 9

    New York Mets Andrew Miller, SP
    Milwaukee Brewers Tony Gwynn Jr., OF
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Jeremy Sowers, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Ronny Paulino, C
    New York Yankees Zach Duke, SP
    Los Angeles Dodgers Jeff Francis, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Adam Loewan, SP
    Kansas City Royals Carlos Quentin, OF

    Round 10

    Kansas City Royals Andy LaRoche, 3B
    Toronto Blue Jays Matt Kemp, OF
    Los Angeles Dodgers Andre Ethier, DH
    New York Yankees Jeff Karstens, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Brandon Phillips, 2B
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
    Milwaukee Brewers Casey Kotchman, 1B
    New York Mets Scott Elbert, SP

    Round 11

    New York Mets Carlos Gomez, OF
    Milwaukee Brewers Mark Teahen, OF
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Cory Dunlap, DH
    Boston Red Soxs Lastings Milledge, OF
    New York Yankees Hunter Pence, OF
    Los Angeles Dodgers Kelly Johnson, 2B
    Toronto Blue Jays Jonathan Broxton, RP
    Kansas City Royals Mike Pelfrey, SP

    Round 12

    Kansas City Royals Yovani Gallardo, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Jeff Clement, C
    Los Angeles Dodgers Tom Gorzelanny, SP
    New York Yankees Darrel Rasner, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Justin Upton, SS
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Andrès Blanco, 3B
    Milwaukee Brewers Troy Tulowitzki, SS
    New York Mets Jay Bruce, CF

    Round 13

    New York Mets Ryan Braun, 3B
    Milwaukee Brewers Dioner Navarro, C
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Steven Jackson, SP
    Boston Red Soxs Joel Guzman, 3B
    New York Yankees Jose Lopez, DH
    Los Angeles Dodgers Anibal Sánchez, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Adam Lind, 1B
    Kansas City Royals Andrew McCutchen, CF

    Round 14

    Kansas City Royals Clayton Kershaw, SP
    Toronto Blue Jays Matt Garza, SP
    Los Angeles Dodgers Oliver Pérez, SP
    New York Yankees Kevin Kouzmanoff, 1B
    Boston Red Soxs James Loney, 1B
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Kyle Davies, SP
    Milwaukee Brewers Tony Pena, RP
    New York Mets Joey Votto, 1B

    Round 15

    New York Mets Jacob McGeeh, SP
    Milwaukee Brewers Carlos Villanueva, SP
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays Brendan Ryan, 3B
    Boston Red Soxs Daric Barton, DH
    New York Yankees Chris Iannetta, C
    Los Angeles Dodgers Chad Cordero, RP
    Toronto Blue Jays Travis Snider, DH
    Kansas City Royals Chris Perez, RP

    Round 16

    Kansas City Royals Fernando Martinez, CF
    Toronto Blue Jays Aaron Hill, DH
    Los Angeles Dodgers Yuniesky Betancourt, SS
    New York Yankees
    Boston Red Soxs
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    Milwaukee Brewers
    New York Mets
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    In as the New York Mets IF we can be lenient with time, more so this week than anything.
    Glenn Dorsey will slip...

    Jets will not take McFadden...


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      Milwaukee Brewers :)

      Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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        Question: Is it only for players in the majors or will it expand through the entire minor league system??? I assume it's the 2nd one.

        Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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          Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
          Question: Is it only for players in the majors or will it expand through the entire minor league system??? I assume it's the 2nd one.
          it can be any player if there in the minors right now its still alright. so the answer is yes


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            Ill be the Jays


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              bumb this up! ^^


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                Sign up foo's!!
                Glenn Dorsey will slip...

                Jets will not take McFadden...


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                  I gotta alot of stuff to do, i would be more willing to co.


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                    I withdraw.
                    Last edited by Paul; 05-11-2007, 08:41 AM.


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                      Im in as the Red Sox. One question what about catcher?


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                        How many people you looking for KC???

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                          I'm game... sign me for the Kansas City Royals

                          sig by BoneKrusher

                          Originally posted by BuckNaked
                          Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                            Can we start yet?
                            Glenn Dorsey will slip...

                            Jets will not take McFadden...


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                              sorry i my internet hasnt been on since right now so i yhavent been on in like 5 days i will try to starte this as soon as possibole maybe sunday or more likley Monday



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