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    This is where you will keep an updated roster and post player who you are interested in dealing..... the following is a list of players that you are not allowed to deal.... only is sufficent reasoning is given will player be taken off this list... thank you


    You can use this if you want:
    Atlanta - J. Smith , Joe Johnson
    Boston - Al Jefferson, Green
    Charlotte - R. Felton E. Okafor A. Morrison
    Chicago - K. Hinrich L. Deng T. Thomas
    Cleveland - L. James
    Dallas - D. Nowitzki
    Denver - C. Anthony
    Detroit - R. Hamilton T. Prince , R. Wallace
    Golden State - B. Davis
    Houston - T. McGrady Y. Ming
    Indiana - D. Granger
    LA Clippers - E. Brand
    Miami - D. Wade S. O'Neal
    Memphis - RudyGay
    Milwaukee - M. Redd
    Minnesota - R. Foye
    New Jersey - R. Jefferson
    New York - E. Curry
    NO/Oklahoma City - C. Paul
    Orlando - D. Howard
    Philadelphia - A. Iguodala
    Phoenix - S. Nash A. Stoudemire
    Portland - B. Roy L. Aldridge
    Sacramento - K. Martin
    San Antonio - T. Parker T. Duncan M. Ginobili
    Seattle - C. Wilcox
    Toronto - C. Bosh
    Utah - D. Williams C. Boozer
    Washington - G. Arenas

    TCs: TH3
    TCs: Windy City Big Gamer Uno
    TCs: Dchess
    aTC:Tampa 2 4 life
    In order for your trade to be passed it must comply with NBA rules and regulations and be approved by 2/3 of the TCs if a minor trade and 3/3 if it is a major trade...(use common sense when figuring which category your trade falls under)
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    Point Guard: Maurice Williams, Rodney Stuckey, Earl Boykins, Lynn Greer
    Shooting Guard: Michael Redd, Cuttino Mobley
    Small Forward: Derrick Byars, Ruben Patterson, David Noel
    Power Forward: Hakim Warrick, Ersan Ilysova, Damir Markota
    Center: Andrew Bogut, Patrick O'Bryant, Zeljko Rebraca

    Point Guard: Allen Iverson, Steve Blake
    Shooting Guard: JR Smith, Morris Almond, Von Wafer
    Small Forward: Carmelo Anthony, Eduardo Najera, Bostjan Nachbar, Yakhouba Diawara
    Power Forward: Chris Webber, Reggie Evans, Linas Kleiza, Clifford Robinson
    Center: Nene Hilario, Jason Collins, Ryan Hollins

    Looking/ would consider trading
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      Steve Nash
      Marcus Banks

      Raja Bell
      Leandro Barbosa
      Jalen Rose*
      Eric Piatkowski*

      Boris Diaw
      James Jones

      Shawn Marion
      Jumaine Jones*

      Amare Stoudemire
      Kurt Thomas*
      Pat Burke*
      Sean Marks*

      Draft Picks
      2007 #24, #29, #59, & 2008 Atlanta Hawks 1st rounder

      * = FA or RFA
      Bolded = on the block

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        NJ NETS

        PG: Jason Kidd, Kyle Lowry

        SG: Grant Hill, Antoine Wright, Quincy Douby, Eddie House, Hassan Adams

        SF: RJ, Corey Brewer ,John Salmons, Bernard Willliams

        PF:Mikki Moore Kenyon Martin,Alexander Johnson ,Kenny Thomas
        C: Nenad Krstic, Josh Boone, Dikembe Mutumbo, Mile Illic

        pick 32 and 36, wanting a 1st rounder
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          Last Edited 6/21

          Acie Law
          Anthony Johnson

          Joe Johnson
          Josh Childress
          Salim Stoudamire

          Marvin Williams
          Demetris Nichols

          Shelden Williams
          Solomon Jones

          Greg Oden
          Reaf Lefrenz
          Zaza Pechullia
          Lorenzen Wright

          = On the block

          2007 Draft Picks:
          Pick #1(Greg Oden)
          Pick #19(Acie Law)
          Pick #39(Demetris Nichols)

          Trades and Transactions 2007/2008 Season
          Traded Josh Smith, Speedy Claxton and #3 Pick to POR for #1 Overall pick and Reaf Lefrenz

          Traded #11 pick to MIN for #19 Pick and #23 Pick

          Traded #23 Pick to MIL for #39 Pick and GS 2008 1st Rounder

          2008/2009 Salaries
          Joe Johnson - $14,232,566
          Reaf Lefrentz - $12,722,500
          Marvin Williams - $5,636,142
          Josh Childress - $4,844,355
          Greg Oden - $4,176,400
          Zaza Pachullia - $4,000,000
          Shelden Williams - $3,395,760
          Acie Law - $1,151,300
          Lorzenzen Wrgiht - $3,240,000
          Anthony Johnson - $2,860,000
          Solomon Jones - $797,581
          Salim Stoudamire - $783,000
          Demetris Nichols - $687,456.
          Total - 58,527,060
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            EDITEd JUNE 21st

            Point Guard: TJ Ford, Taurean Green, Marcus Banks Sebastian Telfair, Allan Ray
            Shooting Guard: Gerald Green, Marco Bellinelli, Tony Allen
            Small Forward: Peja Stoyachavich, Wally Szczerbiak
            Power Forward: Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Hitlon Armstrong,Brian Scalabrine,
            Center: Kendrick Perkins,Tiaggo Splitter, Rasho Nestorovich
            Unrestricted Free Agent

            trade block: Those whose last names are not Green, Jefferson, Ford, Bellinelli, Armstrong


            Projected Starting 5:
            TJ Ford
            Gerald Green
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              Cleveland Cavaliers

              Bold= Free Agents
              Italics= On Trade Block

              PG: Larry Hughes - Daniel Gibson - Eric Snow - David Wesley
              SG: Sasha Pavlovic - Shannon Brown - Damon Jones
              SF: Lebron James - Donyell Marshall - Ira Newble
              PF: Drew Gooden - Andy Varejao
              C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas - Scott Pollard - Dwayne Jones


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                Starting Lineup
                C: Eddy Curry | PF: Antawn Jamison | SF: Quentin Richardson
                SG: Jamal Crawford | PG: Stephon Marbury

                C: Etan Thomas | Jerome James
                PF: David Lee | Malik Rose| Jermareo Davidson
                SF: Renaldo Balkman | Marko Tomas
                SG: Derek Anderson| Zabian Dowdell
                PG: Nate Robinson | Sam Cassell

                Trade Block
                Listening to Offers for all Players
                Eddy Curry - Untradable
                David Lee & Renaldo Balkman - Not Being Shopped

                Round 1, Pick #11 Overall (LAC)
                Round 1, Pick #17 Overall
                Round 2, Pick #38 Overall (MIL)

                -Traded MLE to MIL for #45, #56, and 2008 Round 2 Pick
                -Traded Channing Frye, Steve Francis, and #23 to WAS for Antawn Jamison, Etan Thomas, and #47
                -Signed Derek Anderson to a Veteran Minimum contract
                -Traded Jared Jeffries, Mardy Collins, and 2008 Round 2 Pick to LAC for Sam Cassell and 2008 Round 1 Pick
                -Selected Jermareo Davidson with the 45th Overall Pick of the 2007 Draft
                -Selected Zabian Dowdell with the 47th Overall Pick of the 2007 Draft
                -Selected Marko Tomas with the 56th Overall Pick of the 2007 Draft
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                  Chicago Bulls

                  Point Guard: 1. Kirk Hinrich 2. Chris Duhon 3. Andre Barrett
                  Shooting Guard 1. Ben Gordon 2. Thabo Sefolosha
                  Small Forward 1. Luol Deng 2. Andres Nocioni 3. Adrian Griffin
                  Power Forward 1. P.J. Brown 2. Tyrus Thomas 3. Malik Allen 4. Viktor Khryapa
                  Center 1. Ben Wallace 2. Michael Sweetney 3. Martynas Andriuskevicius

                  Draft Picks
                  1. #9 Overall
                  2. #49 Overall
                  3. #51 Overall

                  Nobody is on the block, but I am looking to trade up in the draft, and I will also listen to offers for almost anyone except Tyrus Thomas, Luol Deng, and Kirk Hinrick
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                    Portland Trailblazers Trading Block

                    -#1 Pick Overall
                    -#14 Pick Overall
                    -#29 Pick Overall
                    -Sergio Rodriguez
                    -Martell Webster
                    -Darius Miles
                    -Fred Jones
                    -Dan Dickau
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                      Orlando Magic-
                      Jameer Nelson
                      Will Sign and Trade Grant Hill


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                        Starting lineup

                        PG: Mike Bibby, Jameer Nelson, Kevin Ollie

                        SG: Andre Iguadola, D.J. Strawberry

                        SF: Rodney Carney, Kyle Korver, Alando Tucker

                        PF: Shareef Abdur Raheem, Sean Williams, Glen Davis

                        C: Spencer Hawes, Steven Hunter, Shavlik Randolph


                        Andre Miller
                        Samuel Dalembert
                        Willie Green

                        Draft picks:

                        12th overall- Spencer Hawes C Washington
                        21st overall- Sean Williams PF Boston College
                        38th overall- Alando Tucker SF Wisconsin
                        52nd overall- D.J. Strawberry SG Maryland
                        53rd overall- Glen Davis PF/C LSU
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                          MEMPHIS GRIZZLE

                          PG: Marcus Williams . Charlie Bell . Rodrigue Beaubois (will stay in Europe)
                          SG: Gerald Wallace . Tarence Kinsey
                          SF: RudyGay . Dorrell Wright
                          PF: Al Horford . Danny Fortson
                          C: Pau Gasol . Brad Miller . Michael Doleac

                          Not Available
                          Pau Gasol
                          Charlie Bell (Acquired)
                          Marcus Williams (Acquired)
                          Brad Miller (Acquired)
                          Dorrell Wright (Acquired)
                          Gerald Wallace (Signed)
                          Danny Fortson (Signed)
                          Michael Doleac (Acquired)
                          Al Horford (Drafted)

                          Semi Available
                          Mike Miller (Traded)
                          Kyle Lowry (Traded)
                          Hakim Warrick (Traded)

                          Readily Available
                          Brian Cardinal (Traded)
                          Alexander Johnson (Traded)
                          Damon Stoudamire (Pending)
                          Stromile Swift (Traded)

                          Free Agents
                          Chucky Atkins (Traded)
                          Junior Harrington (Traded)
                          Dahntay Jones (Traded)
                          Tarence Kinsey (Resigned)
                          Lawrence Roberts (Traded)

                          Draft Picks

                          In Possession
                          2007 First Rounder (#4) - Drafted Al Horford
                          2007 Second Rounder via CHI (#49) - (Acquired - Dhantay Jones Trade)
                          2008 First Rounder via ORL
                          2008 First Rounder via MIL (Unprotected) - (Acquired - Warrick Trade)
                          2008 First Rounder via PHI (Unprotected) - (Acquired - Swapped Picks Trade)
                          2008 First Rounder via CHA (Unprotected) - (Acquired - Stoudamire Trade)

                          2007 Second Rounder via LAL (#40) - (Traded to PHI)
                          2007 Second Rounder via CHI (#49) - (Traded- Stoudamire Trade)
                          2008 First Rounder (MEM)
                          2008 First Rounder via DAL (Unprotected) - (Traded- Stoudamire Trade)
                          2008 Second Rounder - (Traded- Stoudamire Trade)
                          2008 Second Rounder via MIL (via GS) - (Traded to PHI)
                          2008 Second Rounder via SAC (Acquired - Lawrence Roberts Trade) - (Traded - ORL Trade)
                          MLE via Miami Heat (Acquired in Mike Miller trade) - (Traded - MIL 2nd Rnd Pk Trade)
                          MLE vis Dallas Mavericks (Acquired in Stromile Swift trade) - (Traded - Stoudamire Trade)
                          LLE via LA Lakers (Chucky Atkins trade) - (Signed Danny Forston)

                          Sign & Trade with Chicago sending Dahnte Jones in
                          exchange for a 2007 Second Rounder (49)
                          Traded Hakim Warrick and Junior Harrington to
                          MEM for a 2008 First Rounder (Unprotected) and Charlie Bell
                          Traded Kyle Lowry and Alexander Johnson to
                          New Jersey for Marcus Williams.
                          Sign & Trade with LA Lakers, sending Chucky Atkins in exchange
                          for a 2007 Second Rounder (40) and their LLE.
                          Traded Mike Miller for Brad Miller, Dorrell Wright and MLE (MIA)
                          Signed Gerald Wallace to a 6 Year, $85,200,000 Deal
                          Traded the MLE (via Memphis via Miami) in exchange for
                          Milwaukee's 2008 2nd Round Pick (via Golden State)
                          Traded Stromile Swift in exchange for Dallas Maverick's
                          2008 First Round Pick and their MLE
                          Signed Danny Fortson using the LLE (via Lakers)
                          Traded Damon Stoudamire, MLE (via DAL), 2008 First Rounder via DAL,
                          2008 Second Rounder in exchange for Michael Doleac (MIA)
                          and 2008 First Rounder (CHA)
                          Traded 2007 Second Rounder via LAL (#40), 2008 Second Rounder via MIL (via GS),
                          and 2009 First Rounder to Philadelphia in exchange for their 2008 First rounder.
                          Traded Lawrence Roberts in exchange for Sacramento's 2008 2nd rounder
                          Traded 2008 First and Second Round Picks to Orlando in exchange for
                          their 2008 First Round Pick.

                          2007-08 Salary Cap
                          MEM: ($42,434,031) - $1,087,680 (Lowry) - $687,456 (Johnson) + $1,180,200 (Williams) + $3,000,000 (Bell) - $1,376,040 (Warrick) + $687,456 (Kinsey) - $5,400,000 (Cardinal) + $14,250,000 (Wallace) + $1,800,000 (Fortson) - $4,350,000 (D.Stoudamire) + $3,120,000 (Doleac) + $2,814,300 (Horford) = $56,384,811

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                            Center: Mehmet Okur, Jarron Collins
                            Power Forward: Carlos Boozer, Paul Millsap
                            Small Forward: Andrei Kirilenko, Matt Harping, Ronnie Brewer
                            Shooting Guard: Derek Fisher, Gordon Giricek, C.J. Miles
                            Point Guard: Deron Williams, Dee Brown

                            Trading Block
                            Derek Fisher

                            Shooting Guard
                            Move up in the draft (#22)
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                              Indiana Pacers

                              PG: Jamaal Tinsley/Darrell Armstrong/Orien Greene
                              SG: Mike Dunleavy/Marquis Daniels
                              SF: Danny Granger/Shawne Williams/Rawle Marshall
                              PF: Jermaine O'Neal/Ike Diogu
                              C: Troy Murphy/Jeff Foster/David Harrison

                              Looking to Trade

                              Looking for:
                              Young PG
                              Playmaking SG
                              Post Depth

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