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  • NBA Salary Cap Fantasy Draft

    K, here's the deal.

    You'll have $57M to spend on your team. Not a penny more. Minimum 12 Man Roster.

    Sign up only if you don't mind getting skipped. You have a 1 hour time limit once we start.

    Clock starts at 2PM EST and ends at 3AM EST. Best team assembled under a 57M dollar salary cap wins.

    Any player taken from this year's draft will count for $2M no matter who he is. You may draft 1 player in the 2008 NBA draft and he will not count against your cap. Player has to be listed on's 2008 mock.

    Best team to win for the next 3 years.

    You must keep a running tab of your total salary cap!!!

    Failure to do so will result in the guy you picked being available to the next team picking. I want this to be clean and organized. Do your part.

    Magic (D-Unit)
    Raptors (Chucky)
    Mavs (Paul)
    Hawks (Ghetto)
    Wiz (CCB)
    Warriors (Windy)
    Cavs (RoyHall#1)
    Nets (scotty)

    Draft Order
    Nets (scotty)
    Cavs (RoyHall#1)
    Raptors (Chucky)
    Wiz (CCB)
    Mavs (Paul)
    Knicks (LT)
    Warriors (Windy)
    Magic (D-Unit)
    Heat (Tampa)
    Hawks (Ghetto)

    Nets (scotty) - Chris Paul
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Deron Williams
    Raptors (Chucky) - Lebron James
    Wiz (CCB) - Dwight Howard
    Mavs (Paul) - Kobe Bryant
    Knicks (LT) - Dwyane Wade
    Warriors (Windy) - Tim Duncan
    Magic (D-Unit) - Amare Stoudemire
    Heat (Tampa) - Steve Nash
    Hawks (Ghetto) - Josh Smith

    Hawks (Ghetto) - Andre Iguodala
    Heat (Tampa) - Greg Oden
    Magic (D-Unit) - Kevin Durant
    Warriors (Windy) - Monta Ellis
    Knicks (LT) - Chris Bosh
    Mavs (Paul) - Tony Parker
    Wiz (CCB) - Gilbert Arenas
    Raptors (Chucky) - Luol Deng
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Kevin Martin
    Nets (scotty) - Richard Jefferson

    Nets (scotty) - Channing Frye
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - LaMarcus Aldridge
    Raptors (Chucky) - Al Jefferson
    Wiz (CCB) - Emeka Okafor
    Mavs (Paul) - Shane Battier
    Knicks (LT) - Josh Howard
    Warriors (Windy) - Charlie Villanueva
    Magic (D-Unit) - Derrick Rose
    Heat (Tampa) - Yi Jianlian
    Hawks (Ghetto) - TJ Ford

    Hawks (Ghetto) - Carlos Boozer
    Heat (Tampa) - Brandon Roy
    Magic (D-Unit) - Manu Ginobili
    Warriors (Windy) - Leandro Barbosa
    Knicks (LT) - Jameer Nelson
    Mavs (Paul) - Andrew Bogut
    Wiz (CCB) - Danny Granger
    Raptors (Chucky) - Andrew Bynum
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Michael Beasly
    Nets (scotty) - Roy Hibbert

    Nets (scotty) - Rip Hamilton
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Yao Ming
    Raptors (Chucky) - Daniel Gibson
    Wiz (CCB) - Joe Johnson
    Mavs (Paul) - Nenad Krstic
    Knicks (LT) - Eddy Curry
    Warriors (Windy) - Andris Biedrins
    Magic (D-Unit) - Raymond Felton
    Heat (Tampa) - Donte Green
    Hawks (Ghetto) - Tyson Chandler

    Hawks (Ghetto) - David Lee
    Heat (Tampa) - Darko Milicic
    Magic (D-Unit) - Gerald Green
    Warriors (Windy) - Randy Foye
    Knicks (LT) - OJ Mayo
    Mavs (Paul) - Marcus Williams
    Wiz (CCB) - Jeff Green
    Raptors (Chucky) - Elton Brand
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Al Horford
    Nets (scotty) - Corey Brewer

    Nets (scotty) - Miki Moore
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Carmelo Anthony
    Raptors (Chucky) - Ben Gordon
    Wiz (CCB) - Jarrett Jack
    Mavs (Paul) - RudyGay
    Knicks (LT)- Craig Smith
    Warriors (Windy) - Drew Gooden
    Magic (D-Unit) - Walter Herrmann
    Heat (Tampa) - Thaddeus Young
    Hawks (Ghetto) - Mike Conley

    Hawks (Ghetto) - Al THornton
    Heat (Tampa) - Boris Diaw
    Magic (D-Unit) - Chris Wilcox
    Warriors (Windy) - Hasheem Thabet
    Knicks (LT) - David Noel
    Mavs (Paul) - Nick Young
    Wiz (CCB) - Cedric Simmons
    Raptors (Chucky) - Andrea Bargnani
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Luther Head
    Nets (scotty) - Kyle Lowry

    Nets (scotty) - Trevor Ariza
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Hakim Warrick
    Raptors (Chucky) - Nicolas Batum
    Wiz (CCB) - Spencer Hawes
    Mavs (Paul) - Darrell Arthur
    Knicks (LT)- Deshawn Stevenson
    Warriors (Windy) - Tayshaun Prince
    Magic (D-Unit) - Brandan Wright
    Heat (Tampa)- Mehmet Okur
    Hawks (Ghetto)- Eric Gordon

    Hawks (Ghetto) - Julian Wright
    Heat (Tampa) - Acie Law
    Magic (D-Unit) - Caron Butler
    Warriors (Windy) - Javaris Crittenton
    Knicks (LT) - Johan Petro
    Mavs (Paul) - Fabricio Oberto
    Wiz (CCB) - Ron Artest
    Raptors (Chucky) - Jose Calderon
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Nate Robinson
    Nets (scotty) - Quincy Douby

    Nets (scotty) - Zach Randolph
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Pau Gasol
    Raptors (Chucky) - Tyrus Thomas
    Wiz (CCB) - Chase Budinger
    Mavs (Paul) - Brendan Haywood
    Knicks (LT) - Martell Webster
    Warriors (Windy) - Kyle Korver
    Magic (D-Unit) - Jason Richardson
    Heat (Tampa) - Marc Gasol
    Hawks (Ghetto) - Marcus Camby

    Hawks (Ghetto) - Raja Bell
    Heat (Tampa) - Joakim Noah
    Magic (D-Unit) - Renaldo Balkman
    Warriors (Windy) - Rudy Fernandez
    Knicks (LT) - Alexander Johnson
    Mavs (Paul) - Rodney Carney
    Wiz (CCB) - Delonte West
    Raptors (Chucky) - Jordan Farmar
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Ryan Gomes
    Nets (scotty) - JR Smith

    Nets (scotty) - Josh Boone
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Done
    Raptors (Chucky) - Jason Maxiell
    Wiz (CCB) - Sean Williams
    Mavs (Paul) - Done
    Knicks (LT) - Hilton Armstrong
    Warriors (Windy) - Done
    Magic (D-Unit) - Paul Millsap
    Heat (Tampa) - Done
    Hawks (Ghetto) - Sergio Rodriguez

    Hawks (Ghetto) - Pops Mensah-Bonsu
    Heat (Tampa) - Done
    Magic (D-Unit) - Rajon Rondo
    Warriors (Windy) - Done
    Knicks (LT) - Hassan Adams
    Mavs (Paul) - Done
    Wiz (CCB) - Done
    Raptors (Chucky)
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Done
    Nets (scotty)

    Nets (scotty) -
    Cavs (RoyHall#1) - Done
    Raptors (Chucky) -
    Wiz (CCB) - Done
    Mavs (Paul) - Done
    Knicks (LT) - Done
    Warriors (Windy) - Done
    Magic (D-Unit) - Wayne Simien
    Heat (Tampa) - Done
    Hawks (Ghetto) - James White

    Nets (scotty)
    Chris Paul
    Richard Jefferson
    Channing Frye
    Roy Hibbert
    Rip Hamilton
    Corey Brewer
    Miki Moore
    Kyle Lowry
    Trevor Ariza
    Quincy Douby
    Zach Randolph
    JR Smith
    Josh Boone
    Maurice Ager
    Salary Total: $56,418,034 - Complete

    Cavs (RoyHall#1)
    Deron Williams
    Kevin Martin
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Michael Beasly
    Yao Ming
    Al Horford
    Carmelo Anthony
    Luther Head
    Hakim Warrick
    Nate Robinson
    Pau Gasol
    Ryan Gomes
    Salim Stoudemire
    Salary Total: $56,892,305 - Complete

    Raptors (Chucky)
    Lebron James
    Luol Deng
    Al Jefferson
    Andrew Bynum
    Daniel Gibson
    Elton Brand
    Ben Gordon
    Andrea Bargnani
    Nicolas Batum
    Jose Calderon
    Tyrus Thomas
    Jordan Farmar
    Jason Maxiell
    Salary Total: $54,208,071

    Wiz (CCB)
    Dwight Howard
    Gilbert Arenas
    Emeka Okafor
    Danny Granger
    Joe Johnson
    Jeff Green
    Jarrett Jack
    Spencer Hawes
    Cedric Simmons
    Ron Artest
    Chase Budinger
    Delonte West
    Sean Williams
    Salary Total: $56,976,702 - Complete

    Mavs (Paul)
    Kobe Bryant
    Tony Parker
    Shane Battier
    Andrew Bogut
    Nenad Krstic
    Marcus Williams
    Nick Young
    Darrell Arthur
    Brendan Haywood
    Rodney Carney
    Salary Total: $56,894,624 - Complete

    Knicks (LT)
    Dwyane Wade
    Chris Bosh
    Josh Howard
    Jameer Nelson
    Eddy Curry
    OJ Mayo
    Craig Smith
    David Noel
    Deshawn Stevenson
    Martell Webster
    Alexander Johnson
    Mickael Pietrus
    Hilton Armstrong
    Hassan Adams
    Salary Total: $56,947,956 - Complete

    Warriors (Windy)
    Tim Duncan
    Monta Ellis
    Charlie Villanueva
    Leandro Barbosa
    Randy Foye
    Drew Gooden
    Hasheem Thabet
    Tayshaun Prince
    Javaris Crittenton
    Kyle Korver
    Rudy Fernandez
    Salary Total: $56,836,691 - Complete

    Magic (D-Unit)
    Amare Stoudemire
    Kevin Durant
    Derrick Rose
    Brandon Roy
    Raymond Felton
    Gerald Green
    Walter Herrmann
    Chris Wilcox
    Brandan Wright
    Caron Butler
    Jason Richardson
    Renaldo Balkman
    Rajon Rondo
    Wayne Simien
    Salary Total: $56,924,997 - Complete

    Heat (Tampa)
    Steve Nash
    Greg Oden
    Yi Jianlian
    Manu Ginobili
    Donte Green
    Darko Milicic
    Thaddeus Young
    Boris Diaw
    Mehmet Okur
    Acie Law
    Marc Gasol
    Joakim Noah
    Salary Total: $56,760,302 - Complete

    Hawks (Ghetto)
    Josh Smith
    Andre Iguodala
    TJ Ford
    Carlos Boozer
    Tyson Chandler
    David Lee
    Mike Conley
    Al Thornton
    Eric Gordon
    Julian Wright
    Marcus Camby
    Raja Bell
    Sergio Rodriguez
    Pops Mensah-Bonsu
    James White
    Salary Total: Complete
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    Im definatly in as the raps, and is this only for the upcoming season. ALso will Lebron, boshs and others extensions kick in?. What about current Free agents.


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      I call Mavs


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        Originally posted by Chucky View Post
        Im definatly in as the raps, and is this only for the upcoming season. ALso will Lebron, boshs and others extensions kick in?. What about current Free agents.
        We will by going by the 2007/08 salaries from

        For simplicity sakes, Chauncey Billups, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis and Gerald Wallace will all be counted as having a salary of $14,000,000


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          I'm in this.

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            Washington Wizards


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              i'll take the warriors


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                Cleveland Cavaliers, but the clock doesn't end til 3 AM?? I can't wake up at noon.


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                  Are we going by last years or this upcoming seasons salaries.


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                    Upcoming season's salaries.


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                      Can I pick? If so, I select Allan Houston, $20.7 mil.


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                        I'll do it if you need some more- Nets
                        We ALL bleed scarlet
                        New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
                        UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
                        Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                        BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                          Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                          I'll do it if you need some more- Nets
                          Hey scotty get on AIM.


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                            can i get in on this ?


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                              I'm in as the Heat.



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