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  • Post Your Moves Thread

    This will make grading the drafts a lot easier. Please post the moves that you have made including ALL draft picks and trades!

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    • 1-19: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss
    • 2-52: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas St
    • 4-120: Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin
    • 4-131: Asher Allen, CB, Georgia
    • 5-155: Austin Collie, WR, B.Y.U.
    • 6-191: Lydon Murtha, OT, Nebraska
    • 6-198: Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech
    • 7-217: E.J. Biggers, CB, Western Michigan
    • 7-2??: Thomas Morstead, P, S.M.U.
    • OT Jeremy Trueblood for 86,131
    • 81, 86, DT Dre Moore for 52 (used on Josh Freeman)
    • Alex Smith for 198
    • 233, Jameel Cook for Ryan Cook
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      Houston Texans
      1) Knowshon Moreno RB
      2) Rashad Johnson S
      3) Jonathan Luigs C
      4) Trade to acquire Michael Huff
      4) Mike Wallace WR
      5) Augustus Parrish OT
      6) Anthony Felder OLB
      7) Chase Holbrook QB
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        The St. Louis Rams

        Round 1 - #2. Jason Smith - OT - Baylor
        Round 2 - #35 Darius Butler - CB - UCONN
        Round 3 - #66 Jasper Brinkley - ILB - South Carolina
        Round 4 - #103 Kyle Moore - DE - Southern California
        Round 5 - #160 Kenny McKinley - WR - South Carolina
        Roun6 6 - #197 Bernard Scott - RB - Abilene Christian
        Round 7 - #211 Corvey Irvin - DT - Georgia

        Tried to make some trades, but nothing materialized.


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          Green Bay Packers

          DRAFT PICKS
          #13 (f/WSH) :: Everette Brown | OLB | Florida State
          #41 :: Eben Britton | OT | Arizona
          #64 (f/MIN) :: Victor Harris | CB | Virginia Tech
          #83 :: Chris Baker | DL | Hampton
          #109 :: Sammie Lee Hill | NT | Stillman
          #182 :: Stanley Arnoux | ILB | Wake Forest
          #187 :: Brandon Swain | OLB | West Texas A&M
          #218 :: Jason Boltus | QB | Hartwick

          13th overall pick, OT Jon Jansen and NT Anthony Montgomery for the 9th overall pick
          64th pick for 73rd pick and 145th pick

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            The Chicago Bears:

            Draft Picks:
            Round 2, Pick 49 - DB Sean Smith, Utah
            -Reasoning: Smith is a freakishly big CB who I had graded as a late first rounder, so picking him up here goes down as a steal in my books. While I blame much of our pass defense woes on the d-line, the secondary was certainly not without their own flaws and Smith will compete at CB initially with the potential to move to FS down the line if need be.
            Round 3, pick 99 - WR Brandon Gibson, Wash St.
            -Reasoning: I really like Gibson as a WR and I honestly don't consider him as much of a drop off to guys I passed up in the 2nd round such as Iglesias or Massequoi. All are nearly the same size and speed, all have nearly the same career production, yet I can easily grab Gibson a round and a half later and be totally thrilled.
            Round 4, pick 119 - OL Fenuki Tupou, Oregon
            -Reasoning: We grabbed some FA's this year like Omiyale, Pace and Shaffer but they are only short term fixes and our depth behind them,'s not so good. Topou gives us a potential future RT to develop behind our current FA veterans for a few years and provide god depth.
            Round 5, pick 140 - DE Phillip Hunt, Houston
            -Reasoning: I almost went Sidbury with our 2nd rounder until I realized that Smith was available, so that should tell you how much of a need I view it. I'm hoping that Marinelli can rejuvenate Ogunleye, Brown and Anderson, but even so two of them will be free agents after 09 and Hunt will provide good depth and possibly a future starter.
            Round 5, pick 147 - FB Quinn Johnson, LSU
            -Reasoning: Jason McKie is really unspectacular as a fullback and we could really use a big power back for short yardage duties. Johnson I feel gives us both and can open holes for Forte while taking some of the short yardage carries that we struggled with last year.
            Round 5, pick 154 - WR Marko Mitchell, Nevada
            -Reasoning: Gibson was added earlier but our WR corps is thin enough to need more help. Mitchell has some intriguing physical tools and will likely compete with Rashied Davis for the 4th WR spot behind Hester, Bennett and Gibson while developing for down the road.
            Round 6, pick 190 - OG Roger Allen, Missouri Western
            -Reasoning: A big, small school lineman who will compete with Dan Buenning and Roberto Garza for interior line depth.
            Round 7, pick 246 - LB Russell Allen, San Diego State
            -Reasoning: The type of small school defender Jerry Angelo loves to draft at a position we always like to stay stocked up on depth.
            Round 7, pick 251 - DT John Faletoese, UC Davis
            -Reasoning: Another small school defender wh is good at penetrating the backfield and will compete for a spot in our DT rotation.

            Trades: DT Dusty Dvoracek for Bills 5th rounder (#147)
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              RD 1 : 9 - Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
              RD 5 : 139 - Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State
              RD 5 : 150 - Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona
              RD 6 : 186 - Lee Robinson, OLB, Alcorn State
              RD 7 : 243 - Will Davis, DE, Illinois


              -Traded pick #13, Anthony Montgomery, and Jon Jansen for pick #9
              -Traded pick #80 for Tamba Hali and pick #139

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                1) Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
                2a) Alex Mack, C, Cal
                2b) Gerald McRath, LB, Southern Miss
                3) Coye Francies, DB, San Jose State
                4) T.J. Lang, OT, Eastern Michigan
                6) Brian Toal, FB/LB, Boston College
                7) Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State


                Bills Receive: OT Levi Jones, TE Ben Utecht, #6, #62
                Bengals Receive: OT Jason Peters, #11

                Bills Receive: G Brian Waters, #212
                Chiefs Receive: WR Roscoe Parrish, #220

                Bills Receive: DT Jesus Dvoracek
                Bears Receive: #147

                QB: Edwards > Fitzpatrick > Brandstater > Baker
                HB: Lynch > Jackson > Omon > Hall
                FB: McIntyre > Toal
                WR: Owens > Hardy > St. Johnson > Huggins
                WR: Evans > Reed > Jenkins > Hawthorne
                TE: Utecht > Schouman > Fine > Stupar
                LT: Jones > Lang > Bell
                LG: Waters > Hangartner
                C: Mack > McKinney
                RG: Butler > Rodd > Denman
                RT: Walker > Chambers > Scott

                DE: Orakpo > Kelsay > Ellis > Smith
                DT: Stroud > Sp. Johnson > McCargo
                DT: Williams > Dvoracek
                DE: Schobel > Denney > Bryan > Mace
                WLB: Ellison > McRath > Buggs > Toal
                MLB: Posluszny > DiGiorgio > Costanzo
                SLB: Mitchell > Bowen > Corto > V. Hall
                CB: McGee > Francies > Corner
                CB: McKelvin > Florence > Youboty
                FS: Simpson > Wilson > Scott
                SS: Whitner > Wendling

                K: Lindell
                P: Moorman
                LS: The Worst LS You Could Ever Imagine
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                  Draft Picks:
                  Rd 1, Pick 11 (11) - Chris "Beanie" Wells
                  Rd 2, Pick 11 (43) - James Laurinaitis
                  Rd 3, Pick 6 (70) - Travis Beckum
                  Rd 3, Pick 23 (87) - A.Q. Shipley
                  Rd 3, Pick 34 (98) (comp.) - Jason Watkins
                  Rd 5, Pick 6 (142) - David Veikune
                  Rd 6, Pick 36 (209) (comp.) - Johnny Knox
                  Rd 7, Pick 40 (249) (comp.) - Ray Feinga
                  Rd 7, Pick 43 (252) (comp.) - Gregory Toler

                  - Chad Ocho Cinco and 7th(215) to Tenn. for 2nd(62) and 4th(130)
                  - Levi Jones, Ben Utecht, #6, and 2nd(62) to Buff. for Jason Peters and #11
                  - 2nd(38) to Atlanta for 2nd(55) and 3rd(79)
                  - 2nd(55), 4th(106), 4th(130) to San Fran. for 2nd(43)
                  - 2nd(79) 6th(179), and Chris Perry to Miami for 2nd(87) and Jason Allen

                  Entering into this I believed that the Bengals main needs were a new LT, RB, C, depth across the board. I'm pretty sold on Anthony Collins, who played very well last yr down the stretch, but with the opportunity to add Jason Peters we didnt hesitate to pull the trigger for a 27 yr old dominant pro-bowl LT. Collins should have no problems moving over to RT and the two will be great pass blockers for Carson. After moving down to 11 in the Peters deal I felt like this presented a great opportunity to get the best RB in the draft in Beanie Wells. Wells had a little bit of an off year due to an injury in the begining of the season, but he's 230 lbs that can run under a 4.5 40 and really all I gotta say about him is stiff-arm. Look out for Beanie going to his left behind Peters and Whitworth. In the 2nd I was able to slide back a few spots and still get the best player remaining on my board in James Lauranitis. With Tank and Peko up front, JL and Rivers should be able to flow all over the field and make plays. JL could very well end up taking our D, which ranked 12th overall last yr, to the next level. In the 3rd I jumped on the chance to draft Travis Beckum. If Beckum came out after his junior year, many draftniks had him being the 1st TE drafted. Beckum struggled a little this yr and ended up on the IR, but he still has amazing receiving skills and athleticism. He should be a great asset in our passing game and will add a new dimension for Carson. Later in the 3rd, I got a guy that is just a mean son of a gun in AQ Shipley. Shipley won the Remmington award and has a tremendous mean streak and work ethic. He should step in as a starter the moment he steps on the field. My last pick in the 3rd I continued to focus on the OLine, cuz lets face it if Cincy cant keep Carson upright then they might as well forfeit their season. Watkins will be able to compete with Collins at RT, but he will most likely serve as depth as the #2 LT and RT. In the 5th I got Veikune who has really progressed as a pass rusher and will be a great rotational guy in passing situations. In the 6th, I got a guy that I would classify as a steal in Johnny Knox. We traded away our speed guy in Chad Ocho Cinco and grabbed another speed guy in Knox. Knox will at the very least provide big plays in the return game and will be able to spread the field deep while last years draft picks, Jerome Simpson and Andre Calwell, work underneath. We also added Laverneous Coles in FA and he should be able to regain form by finally being matched with a big arm in Palmer. We also added Jason Allen to try to save his career under a tremendous DC in Mike Zimmer and low pressure. He will immediately compete with both of my young Safeties Marvin White and Chinedum Ndukwe. At the very least he should fit in as a sub-package guy and nickel back. Ray Feinga in the 7th is a great fit, the guy was a top HS prospect who spurned offers from USC, Cal, and basically all other programs to stay in his home State an dominate up-front. 330 lbs of mean who'll provide depth at both OGs spot and eventually take over for Bobbie Williams at RG

                  Overall, I solidified my Oline with a top LT in Peters, an underrated nasty C in AQ Shipley and depth as a swing T in Watkins and a swing G in Ray Feinga. I also added a punishing RB in Wells, who can also turn the corner and out run many defenders. Wells not only will be a significant upgrade in our running game, but has underrated ability as a pass catcher and will be a tremendous assett to Carson in taking some of the pressure of of him while he gets back into his groove under center. Wells was not the only guy that will help Carson get back into his pro-bowl form, as both Beckum and Knox will provide additional dimensions for Carson to utilize.

                  I also solidified and upgraded all 3 levels of our #12 rated D in Veikune, Lauranitis, and Jason Allen. Veikune will help create pressure on QBs off the edge, while JL will track the ball from sideline to sideline. Finally, Allen is a former 1st rd pick who is a gifted ball player, but has struggled in the new D scheme that Miami employed last yr. Allen should really be able to proove that he is worth the 1st round status with his new start and young, talented, agressive teammates.
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                    1-32) Percy Harvin WR/RS Florida
                    2-54) Eric Wood C/G Louisville
                    3-96) Kevin Barnes CB Maryland
                    5-169) Terrance Knighton NT/DE Temple
                    6-205) Alex Boone OT Ohio State
                    7-226) Gartrell Johnson RB Colorado State
                    7-241) Frank Summers FB UNLV


                    Darnell Stapleton for #164
                    64, 132, 164, 168 for 54
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                      #31 (1st Round)- Clay Matthews, DE/OLB, Southern Cal
                      #50 (2nd Round)- Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
                      #104 (4th Round)- DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati
                      #123 (4th Round)- Vance Walker, DE/DT, Georgia Tech
                      #167 (5th Round)- Josh Mauga, ILB, Nevada
                      #204 (6th Round)- Richard Quinn, TE, North Carolina
                      #240 (7th Round)- David Buehler, K, USC


                      Cardinals Get:
                      -Terrell Suggs DE
                      -Adam Terry OT

                      Ravens Get:
                      -Anquan Boldin

                      Ravens Receive:

                      #240 Overall

                      Vikings Receive:

                      TE Todd Heap

                      Browns Receive:

                      S Dawan Landry

                      Cb Frank Walker

                      # 96 Overall

                      Ravens Receive:

                      #50 Overall

                      # 104 Overall

                      Ravens Receive:

                      #167 Overall

                      Vikings Receive:

                      Wr Yamon Figurs

                      Ravens Receive:

                      TE Alex Smith

                      Buccaneers Receive:

                      #198 Overall
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                        Dallas Cowboys

                        Sent G Kyle Kosier to Minnesota in exchange for #221 overall and DE/OLB project Brian Robison.

                        Sent RB Tashard Choice to Cleveland in exchange for #95 and #177 overall.

                        Draft day trade sent #69, #95, #156, and #166 to New England in exchange for #47.

                        #47 Jarron Gilbert, DE, San Jose State
                        Scott, Video #1, Video #2, Video #3, Video #4

                        #51 Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma
                        Scott, Video #1

                        #101 Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest
                        Scott, Video #1

                        #117 Jason Phillips, LB, Texas Christian
                        Scott, Video #1

                        #172 Devin Moore, RB/KR, Wyoming
                        Scott, Video #1, Video #2

                        #177 Patrick Turner, WR, Southern California
                        Scott, Video #1, Video #2

                        #197 Domonique Johnson, CB, Jackson State

                        #208 Dudley Guice, WR, Northwestern State
                        Profile, Video #1,
                        Video #2

                        #210 Davon Drew, FB/H-Back/TE/ATH, East Carolina

                        #221 Arian Foster, RB, Tennessee
                        Scott, Video #1, Video #2

                        #227 Lonnie Harvey, NT, Morgan State

                        Interview, Video #1, Video #2
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                          Miami Dolphins


                          25. Miami Dolphins – Vontae Davis CB/Illinois
                          44. Miami Dolphins – Connor Barwin LB/Cincinnati
                          61. Miami Dolphins – Jared Cook TE/South Carolina
                          79. Miami Dolphins – Kraig Urbik OG/Wisconsin
                          108. Miami Dolphins – Mohamed Massaquoi WR/Georgia
                          127. Miami Dolphins – Zach Follett LB/Cal
                          161. Miami Dolphins – Captain Munnerlyn CB/South Carolina
                          179. Miami Dolphins – Glen Coffee RB/Alabama
                          181. Miami Dolphins – Dan Gay OT/Baylor
                          214. Miami Dolphins – Nick Reed LB/Oregon
                          237. Miami Dolphins – Kevin Ogletree WR/Virginia
                          239. Miami Dolphins – Chris Crane QB/Boston College


                          Colts Receive:
                          #56 Overall

                          Dolphins Receive:

                          #61 Overall
                          #127 Overall

                          Dolphins Receive:
                          #79 Overall
                          #179 Overall
                          RB Chris Perry

                          Bengals Receive:
                          #87 Overall
                          DB Jason Allen
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                            Denver Receives:


                            DE Jamaal Anderson

                            Atlanta Receives:

                            #79 Overall (Traded to Miami who selected Kraig Urbik)


                            Browns Receive:

                            DT Marcus Thomas
                            #48 Overall (traded to Ari who took LeSean McCoy)

                            Broncos Receive:
                            DT Shaun Rogers


                            Broncos Receive:

                            #168 Overall (Marcus Thigpen)

                            Vikings Receive:

                            C Casey Wiegmann


                            12. Denver Broncos – Malcolm Jenkins DB/Ohio State
                            18. Denver Broncos (f/ CHI) - Rey Maualuga LB/USC
                            84. Denver Broncos (f/ CHI) - Rhett Bomar QB/Sam Houston State
                            107. Denver Broncos (f/ JAC) – Sherrod Martin CB/Troy
                            168. Denver Broncos (f/ MIN through PIT) – Marcus Thigpen RB/Indiana
                            185. Denver Broncos – Dorrell Scott DT/Clemson
                            225. Denver Broncos – Jose Martinez K/UTEP
                            235. Denver Broncos (f/ ATL) – Andy Kemp G/Wisconsin

                            Summary - Denver starts its new regime at both head coach and QB. Although an offensive mind the current Denver Broncos Defense had no pieces needed to run a 3-4 scheme so we would need to build it through the draft. We stated this process right away by trading for Jamaal Anderson ,whom busted in Atlanta, for a 3rd round pick. We believe he busted because he was miscast as a 4-3 pass rusher. He has the size and run stuffing ability to play the 3-4 DE in our scheme. Soon after we acquired disgruntled bowler NT Shaun Rogers from the Browns who's fit is obvious for a 2nd round pick this freed up our first round pick so we could pass on Raji if he fell that far and Rogers it better than risking Ron Brace to fall to us. Earlier we sent CB Dre Bly away which left a hole at CB and also Champ is no spring chicken either so for these reasons we decided to pick CB Malcom Jenkins out of Ohio State. The concerns over his speed were over exaggerated because of the slow track at Indi this year that said if he does not fit properly in that role he can still be an effective FS which could also be a need. With our second first round pick it was a no brain-er to take Rey Maualuga out of USC he is the best ILB in this draft and he is also a prototype ILB for the 3-4 scheme. That was our last pick until the end of the 3rd round with the pick we acquired from Chicago in the Jay Cutler trade. At this point we needed a developmental prospect to take the place of Jay Cutler this is why we took Rhett Bomar the QB out of Sam Houston State. Bomar has all the things that Coach McDaniels looks for in a QB he has the big arm and is cool in the pocket the two traits that are found in all of his Quarterbacks we still believe in Kyle and Chris but Rhett will be a developmental and insurance policy. With our fourth round pick we traded up with Jacksonville to get a real steal in CB/FS Sherrod Martin out of Troy. I believe he is a tweener who can play both positions. Once we reach the 5th round we are looking more towards special teams and backups the best special return man was there at this pick and it just so happens that the Broncos were 23rd in the league in Kick Return Average. In the 6th round we realized we needed a backup for Shaun Rogers he's a big man an will need a blow once in a while Dorrell Scott has good bulk and is stout at the point of attack and should be an OK relief for Rogers. Matt Prater was 34th that's not a typo 34TH in the league in FG % which means backup Kickers were better than him that means you have to go Jose Martinez will start right away. Finally a guy who will not likely make the team but can be put in at C or OG if he does Andy Kamp.
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                              Oakland Raiders

                              brought in...
                              OG Anthony Herrera
                              DT B.J. Raji
                              SS William Moore
                              WR Ramses Barden
                              DE Henry Melton
                              WR Jarrett Dillard
                              QB Jeff Garcia

                              let go...
                              FS Michael Huff
                              OT Cornell Green



                              Debug Information