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    I think that draft grades should have its own thread.

    I'll start with the Ravens since they are done.

    Cincinnati Get:

    * Todd Heap
    * Baltimore's 6th round pick

    Baltimore Get:

    * WR, Chris Henry

    Trade Analysis: I like this trade Heap is oft injured and while Henry gets in alot of trouble when he is playing he is a very good #2/#3 WR.

    Trade Approved

    Baltimore gets:

    * Detroit's 1st round pick (16 via San Diego) - Traded

    Detroit gets:

    * S, Dawan Landry
    * Baltimore's 2nd round pick (49) - Selvish Capers
    * Baltimore's 3rd round pick (81) - Mike Johnson

    Trade Analysis: This trade is either even or favors the Lions at this point. That is if you ignore the trade value chart.

    49ers get:
    pick #16 - Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
    CB Chris Carr

    Ravens get:
    pick #14 - Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

    Trade Analysis:
    This trade really doesn't have any effect. A dime back for two spots meh wash. The big question is would have the Broncos taken Kindle? That is the question.

    Baltimore get:

    * CB, Champ Bailey
    * TE, Daniel Graham
    * Denver's 7th round pick

    Denver get:

    * OG, Chris Chester
    * DE, Trevor Pryce
    * Baltimore's 4th round pick

    Trade Analysis: This just in the president just called and Baltimore is now a no fly zone. The Ravens trade vet for vet and pick up a new TE to replace Heap. I really like this trade for Baltimore.

    Baltimore gave:

    #17 Overall - Brandon Spikes

    Patriots gave:

    #35 Overall - Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama
    #45 Overall - Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

    Trade Analysis This turns out to be a great trade for the Ravens grabbing two extra second round picks in a real deep draft. Nabbing Cody was a steal in its own right.

    Originally posted by A Perfect Score View Post
    So now that Im done, what do you guys think of the Ravens draft?

    1. Sergio Kindle
    2. Terrence Cody
    2b. Golden Tate

    Round 1: Sergio Kindle
    The first round the Ravens pick up Sergio Kindle from the University of Texas right now they have Terrell Suggs who knows how long that will last. Even if Suggs stays Jarrett Johnson leaves alot to be desired. B+

    Round 2a: Terrence Cody

    Cody could easily be a top 20 pick maybe even top 15 Kelly Gregg is a good NT but now he can be spelled by Cody till he takes over permanently. Great value pick A

    Round 2b:Golden Tate

    Tate is a good WR in really weak WR class. Tate has a great sideline presence gets both feet in even in college. B

    Final Analysis:

    Baltimore is doing what they can to win now. The major thing I didn't like was the trading of Landry and not picking up a SS to replace him there were a bunch of SS's available at the Tate pick. I love the Champ Bailey trade this makes the Raven's secondary amongst the scariest in the league. B+
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    Originally posted by njx9
    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.

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    I give the Texans an A++++++++++++++++++ Amazing work by an amazing GM.



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