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2011 DC FM - Discussion Thread

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  • 2011 DC FM - Discussion Thread

    It's that time of year again! Get ready for the first Forum Mock of the 2010-11 NFL football season!

    If you are interested in being the fantasy GM of your favorite team, and always wanted to be the one making the draft pick decisions for your team in the war room, then this is the event for you! We will hold a mock draft that will last 3 rounds and you can be the GM making picks, working trades with other GMs and ultimately have the responsibility for strengthening your team.

    If interested, PM me the following information:

    1. Team you want to be GM for. If you're willing to GM other teams, then list them in order of preference.
    2. Willingness to work with another poster as a Co-GM.

    * As GM you make all the decisions for your team. If you are found to be too inactive, you may be replaced without notice.

    * As Co-GM you are responsible for making all the decisions of your team as well. Co-GMs are for people who think they can't be completely active due to scheduling conflicts. It is for coverage first, team work second. If there is a decision to be made, and you are the only one online you will be required to make the decision for your team regardless if your partner is online or not. Holding up decisions to wait for your Co-GM goes against the purpose of having a Co-GM. So be prepared to discuss strategy with your Co-GM in advance and know that either person can/will make sole decisions on their own.

    * Trades: Each team is able to make 2 player for player or player for pick(s) or pick(s) for pick(s) trades. You may make a 3rd trade if it is for picks only. No more than 3 trades are allowed.

    2011 UFAs cannot be traded.

    Trades will be approved by myself, Dirty Thirty and thenewfeature06. Still looking for one more, so if interested please let me know.

    Submit your PMs to me and once teams are filled, I will post them below.

    Buffalo Bills - redbills
    Arizona Cardinals - fenikz
    Atlanta Falcons - Bosanac01
    Baltimore Ravens  - TACKLE/APS
    Carolina Panthers - Hinesward
    Chicago Bears - BeerBaron
    Cincinnati Bengals - Bengals78
    Cleveland Browns - wonderbredd24
    Dallas Cowboys - D-Unit (if a Cowboys fan wants to run them, let me know)
    Denver Broncos - iBoldin
    Detroit Lions - Scotty D
    Green Bay Packers - PF 
    Houston Texans - Texas Homer
    Indianapolis Colts - Seamus2602
    Jacksonville Jaguars - prowler
    Kansas City Chiefs - vikes_28
    Miami Dolphins - draftguru151
    Minnesota Vikings - prock
    New England Patriots - djp
    New Orleans Saints - CJSchneider
    New York Giants - LetsGoGiants!/OSUGiants17
    New York Jets - Hurricanes25/Derza
    Oakland Raiders - newfeature/RaiderNation
    Philadelphia Eagles - Go_Eagles77/superman8456
    Pittsburgh Steelers - Shane P. Hallam
    San Diego Chargers - marshallb
    San Francisco 49ers - Mr. Goosemahn
    Seattle Seahawks - gpngc
    St Louis Rams - holt_bruce81
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - BeerBaron
    Tennessee Titans - VoodooMonkey
    Washington Redskins - Dirty Thirty
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    I've got one question: what are we using for the draft order?

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    Originally posted by A Perfect Score
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      Can I co-GM the Vikes with marshallb?


      Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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        Application submitted. Asked for the Bears, but if another Bears fan really wants them, I offered to take anyone.

        Looking forward to this gentleman, as always.


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          Originally posted by prock View Post
          Can I co-GM the Vikes with marshallb?
          Yea, that'd be good with me. On my application I put that I'd be willing to co-GM with pretty much anyone and then listed a few Vikings fans specifically and you were one of them.

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          Originally posted by A Perfect Score
          If a girl is sucking me off, and I look down and shes beating off a **** of her own, I am absolutely going to tell her to stop. 100% of the time. Explain that ****.


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            Just to reinforce it, I'd be willing to switch to a team no one else claimed if another Bears fan really, really wants them.


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              the worst team in the nfl sweet.


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                spread the word!


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                  just about any bills player can be had btw.


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                    Do I have to apply in an email to want to join?


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                      Can't wait. This is my first one. I have big plans for this.
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                        I want the falcons.

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                        Originally posted by fenikz
                        we all hate you


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                          Prowler is going to co-gm the Lions.


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                            Originally posted by Scotty D View Post
                            Prowler is going to co-gm the Lions.
                            I asked him to take a team that doesn't have GM and he said he would.


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                              I'm gonna have to go ahead and back at out of this. Sorry, but based on what is happening in the hockey league this year and the basketball league last year I just don't think I will enjoy it. Good luck.



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