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2010 December Forum Mock Discussion Thread

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  • 2010 December Forum Mock Discussion Thread

    Where: On this Forum

    When: Applications due by December 15th, Draft starts December 17th

    Who: You, but only if you apply!

    What: See Below!

    I am currently taking applications for the December Forum Mock. We are almost done with the season, we have a solid draft order, and it is time to try out Mocking skills! For those of you who haven't seen a Forum Mock before, a few times a year we get together as a Forum and have a giant mock draft on this forum. This will be the last official one for the 2010 calendar year and will include more realism in trades and such.

    Differences from before, Not much. I think the last ones ran well, and any comments about it will be nice. I'm going to limit Co-GMs again unless people suggest they both want to be with each other. I will also reward flexibility for wanting to work with different teams, Co-GMing etc. I will also reward activity last year and doing some good things. So, some reputable posters may not get teams, and others I know will be active and try hard will. If you aren't flexible, don't expect to be involved if you ONLY can have that ONE team.

    Honestly, if you want to work on a specific team, get one or two other fans who plan on applying and put each other in the category that you want to work with each other. That will help your chances.

    Descriptions of positions

    Head GM: Runs the team and gets input from all sides to make decisions.

    Co-GMs: Work together to create a cohesive team. Any can make final decisions but NEED input from each other.

    Assistant GMs: Gives input to Head GMs to make final decisions. May post picks, but need Heads approval first.

    If you would like to participate, please fill out the application below and send it to


    Teams of Preference (please list 1 through 5):

    Are there any other teams you would accept a position for?

    Are there any teams you absolutely wouldn't accept a position for?

    Why do you think you would be a good Head GM in this Forum Mock?

    Would you accept a position as an Assistant or Co-GM? Why or Why not?

    What other Official Forum Mocks have you been involved with?

    Would you be willing to use IRC for use in this mock?

    Is there anyone else you would specifically like to/would work with?

    Any other comments you'd like to add (why you would be good, etc).

    Here are some of the details:

    Trades: All trades will go through me. There will be a list of players who CANNOT be traded for each team. No “major” player will be traded unless it is indicated he is unhappy or what not. Providing a link that a player may be traded will likely result in it being accepted. ANY PLAYER THAT WILL BE A UDFA OR RFA CANNOT BE TRADED. This isn’t a fantasy draft, it is a mock draft. If your trade isn't accepted, don't ***** please as it makes my job harder. I also will limit younger players (rookies/second year player) trades.

    Trade Submission: All trades will be submitted through IRC PM and SWDC PM, no other submissions will be accepted unless noted.

    Missing Picks: I'm going to set a little longer time limit than usual, but I expect all GMs to be active and available. I am going to vet applicants a lot, so I hope that will help. I will not be a GM in this draft and I will make all picks if someone misses their time. I am not on 24/7, so the mock may have to wait. This will be a bit different than usual as I will be readily available for this whole mock.

    Rounds: The draft will be 5 rounds, using the official NFL draft order after Week 14.


    Q: What is this IRC? Are we using it?

    Look at the thread about IRC. IRC is a chat client that a bunch of guys from NFLDC have been using and chatting in real time. For the Forum Mock, it has worked well to use this to talk/submit trades. Picks will be on the Forum, but all trading will be in IRC. We will be at the #ForumMock channel.

    Q: Do Team Leaders, Moderators, Head Moderators, and Admins still need to apply?

    Yes, they do. Though I know many on reputation alone, I'd like an application from everyone for organization reasons along with team preference, etc.

    Q: When will selections be?

    Official Clock starts Friday, 12/17 at noon. The draft will likely last about 4-5 days.

    Is this like the Fantasy Offseason?

    No, it is not. There are no free agent signings. I am going to do my very best to limit trades in this. I want a Forum MOCK (i.e. mocking the actual draft,) not a fantasy draft. Be prepared for this. If you just want to claim a team and just pick your draft picks, I would love you.

    Will you have a team?

    I will not have a team, I will be serving as the commish.

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    If anyone is interested in helping me with a prelim no trade list, talk to me on IRC.

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      Signed up, cant wait...

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        Feel free to reply here if you apply! Allows me to look for you for sure and keeps the word out!

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          not signed up, i will be stuck working 7 straight days through most of it. but i will be willing to act as GM for any team if we don't have enough volunteers.
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            I applied.


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              Sent .


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                I applied, JBond!
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                  sent application


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                    I applied, there for I am awesome.
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                      Step 1: Sent in application

                      Step 2: ??????

                      Step 3: Acquire A+ grade


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                        I sent my ap in.

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                          App sent in.

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                            Jbond you are KILLING ME. I'm heading overseas on the 17th and will have scarce internet access! Will we be able to trade and jazz once the teams have been anounced?


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                              application deployed.

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