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I Bought a Duck

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  • I was wondering if the ducks in the vid were from Baltimore.

    Then they'd be a . . .

    wait for it


    I knew there was something ****ed up about that guy.

    Sig img shamelessly stolen from teh interwebs


    • This may be the greatest thread ever, the amount of times I had to control laughs throughout it was just phenomenal.

      How are the ducks going?

      On a serious note, if you don't have a contained coop, you need to get their wings clipped asap or they will fly away and also get everywhere inside and break/**** on stuff.

      Props to BK on the sig!


      • I need pics!!!

        Btw, probably the best thread I've seen on here, probably ever. If there are pics to come it's only going to get better.

        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


        • All right, here's some pics. Not the most exciting in the world, and they're also from a week ago and the ducks are now roughly twice the size as they are in the pics, so I'll get you some better one's once their adult-sized and we teach them to do some tricks and what not.

          In their habitat.

          In their pool. They have since grown enough to use our roommate's bathtub.

          Close up on Little Brian, the alpha male of the two.

          As you can see, the ducks are 100% healthy and 100% not dead. Also girls apparently like ducks. So in short, best decision I ever made.

          BTW, little bow ties for the ducks: adorable, hilarious or cruel?


          • why?

            that's all i got to say


            • Because ducks are cool. That was a silly question.


              • Originally posted by ChiFan24 View Post
                Because ducks are cool. That was a silly question.

                well don't start a thread complaining when they leave and take fat **** on your welcome mat


                • Yes to the bow ties. I suggest you get some pow-tie pasta and dye it with food coloring so the little guys can snack on it when they get hungry.

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                  • Bow-ties = melting hearts. Little Brian is kind of an anti-climactic name though. You had so many options, yet you chose Brian...


                    Originally posted by JordanTaber
          's rocket surgery now, folks.


                    • Little Brian? Name him Big Ben.

                      Also yes to bow tie, but only for the chicks.

                      Sig by: BK

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                      Originally posted by fenikz
                      we all hate you


                      • Originally posted by Bosanac01 View Post
                        Little Brian? Name him Big Ben.
                        No that doesn't work. Big Ben = NO Brain.

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                        • Yeah, i can't believe you didn't name him "Darkwing"


                          • Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
                            Yeah, i can't believe you didn't name him "Darkwing"
                            Amen. You really blew a golden opportunity here.


                            Originally posted by JordanTaber
                  's rocket surgery now, folks.


                            • This is the best thread I've ever read on here. And definitely a yes to the bow ties.

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                              • absolutely yes to the bow ties. top hats would be cool too but im sure they wouldnt like that much
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