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  • Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
    none of those momma jokes were funny, i didn't laugh once
    part of it was the font they are, they are supposed to be periodic and the text too....

    The jokes themselves arent but combined with that made me chuckle.
    (History nerd I guess)

    The Twitters


    • Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
      Is it bad that i don't know wtf Black Flag is?
      Is it bad that I don't know who Justin Beibler really is? Something tells me that is a good thing.

      What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
      they get smoked.

      2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
      Hint:Not the Bears.


      • Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
        Is it bad that I don't know who Justin Beibler really is? Something tells me that is a good thing.
        No, that's very much a good thing.


        • Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
          Is it bad that I don't know who Justin Beibler really is? Something tells me that is a good thing.
          All I know is that he's famous for reason although his balls haven't dropped yet. If you know less than that, consider yourself lucky.

          worker bees can leave
          even drones can fly away
          the queen is their slave



          • made this

            found Technologically Impaired Duck

            by BoneKrusher
            <DG> how metal unseen
            <TheUnseen> Drunken Canadian Bastard: There's an APS for that


            • meme time? Might as well bring this one up, then.


              • Douchebag Giraffe


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                  • Originally posted by dabears10 View Post
                    They decide they are totally different than everyone else and think that nothing is good unless no one has heard of it. In the process of doing this they become exactly like one another.
                    This one has been posted before, but i think it fits too well...


                    • it just never got better than advice dog

                      and courage wolf!

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                      I remember NFLDC
                      don't tell anyone, but Charlie Casserly is a dope fiend


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                        • NSFWish
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                          Thanks to BoneKrusher Credit and Rep to him for the sig.


                          • Nobody has **** on the socially awkward penguin


                            • How did I not know about this stuffwhitepeoplelike blog? I'm dying over here laughing so hard at some of it!

                              This is the best so far:

                              Though white people have a natural aversion to television, there are some exceptions. For white people to like a TV show it helps if it is: critically acclaimed, low-rated, shown on premium cable, and available as a DVD box set.

                              The latter is important so that white people can order it from Netflix and tell their friends “they are really into <insert series> and I watched ten episodes in a row in the weekend. I’m almost caught up.”

                              If you attempt to talk about an episode they have not seen yet, they will scream and cover their ears. In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.

                              Recent series that have fallen into this category include The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and most recently The Wire.

                              For the past three years, whenever you say “The Wire” white people are required to respond by saying “it’s the best show on television.” Try it the next time you see a white person! Though now they might say “it WAS the best show on television.”

                              So why do they love it so much? It all comes down to authenticity. A long time ago, someone started a rumor that when The Wire is on TV, actual police wires go quiet because all the dealers are watching the show. Though this is not true, it seems plausible enough to white people and has imbued the show with the needed authenticity to be deemed acceptable.

                              The popularity of this show among white people has create a unique opportunity for personal gain.

                              If you need to impress a white person, tell them you are from Baltimore. They will immediately ask you about The Wire and how accurate it is. You should confirm that it is “like a documentary of the streets,” the white person will then slowly shake their head and say “man” or “wow.” You will be seen in an entirely new light.

                              If you are not from Baltimore but the white person you are talking to is, they might start asking you a lot of questions. In this situation, you should just say you left when you were young but you still have a lot of cousins there but you don’t like to go back to visit. This will remove all doubts and they can go back to telling you about how John from Accounting needs to “stop snitching” about their two hour lunch breaks.



                              • That blog is hilarious but also very true on some things. Each post either applies to me or to someone I know most of the time.



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