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    Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
    Wouldn't really matter either way. They'd still get killed in the sales due to nearly everyone being a EA/Madden diehard fan.
    Would it? Once people are playing Madden for 5 or 6 months, you don't think they may want to try something new? It would be more convenient.

    Anyways, why can't 2K make an NCAA football game? If they can make a college basketball game, why couldn't the do football too?

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      They should make a college legends game. So they could put names too..


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        Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
        I never liked 2K's hockey...EA's is much better, imo. NBA 2K7 is probably the best they got.
        i found 2k hockey>>>>> over ea... way more realistic IMO... Nk is the best basketaball game as nba live seemed to take a step back last year..

        ill rent this game and maybe buy it... kinda help keep madden and ncaa fresh... i never get bored of ncaa... but madden tends to waer thin with time

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          anyone have this yet?

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