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    Originally posted by SuperMcgee
    Originally posted by Craigo
    The thing about Southpark is that it actually gets BETTER every year. The first four seasons were just dick and fart jokes. Not very funny. Then they started making societal statements with their episodes. Thats when it really got funny. And they keep getting better and better at it.

    Most shows do the opposite, they start out funny and kinda fade away.
    Eh, a lot of their "statements" are getting kind of annoying now
    Well I don't agree with ALL of them, but I still find it funny.

    For example, the Manbearpig episode was a big shot at Al Gore and global warming. I disagree with Parker and Stone, but it was still hilarious.

    And the one making fun of Family Guy was pretty funny too. And they even made fun of themselves in that one. Something like "I like Family Guy. At least its not all preachy and up it's own ass all the time".

    Thanks jkpigskin!


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      Nice to see that American Dad got another vote other than mine.


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        I absolutley hate American Dad. There should be a full hour of the Simpsons and then a full hour of Family Guy. Instead, I think it is a hour of AD instead. FOX is dumb. With that being said, Family Guy.


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          American Dad is just stupid, I don't know if I've ever laughed while watching that show, I can't believe it has lasted this long. Simpsons was good but the episodes have been pretty lame the last couple of seasons, so I guess family guy gets my vote.



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