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    This two hour night was da bomb.


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      Originally posted by The Unseen
      Originally posted by Smokey Joe
      Can someone help me out? I missed about 20 minutes of the first episode tonight. From about the part where Jack and the team sets up a perimeter outside the apartment building was and until Jack finds the nuke. Can someone fill me in on what happened between then, how did they get Morris to program the code?

      Oh, and by the way, Morris is now my least favorite character. And that Myralin chick is stupid as hell. You have the almighty Jack Bauer with you. Why wouldn't you just tell him? You should know that your son would have a better chance of living with that tactical assistance of CTU and Bauer.
      They get some city alarm system to set off the fire alarms. The clearings allow their heat sensors to identify where the terrorists are, since they obviously wouldn't leave.

      In the building, they are torturing Morris. They beat him, drive a screwdriver into his arm, that junk. The blonde McCarthy girl wants to help out by saying that it's not longer about the money. As soon as Fayed hears that, he shoots her dead.

      After almost being screwdriven again, Morris caves. He sets up the nuke, and I *think* around that time the alarm goes off. Can't remember. Once he has the code set up, Fayed tells a cronie to kill him. Just before he can, the CTU unit and Jack blows in and kills all the cronies (except Fayed, as he had escaped).

      Not sure how much of that you needed, but...
      thats good. thanks!

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        Tonight was off da heezy indeed.


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          do you think Palmer is going to be killed, and how is CTU gonna be involved in this one??

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            Jack's newphew being his son has to be one of the worst set up "suprises" in 24 history when it comes out. It is so blatantly obvious they are setting that up.



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