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NBA Referee Scandal

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  • NBA Referee Scandal

    Technically, I know this could go under the NBA thread but that's mostly talks about free agency and team movement. Anybody think this could be an underlying problem in the NFL or any other leagues? We need to wait a little more for more information to come out, but I think there are more 'dirty refs' in the NBA that haven't been discovered yet.

    If anybody could find out any recent playoff games he has been in, that would be some great info. I swear the Wizards were gipped twice last season 1st round against the Cavs, I'd really like to know if he was there.

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    old news its in the nba discussion


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      its harder for 1 ref to ruin a game as easy as it is in the NBA. I just cant see it working well in the NFL like he did in the NBA, they have reviews and everything, plus the game goes to people to review all the calls. As soon as someone "throws" a game, hes fired, simple as that.


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        I would not be surprised if this was just the tip of the iceberg. Either a whole lot more of the refs are doing this or the officiating in the NBA is just shotty.

        Oldie but a goodie.



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