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  • Originally posted by Bengalsrocket View Post
    I just watched Snatch again last week, I really like Guy Ritchie films, I hope he has continued success.

    My top 5 films are:

    1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - My favorite Jack Nicholson film and a classic in my opinion. This film has everything for me.
    2. The Departed - I like all of Martin Scorsese's films but even Casino and Goodfellas aren't as good as Departed for me.
    3. Reservoir Dogs - this probably my favorite Tarintino film, second would be a tie between Jackie Brown & Pulp Fiction but unfortunately neither of those crack the top 5.
    4. Old School - Got to have a comedy on the list and I'm not sure I laughed at a movie as hard as I laughed at Old School. It was Vince Vaughn's first good film (yes I saw Made, Swingers & Rudy but don't think any of those films are "good", decent still though).
    5. Apocalypse Now - The best war film for me, good story & good acting have this film rounding off my top 5.

    Memento / Terminator 1 / Goodfellas / Pulp Fiction / Jackie Brown / Cast Away / American Psycho are all good films too that I think would come close to cracking top 5.
    Bourne Ultimatum
    The Recruit
    The Dark Knight
    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The others werent nearly as good.
    I will add in an animation movie but its hard to decide between UP, the latest Ice Age movie, Bolt, and Monsters Inc.


    • My Top 5 would be...

      1. City of God
      2. Memento
      3. Pulp Fiction
      4. Taxi Driver
      5. Oldboy

      I hate just doing a Top 5 list because I feel like I'm leaving out too many movies.


      • My 5 favorite DVDs:
        Citizen Kane
        A Clockwork Orange
        City of God

        My 5 most watch DVDs:
        Shoot em up
        Thank you for Smoking
        V for Vendetta
        In Bruges
        Ichi the Killer, Teeth, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Death at a Funeral, Pirates of the Carribean, Slap Shot, Mel Brooks movies or Zombie Strippers

        Originally posted by the decider13 View Post
        Just watched "Thank You for Smoking" for the first time. I'm gonna be was pretty freaking amazing. Really loved it.
        I love that movie and can re-watch it over and over again.

        Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
        Yeah but this was a website! With pictures!!


        Originally posted by AcheTen
        JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
        Originally posted by abaddon41_80
        Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
        Originally posted by JBCX
        Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


        • 1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
          2. The Royal Tannenbaum
          3. Se7en
          4. Magnolia
          5. Taxi Driver


          • just got back from boondocks 2, and hmmm i didn't like it. they just take a basic storyline and makes fun of itself way too much. too campy.


            • My fiiiiiiiiive

              1. The Shawshank Redemption
              2. The Godfather
              3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
              4. Cool Hand Luke
              5. 40 Year Old Virgin

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              • I'm back on the flickchart again.

                Fargo vs. Usual Suspects


                • Fargo for me.


                  • Usual Suspect for me.
                    Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                    The APS is strong in this one.
                    Originally posted by killxswitch
                    Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


                    • Usual Suspects here


                      • 1. Original Star Wars Trilogy (didn't want Empire Strikes Back and ROTJ taking up 2 spots)
                        2. Pulp Fiction
                        3. The Big Lebowski
                        4. Scarface
                        5. Office Space/Caddyshack <- tough decision

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                        • I have many DVDs I just don't watch them

                          1. Clerks X
                          2. Magnolia
                          3. Fargo
                          4. Mallrats Special Edition
                          5. The Big Lebowski

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                          • Originally posted by fischbowl View Post
                            I have many DVDs I just don't watch them
                            Ya same here. If I find a sale on DVD's I usually buy a bunch that I'm interested in, and then let them sit around. One day I'll watch them.


                            • Just watched "A Scanner Darkly" thought it was interesting, but since megavideo is a ***** and made me watch it in two parts with a 50 minute break in the middle it was kind of annoying... Anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?


                              • Originally posted by Vox Populi View Post
                                Just watched "A Scanner Darkly" thought it was interesting, but since megavideo is a ***** and made me watch it in two parts with a 50 minute break in the middle it was kind of annoying... Anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?
                                I saw it about a year ago. From what I remember, it was pretty awesome.

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