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  • The only movie I could possibly watch now is The Final Sacrifice.


    • Kick - Ass.


      • Originally posted by Dr. Gonzo View Post
        The Lookout
        Damn, seen. But nice suggestion.

        Originally posted by fenikz View Post
        Kick - Ass.
        Definite possibility. I've wanted to see it for some time now.


        • Just got back from Iron Man 2. Liked it a lot more than the first...


          Originally posted by JordanTaber
's rocket surgery now, folks.


          • Originally posted by iowatreat54 View Post
            Damn, seen. But nice suggestion.

            Definite possibility. I've wanted to see it for some time now.
            there are dvd quality streams out


            • Originally posted by iowatreat54 View Post
              Damn, seen. But nice suggestion.

              Definite possibility. I've wanted to see it for some time now.
              Well I assume you have but I would hope you have seen Brick as well. I know a lot of people were turned off by the neo-noir style but I was a big fan.

              Kick Ass is a damn great suggestion. I had a lot of fun watching that movie. For more Nic Cage awesomeness check out Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.


              • Originally posted by SuperMcgee View Post
                The only movie I could possibly watch now is The Final Sacrifice.

                RIP TheManInBlack


                • Originally posted by iowatreat54 View Post
                  I mean...who isn't?

                  Someone tell me a movie I should watch tonight. Preferably something I haven't seen. And yes, you should know what I haven't seen. Go.
                  I don't know what you haven't seen.. but how about El Topo


                  • Originally posted by WMD View Post
                    I don't know what you haven't seen.. but how about El Topo
                    I would go with Good Burger


                    • Green Street Hooligans. Great re-watchability.


                      • Originally posted by Brodeur View Post
                        Any chance Jackson gives Blomkamp a shot before Raimi?
                        Highly doubtful. I thought District 9 was great, but I'm not sure they would be willing to invest millions in a guy who's track record is pretty short. I wouldn't object though. Apparently he might be directing a Halo movie and/or a prequel/sequel to Distrcit 9 in 2-ish years, so he could be tied up when it comes time to work on The Hobbit.

                        I read some article, where people were throwing out ideas...Someone said get Pixar. Umm.


                        • remake the animated one! but pixar style


                          • anyone read this list yet? i'll summarize with a few.

                            Hollywood loves its remakes, and increasingly loves its reboots too. Here are 75 movie and TV projects that are currently in various stages of production...

                            Published on Mar 28, 2010

                            It's far cheaper for Hollywood to avoid original ideas and thinking altogether wherever possible, and instead attempt to breathe fresh life into an old film or dormant franchise. Throw in US versions of world cinema hits, and the increasing trend to revisit old TV shows too, and you come up with a scary list of projects in varying stages of production.

                            We've got 75 examples for you here, which we've interspersed with trailers for some of the originals just to give you an idea of what's been messed with. Without further ado...

                            The Alien prequel/reboot still seems to be on the way, although it's still tricky to pin down a timescale for it. Ridley Scott is clearly heavily involved, although whether he'll direct or not remains to be seen. His upcoming slate of projects is as big as anyone's in Hollywood, and we thus wait and see which he'll commit to once Robin Hood is done and dusted.
                            AMERICAN PIE

                            After plundering as much blood out of the franchise as it could via straight to DVD sequels, Universal is now looking to reboot the cinematic American Pie franchise. It'd pick up the story of the key characters ten years later, and the likes of Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott would be set to return. There's growing interest in the project, too, and we wouldn't be surprised if the green light comes this year.

                            Both star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass have now formally left the franchise it seems, although Damon hasn't totally ruled out returning at a later point. Damon thinks that Universal will now press ahead with making a (cheaper) prequel, set before The Bourne Identity, and inevitably re-casting the key roles. Universal hasn't confirmed this, but let's just say it's highly likely.
                            THE CROW

                            League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Blade director Stephen Norrington is still attached to the planned reboot of The Crow, which is in the early casting stages, we understand. The plan is reportedly still to shoot this film this year, with an eye on a release in 2011.

                            Fox is keen to not lose the rights to the Daredevil movies, and thus is embarking upon another one. There's no Ben Affleck in sight (geddit? Ah, we'll get our coats) this time, though, and it'll be a top-to-bottom reboot that we're getting. Thus far, we know that David Scarpa (who penned the underappreciated The Last Castle, as well as The Day The Earth Stood Still remake) has been hired to pen a screenplay, and, presumably, that's still where the project is at.
                            DEATH WISH

                            MGM has taken an option on a remake of the Charles Bronson-starring Death Wish (which seems to have been made several times from what we can see), although it's one of many projects on the studio's roster that's stuck until the ownership of the company is resolved. Sylvester Stallone has been loosely linked to it, but we wouldn't read too much into that just yet. 2012 is an optimistic timeframe, we'd suggest.
                            DROP DEAD FRED

                            Hollywood's love affair with Russell Brand may yet stretch to the planned remake of Rik Mayall vehicle Drop Dead Fred. Brand is likely to have to get Arthur out of the way first, though. Dennis McNicholas, who penned last year's Land Of The Lost, has been hired to write the script for the new version, and Universal is bankrolling its development.

                            The planned new version of Dune now has director Pierre Morel attached to it. Morel scored a big hit last year with Taken, and he's replaced Peter Berg on the project, after Berg dropped out to make the film of Battleship. Josh Zetumer wrote the script for Berg, and now it's being tuned to suit what Morel wants to do with the material. His plans are, reportedly, for a film that's more faithful to Frank Herbert's original book.
                            FLASH GORDON

                            The latest attempt to bring Flash Gordon to the big screen will be a big budget affair, and will have director Breck Eisner - currently riding quite high off the back of The Crazies - at the helm. Eisner told us that the movie will be in 3D, and will be effects heavy. He's also confirmed that it's going to play down the campy elements of the original film. Here's our interview with Breck Eisner for more on the project.

                            Stuck somewhere in the halls of development hell is the on-off reboot of the Fletch movies. Last autumn, news surfaced that Chevy Chase may actually reprise the role, which would be based around Gregory McDonald's novel, Fletch Won. The original plan had been to recast the role of Fletch with a younger actor, which may yet happen. But this is a project that's had more false-starts than most, so the requisite pinch of salt is certainly required.

                            Never mind that fact that the Fame remake tanked, primarily because all the interesting parts of the original movie were culled in favour of letting some teenagers dance and sing a bit. Another 80s musical delight, Footloose, is still in line for the remake treatment. Chace Crawford is attached to star, although no director has yet been found. A release date has yet to be confirmed, but 2011 is planned.
                            GILLIGAN'S ISLAND

                            Producer Charles Roven is overseeing a big screen Gilligan's Island remake for Warner Bros. Brad Copeland is penning the script, and the project is described as being in ‘active development'. 2012 is the favoured year of release, we understand.
                            HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS

                            The website What's Playing broke the news a few weeks ago that there was a remake afoot of the Rick Moranis-starring 1989 comedy hit (this was one of the three films that Moranis had in the US box office top 20 at the same time, fact fans). It's not going to be a direct sequel, apparently, which is hardly surprisingly considering that Rick Moranis has retired from acting. But it's a project that's nonetheless reportedly in quiet development.

                            JURASSIC PARK

                            It's still not entirely clear whether the planned three more Jurassic Park films that JP3 director Joe Johnston hinted at recently form a full-on reboot of the franchise, but it's not a wild suggestion that that's the case. Jurassic Park 4 is, of course, a film that's had more than its fair share of false starts, and Johnston himself will be occupied with The First Avenger: Captain America for the next 18 months or so. But after that? The man seems keen to walk with the dinosaurs once more. Spielberg is unlikely to direct a Jurassic Park film again, though.
                            MR & MRS SMITH

                            Odd one, this, and we're not sure how much substance there is to it. However, Fox is reportedly planning to reboot Mr & Mrs Smith with a younger, 20-something pair of actors who will play the agents having to set up a fake marriage. It'd be a side story to the one that made it to the big screen with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on board, but that would also make it a lot cheaper. No formal announcement has been made, although Akiva Goldsman is reportedly attached to produce the film.

                            NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION

                            New Line is looking to bring the National Lampoon's Vacation franchise back to life, and is working on a sequel of sorts about a road trip that will bring Chevy Chase back, but in a grandfather role. The new film is being written by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, and David Dobkin - of Wedding Crashers fame - is producing and possibly directing.
                            THE NEVERENDING STORY

                            2012 is when, if all goes to plan, we'll be seeing the reboot of The NeverEnding Story. Frank Marshall is attached to produce the film, although there seems little evidence of a screenplay coming together as of yet. The rights were believed to be causing a problem, which may have thrown a spanner in the proverbial works.


                            • Originally posted by XLIV View Post
                              anyone read this list yet? i'll summarize with a few.
                              Reading this list makes me sad.

                              A quarter of this list made me think of the spoof Stargate SG-1 did of itself with younger hipper cast members.


                              A franchise reboot that's ramping up to shoot later this year, the third Ghostbusters film will see the passing of the torch from the old guard to a new, as-yet-uncast bunch of spookcatchers. Only Rick Moranis of the original crowd is out, and Ivan Reitman is still attached to direct, in spite of Columbia reportedly being keen to bring in a younger helmer. Whoever it goes with, the film could be ready for next year.
                              What? THIS is going to be the plot of the next Ghostbusters movie? THIS?

                              THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN TRIED!!! IT DIDN'T WORK!!! NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY!!!


                              Yep, another one. This reboot of the Highlander franchise has been penned by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, and Fast & Furious director Justin Lim is attached to direct. That said, the fifth Fast & Furious movie, Fast Five, will take immediate priority for Lim, meaning the earliest Highlander is likely to return to cinemas will be in 2012.
                              I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, if you think about it, EVERY highlander sequel has been a reboot. They just all happened to star Christopher Lambert and he's too old now.

                              PLANET OF THE APES

                              The last attempt to reboot the Planet Of The Apes franchise hardly went to plan, but that's not stopped Fox from investigating another attempt. The current status of the next Apes film is that Jamie Moss (Street Kings) has been hired to rework a script by Scott Frank (Minority Report). There's no director attached at the moment, given that Frank was set to take on helming duties before a fresh writer was hired. But work continues on the script for the time being.
                              Good, because it makes me angry to even think about that P.O.S. Mark Whalberg starred it.

                              POLICE ACADEMY

                              Producer Paul Maslansky has confirmed that he's working on a fresh Police Academy movie that will bring in a new collection of (cheaper) recruits. It seems he's looking to kickstart the franchise once more, but he's now talking about bringing back some of the familiar faces from the original series too to tutor the new cadets. No word yet on when it's going into production, but Maslansky seems keen to get cracking.
                              So, the plot of the next movie is going to be a total repeat of police academy 3?

                              If they do this, it's going to be kind of tough. David Graf (Tackleberry) has been dead nearly a decade, George Gaynes (Commandant Eric Lassard) is in his nineties and Leslie Easterbrook reprising the role of Callahan isn't something anyone is going to want to see. Unless you want to see what happens to women who were hot in the 80's once they hit their sixties.


                              Ehren Kruger, now that he's finished work on the Transformers 3 script, is the man given the job of scripting the planned remake of David Cronenberg's 1983 classic. He's set to give the film a more contemporary feel although, right now, there's no sign of it going into production. Universal is targeting a 2011 release, though.
                              Wait, Transformers movies have scripts? What does one look like?






                              Is that a transformers script?


                              • I'd love a Dune movie that really worked. Some of the past attempts have been just awful.

                                Originally posted by fenikz
                                His soft D really turns me off
                                ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **



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