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  • Russell Brand is the man.


    • He just does nothing for me.


      • I think he's hilarious....and he's the same off screen as on.

        Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
        KO KNOWS


        • Yeah P Diddy was ******* great at times.


          • Originally posted by Splat View Post
            Ted, send over a bottle of bubbly in a bucket of ice and a card. Have the card read, "Tough luck, get drunk on me. Use the bucket to ice down your marbles, Yours, Z."
            BEES!!!!! Save yourselves. Your firearms are useless against them!


            • Originally posted by BuckNaked View Post
              There was one like 20 minute stretch where I didn't stop laughing..there were a couple of slow moments though.
              Only a few though, I don't think I have ever laughed more in a movie.

              Originally posted by BeansDooma
              who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


              • Originally posted by jayceheathman View Post
                BEES!!!!! Save yourselves. Your firearms are useless against them!
                Okay, folks, the guy in front of you is Tommy. He'll be taking you through my little spiel here. Tommy is a Scorpio, he likes biking, and he's never been laid. Exits, okay, there's one back here, and there's, uh, probably one over by the wing somewhere, usually. And what about seat belts? To fasten, take the little end, stick it in the big end and... hey, know what? If you guys don't know how to use a seat belt, just ring your call button, and Tommy will come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you are a ******. Okay, and life preservers, these... we may need. Although, what are the odds of us actually hitting a lake? My money says, if anything, it's gonna be a mountain.

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                • Tommy: I left a message.
                  Richard: A message? What number did you call?
                  Tommy: Two, four, niner, five, six, seven...
                  Richard: I can't hear you, you're trailing off and did I catch a niner in there? Were you calling from a walkie-talkie?
                  Tommy: No, it was cordless.

                  Richard: Oh that sounds good: melted chocolate inside the dash. That really ups the resale value.
                  Tommy: I think you'll be okay here, they have a thin candy shell. 'Surprised you didn't know that.
                  Richard: I think your brain has a thick candy shell.
                  Tommy: Your... Your brain has the shell on it.
                  Richard: Are you talking?
                  Tommy: Shut up, Richard.

                  Dear god, how much I love Tommy Boy. "Do I have something on my face? Not so much here, not so much here, but right here." "Nope nothing." "OMG what happened to your face!"


                  • Originally posted by Brodeur View Post
                    A Fantastic 4 movie, if adapted correctly (aka NOT BY TIM STORY), would be way better than a Captain America movie.
                    While I like the Fantastic 4 (comics, not movies), Cap > Fantastic 4.

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                    • And now it's reported by Avengers News that Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer, is in talks with Marvel Studios to play the lead in an upcoming superhero film.

                      Neither the movie nor the role was specified. But speculation suggests its for 2012's team-up The Avengers, with Holloway likely to be playing super-skilled archer Hawkeye, a part to which The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner was formerly linked; Ant-Man; or Shield defence agency member Timothy 'Dum Dum' Dugan.
                      If this turns out to be real and not rumor, I'm all in.



                      • Pym is supposed to be Tudyk's role goddammit.

                        RIP TheManInBlack


                        • To add to the get him to the greek comments, I liked it alot as well. The lines in the movie were golden, and diddy at towards the end of the film was hilarious.

                          "you missed sound check

                          where the **** are you? Im gonna ******* kill you!

                          : ) SMILEY FACE!"

                          Originally posted by WMD
                          Jesse realizing Walt was Santa Claus could really shake things up.
                          Originally posted by gpngc
                          I don't know how old you are, but if you can get to 24/25 without getting arrested or killed, you've done well for yourself lol.


                          • I just got netflix. I am overwhelmed by all the movies I want to watch. Where should I start?


                            Originally posted by JordanTaber
                  's rocket surgery now, folks.


                            • Finally got around to watching Rachel Getting Married. Fantastic performances all around but Hathaway really did steal the show. I think she was definately better than Winslet in the Reader and should have won the Oscar imo.


                              • Originally posted by prock View Post
                                I just got netflix. I am overwhelmed by all the movies I want to watch. Where should I start?
                                Short Circuit of course.

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