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    Listen to Go to Sleep by eminem dmx and Obie Trice it'll get you pumped up...
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      Originally posted by trkaline View Post
      Listen to Go to Sleep by eminem dmx and royce da 5'9" it'll get you pumped up...
      its with obie trice


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        Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
        its with obie trice
        Its been like 2 years since i listened to it i knew it was one of them...


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          A thread about mellow songs and no mention of Bob Marley? Hmm.

          "Sun is Shining" is about as mellow as it gets.


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            Come to think of it, the entire album (Kaya) is awesomely mellow. Probably why it's my favorite.


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              Originally posted by trkaline View Post
              Listen to Go to Sleep by eminem dmx and royce da 5'9" it'll get you pumped up...
              forgot about that song, havent listened to rap in awhile

              Sig by jkpigskin , thanks.


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                Lets Go - Trick Daddy, Twista, Lil Jon. Song always works for me.


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                  Anything by DMX for pump up.


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                    Originally posted by Hawk View Post
                    that song is called "Under the Bridge" not City of Angels but RHCP
                    I just got the name off my IPOD. Love the song though.
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                      Thunderstruck by ACDC

                      And if you want mellow, anything by Jason Mraz. Dude kicks ass.

                      Big time Thank You to BoneKrusher!

                      Who Dat Nation!


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                        Lake of Fire by Nirvana...


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                          Mellow Songs

                          Aqueous Transmission - Incubus -
                          Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd -
                          Don't worry be happy - Bobby McFerrin -

                          I don't know many pump up songs

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                            Pump up...

                            Archie- We Ready
                            Nelly- Heart of a Champion
                            Nelly- Here comes th boom
                            Diddy Ft. BIG- Victory
                            Roy Jones Jr.- Can't be touched
                            T.I.- Bring em out
                            Three 6 Mafia- It's a Fight
                            Damn near anything by Three Days Grace or Trapt
                            Tony Yayo Ft. Eminem- Drama Setter
                            Bone Crusher- Never Scared

                            Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                              Pastor Troy -Vice Versa

                              Well almost anything Pastor Troy.


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                                Pump Up
                                ACDC - Back In Black, TNT
                                Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
                                Black Sabbath - War Pigs, Ironman
                                System Of a Down - Chop Suey, Shame on a *****
                                Young Buck, TI, and Ludacris - Stomp
                                Eminem - The Way I Am
                                Fort Minor - Remember the name.
                                2Pac - Cradle to the Grave
                                2Pac & Bone - Thug Love, Ak-47, Untouchable.
                                Rage Against the Machine - How I Could Just Kill A Man (Cypress Hill Cover)
                                Kanye and Jay-Z - Never Let Me Down(Gets me pumped atleast...)

                                Bob Marley - Redemption Song
                                The Eagles - Desparado
                                2Pac - Dear Mama, Do for love..
                                R.Kelly - Worlds Greatest
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