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    we have a play where our runningback ran it to the right, then he cut it back all the way to the left, where he broke a tackle, he went back right, then back left.....he got wrapped up by 4 defenders, and he lateralled back to our FB......and he started to run, and after his 3-4th step, i came and Leveled the guy who was running after him....

    i honestly felt like Jason peters


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      Originally posted by Green Bay Scat View Post
      sounds familiar, is he like 6'6"?
      uh...maybe like 6'3 at most. He was a receiver. Went to Arizona. Now he coaches here.


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        Oh **** i forgot about my long run as an offensive lineman haha...

        K our center and quarterback purposfully snapped the ball then set it down and pretended to run off to the left side... i was pulling the right side and i picked it up and had liek a 75 yard run off of it.. it was awesome...

        i was our runningback... but i was also our biggest guy.. it was sad... i played offensive line in the 3rd quarter so our backups got time... it was crap but i had 200 yards rushing by the end of the season off tha play alone haha

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          A couple plays. When I was just a kid playing Pee Wee fotball, in my second and third year, I was one of the bigger kids on the team. In my second year, I was playing OLB, but our coaches weren't great, and I really didn't understand all the things a linebacker was supposed to do. I was like 11 or something, and all I could remember from TV was guys like Lawrence Taylor going after the QB, so I figured that's what you where supposed to do. Basically, I just played rush end, and the coaches never corrected me. Well, I racked up a bunch of TFL's that year(since you could go half a season without actually have a team attempt a pass, I only got a couple sacks.)

          Anyway, two games before the playoffs started, we were playing a team that actually threw once in a while. So on one play, the QB drops back. I come totally free around the left side, I mean no one even tried to block me. As I'm closing on him, his arm starts to go back. So instead of diving, I kind of jumped at him. Now, I have almost no vert, but I fealt like I was so high above him. He never even saw me somehow. I came crashing down on top of him, with basically one arm knocking the ball away, and blasting him backwards and right off his feet. I saw the ball, so I scooped it and ran it back 34 yards for the TD. The QB had to leave the game with a concussion, on a backboard, but he was ok.

          The game after that one, this team kept running reverses to the TE going away from me. On one play, they ran one coming towards me. As I said, all I did was rush the QB, so I was in the backfield waiting when he got the ball. Again, I was unblocked. He lowered his shoulder. As I went for the tackle, my right wrist got caught inside on his shoulder and snapped. But I held onto his jersey with my left hand until my teammates got there and dropped him for a loss. That was my last play of the season, and I missed the playoffs that year.

          Originally posted by Jakey

          i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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            Defense - game sealing sack up 12-6, we eventually won 18-6.

            Offense - 55 yard catch + run to the 5 giving my team a chance to win with minutes left. We lost 14-6 though.

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              couple highlights -
              in MS i played qb n i was supposed to roll out to the rite but i couldnt see over the lineman n they were blitzing so i rolled to the left n took off running for like a 30 yd td.. later in that same game on 4th down at like the 10 i roled out to the rite n lasered a pass to the TE who wsa in triple coverage.. hit him rite in the hands n he dropped it. dont know how its a higlihgt lol.

              now for HS...
              in the first game of the year (i wasnt actually medically cleared to play from a surgery) so i hadnt practiced at all. i had been there, just couldnt do anything. so coach puts me in n im like ok w.e its my chance. i dint know the routes real well so i just did a backside slant, qb throws it up to my side n i outjumped a taller corner to catch it one handed. unfortunatly, i landed out of bounds

              my best highlight tho would be the INT i had last year for a td. the kid i wsa covering was a *****, i made him my ***** that game. anyway, the qb throws it, i could read his route rite away the kid sucked.. i got in front of him, caught it, n then he tried to tackle me but all he really did was grab my jersey.. lucky i got off him before anyone on the offense could get to me n i got about a 40 yd td. lookin at the game film it was pretty sweet. some champ bailey **** lol thats what my friend said about it.
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                this third time, i was playing defense, i think


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                  when i played flag football when iw as a lil tike,the coach called me a young greg lloyd because i would always sack the qb


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                    It was 14 - 10 them, with :51 secs to go. We call our best play, Wing T Midline Option. The DT read the hand off, so I took the ball,and ran 42 yards for the TD. That was also the 80th TD in my life.



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