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    Originally posted by Addict View Post
    NOFX - them from a NOFX album.

    "Buy me a becks bear or pass me the bong
    Gimme some bushmills Ill sing you this song
    Open another big box of cheap wine were over 30 doin just fine"
    Bushmills? I just lost respect for NOFX.


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      Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
      Bushmills? I just lost respect for NOFX.
      'tis a funny song though

      hefe's not satanic he's one hip hispanic


      my name is fat mike I'm obsessed with big lesbians

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      I remember NFLDC
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        German or Russian folk music. Trust me.


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          Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
          German or Russian folk music. Trust me.
          Greek sitaki would do the trick as well.

          or just put in some Rammstein for some heavy metal binch drinking.

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          I remember NFLDC
          don't tell anyone, but Charlie Casserly is a dope fiend


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            Chumbawumba. Thunderstruck is also a good song for drinking, you can even play a drinking game with it where you drink every time they say thunderstruck in the song, it will get ya a little tatered.

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              Black 47- The reels
              Originally posted by nvot9
              I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

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                I like drinking to any kind of techno really... bass Hunter is great to lsiten to.. and its german.. so entertaining... good times

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                  Keep the suggestions coming guys. :)

                  Here are two sweet song drinking games:

                  The Police - Roxanne :: Split into 2 groups (usually men and women). One group drinks whenever the song says "Roxanne". The other group drink whenever the song says "Red Light". Classic and really popular.

                  Dave Matthews Band - Two Step :: As soon as the song starts, hold your beer/alcoholic beverage up and bow your head respectfully. Once the bell sounds, chug until you're finished your beer.


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                    Afroman - Crazy Rap, Drive Better Drunk, and Lets All Get Drunk

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                      Anything by Sublime or Slightly Stoopid.

                      But there are three songs I have to hear every time a drink, first is Friends in Low Places, second is Rehab-Sittin at the Bar, and third is Crazy Game of Poker.
                      I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.
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                        Alcohol and a$$ is a good song. :D

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                        Originally posted by JBCX
                        Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                          Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced by the Dropkick Murphies is THE best drinking song.


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                            ...How about "Spill the Wine" by Eric Burdon and War? Nah.


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                              All my friends say by luke bryan
                              And another i dont know the name of it goes
                              the more i drank the more i drank the more i drank

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                                i listen to more chill songs n hip hop. songs everyone there would kno.. last party we played liek we takin over party like a rockstar dope boy fresh... ik not many guys on here like rap n hip hop but whatever thats my songs kinda lol
                                Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
                                I smoke ten blunts before lunch
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