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    Age: 25
    Height: 6'9
    Weight: about 260
    Position: C/PF
    Strengths: Very dominant on defense, will block you if you shoot on him. Has a knack for knowing where the ball is so he rebound. Can post up most people. Fast for his size.

    Weaknesses: Any shot outside the key. Dribbling. Fouls a lot.


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      I've never heard of a 13 year old running that fast. 13...that's like 8th grade...When I was in 8th grade I went to a speed camp at Penn St. most kids werent breaking 5.00. Kids dont understand how fast a 4.7 or so really is...If a kid is 13 and tells you they run 4.5 w/e obviously, it is a load...that kid probably has never run a 40 in their life or just likes to stretch the truth...a lot. We get a lot of that on here.

      On a different note...I have a workout coming up...first since getting hurt. Nothing really big just gonna run through some drills w/ my former strength coach from my team. Should be fun.

      Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
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        Originally posted by mangini for pres View Post
        You're a freshman whose 6'3" 188 lbs??? Jesus... And forty speed doesn't really matter in hockey... I've seen people with great forties who are slow on the ice and visa versa

        I was that big when i was a freshman...its not really that uncommon


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          I was like 5'8 as a 150.

          My 8th grade team had a 140 weight limit so, yeah that stunted my weight a bit...I'm up near 200 right now. Probably 195, havent been lifting much again...i lose it fast if, i dont keep it up.

          Thanks BoneKrusher^

 (the man)

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            I actually did know of a 12-year old who could run a 4.8. Not fast in our life, but seriously at the beginning or not even the start of puberty and that fast is pretty insane.

            For me; Cross Country:

            Age: 16
            Class: Junior
            800: 2:05
            Height: 5'11/6'0
            Weight: 145

            Positives: Good starts coming off the line. . . . Never missed a race in XC, Winter/Spring Track. . . . Most serious injury was stitches at age 6. . . . Has developed a great kick in last 600 meters. . . . Character is good. . . . Most likely Captain in SR year (for lack of better options, though). . . . Improved from Freshman to Sophomore year with a PR of 18:12.

            Negatives: Work Ethic during Practice is very low. . . . Could at any moment not be academically eligible due to low homework averages. . . . Still don't know if he has peaked or not. . . . Sloppy running technique. . . .


            Copy Measureables though the 800 doesn't matter.
            Position: CF, LF, RF, P, limited 1B

            Pitching Positives: Knuckleball pitcher that's finally showing some movement. . . . Smooth, fluid windup and delivery. . . . Great pickoff move. . . . Acceptable Curveball though it's more-so average. . . . Endurance level high. . . . Dedicated on the mound

            Negatives: Slow fastball (I don't know, but even though my windup was "smooth", something seems off; I know I can throw faster). . . . Had a Rick Ankielian experience on the Mound that may scare some off. . . . Can throw out head when delivering though it's nearly been stopped

            Batting: So-So power but a good basestealer. . . . Has a long memory at times. . . . Always hustles on the basepaths. . . . Makes contact but throws head out or doesn't trust himself to swing.

            Fielding: Gets great reads off the ball . . . . Average arm. . . . Can scoop at 1B.
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              Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
              I was like 5'8 as a 150.

              My 8th grade team had a 140 weight limit so, yeah that stunted my weight a bit...I'm up near 200 right now. Probably 195, havent been lifting much again...i lose it fast if, i dont keep it up.
              I cant gain weight for crap. especially when im working out. Now that the seasons began, and i havent been lifting ive gained about 2 lbs though.


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                Originally posted by 'cuse-213 View Post
                Height: 5'8''
                Weight: 156
                Position: CB/F (Spread out FB/ Hback)
                40: 4.77
                Shuttle: 4.09 (Both timed by lazers)
                Bench max: 235
                Squat: 335
                Vertical: 29
                Class: 2009

                Strengths: Coverage is lockdown. Tackling is solid. Vocal leader. Great acceleration. Physical at point of attack. Blocking is good. Works hard in the weight room. Determined and confident.

                Weakness: Top end speed is low. Could be a workout warrior. Will drop passes. Will get tied up with blockers, has trouble getting off them. Needs to learn the playbook faster. Grades are suspect. Size might be an issue, has trouble gaining weight.
                Add lingering injuries to weaknesses for me. I cant get rid of a sore quad. Have had it for about 2 months and its really affecting my running ability.


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                  Height: 6'
                  Weight: 180 lbs.
                  Position: WR/Safety
                  Forty: Unknow, but faster then most
                  Bench max: 225
                  Squat: 325
                  Vertical: 30+
                  Shuttle: Unknow.

                  + Agility, Could fake out Berry Sanders in his prime
                  + Hands, Still waiting to drop his first ball
                  + Tremendous work ethic.
                  + Tremendous Ball-Hawk
                  + Could also play RB/CB
                  + Solid Tackler
                  + Team leader
                  + Solid Blocker

                  - Arm Tackler
                  - Not the world fastest man
                  - To cocky, Still don't think that's possible
                  - Some times doesn't give 110% without the ball in his hands
                  - Seems to never thinks he had enough touches


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                    Originally posted by yo123 View Post
                    I was that big when i was a freshman...its not really that uncommon
                    i was 5 ft 100 pounds as a freshman... now im 5'10 140
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                      one scout said to a gm about me:

                      "he's too good".


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                        This is a picture I took of myself the other day. I have to lay off of all the cupcakes to stay in shape.

                        Originally posted by Halsey
                        I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                          Originally posted by Man_Of_Steel View Post

                          Class: 2011

                          Class: 2011
                          Wow, I didnt know you were that young. I dont even think I could handle the fantasy league at my age. + rep.


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                            Originally posted by Yung Flippa View Post
                            What would it say?


                            Height: 5'11''
                            Weight: 165 lbs.
                            Position: Small Forward / Shooting Guard

                            Strengths: Very Unselfish
                            Court Vision
                            Basketball IQ
                            Great Defender

                            Weakness: Strength
                            Off-Hand Usage

                            Breakdown: A Slashing Forward with good speed. Above Average Court Vision for a forward. Great passing ablity. Always puts his teammates before him. A very quiet person on and off the floor. Knows how to control his temper. A Great defender who can shut-down any player. OK jump shot, but needs a little more improvement.


                            Height: 5'11''
                            Weight: 165 lbs.
                            Position: Free Safety / Cornerback
                            Forty: 4.55 - 4.65
                            Bench reps: 14.
                            Vertical: 38''
                            Shuttle: Unknow.
                            Class: 2010

                            Strengths: Tremendous work ethic. Quiet player, not sure if he can be a Vocal Leader in a defense. Great hands for a cornerback and safety. Decent speed for the position. Tremendous Ball-Hawk, who always seems to get to the ball qucikly.

                            Weaknesses: Hasn't played organized football for very long. Not really the ideal strenght at the position.
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                              Height: 5'11" 1/2
                              Weight: 155
                              Class: Junior
                              Speed: 4.9
                              Bench Reps: 5
                              Vertical: 31"
                              Shuttle: no clue

                              Strengths: Will to win, game speed, zone coverage

                              Weakness: Experience (only one month of organized football, played at QB), experience at CB position, hip movement


                              Same as above for measurables

                              Strengths: skating, shooting, dangling, offensive ability, faceoffs, big body presence

                              Weaknesses: defensive assignments, laziness, checking and taking hits
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                                How come noone knows their shuttle time? Im honestly not sure what a great time is. My strength coach told me I had a very good time, but Im sure he could have just been nice.



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