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    Originally posted by Philliez01
    Someone offered me this bet;

    Tyler Hansborough goes in the Top-10 if he were to declare this year. I say that he won't and he's a mid-to-late 1st rounder but I am wondering if this is a decent bet to take on?

    take that bet. he is not a top 10 this year. too much talent. has him at 27.


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      Originally posted by Bearsfan123
      Originally posted by D-Unit
      Originally posted by Bearsfan123
      Okay, back to the Bulls! :D

      What I believe the Bulls should do, is build around Deng, or run the offense through him. I honestly believe he could be a 20 PPG 10 RPG and 5 APG guy if he continues to work hard.

      Who I think we should draft is to trade down and pick up a tall post player that can also play Center.

      Some guys would be

      Nick Fazekas, Kyle Visser, Jason Smith, Avis Wyatt, Sean Williams (tho has zero offensive game)

      Then our Roster would look like

      PG: Chris Duhon
      SG:Kirk Hinrich
      SF: Luol Deng
      PF: Jason Smith (Taken in second)
      C: Ben Wallace

      Coming off the Bench
      SG: Ben Gordon-IMO can be the best 6th man in the game
      G:Thabo Sefolosha-Im still unsure if he is a SG or a PG
      F:Andres Nocioni-Hes frickin Noc
      PF:Tyrus Thomas-Pogo Stick, shot blocking, defensive energy
      PF/C: Avis Wyatt (Taken in second)
      SF/SG: Alando Tucker (Taken with traded down 1st)

      The rest are just bench bodies or injury only guys
      PG: Andres Barret
      C: Martin Andriuskevicious
      D-League Players:
      PF/C: Sean Williams-Only if he will stay out of trouble (and is given no signing bonus so he can be easily cut if he continues)(Possibly taken in second or maybe signed as an UFA)
      PG:Zach Whiting (signed from UFA)
      I think you're wrong. Deng very well may be your best player, but he's not the type of player you build your team around. He's an excellent complimentary player, but a franchise player... he is not. He's like Shawn Marion on the Suns. Good, worth the big bucks, a core piece, but not the centerpiece.

      Bulls don't have a centerpiece.

      That said.. The Pistons have proven that you don't need to have a centerpiece type player.

      What I find odd is that you have Jason Smith (a projected second rounder) starting with Tyrus (#2 overall pick) on the bench. That's funny. Kinda shows how much of a terrible pick he was. Aldridge could've been your Rasheed. Instead you have 2 Ben Wallaces.
      oh dont misunderstand, i just dont believe he would do well in the starting role yet. He should still get considerable minutes. Im thinkin year 3-4 he blossoms, after hes learned what it is to be a pro and how to work like one. Plus with all the energy he brings defensively, id like that energy to come off and spark my team if needed. (Well him and Noc would do that well)
      here's what's crazy about the whole Noc signing, he was an undrafted FA. so that's just another notch in Paxson's belt of laudable moves. he really is a great GM.


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        if the celtics let go of peirce i will go crazy (not in a good way)


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          Originally posted by alca1992
          if the celtics let go of peirce i will go crazy (not in a good way)
          Its only fair to the guy. I mean your team is in full blown rebuilding mode. Let him goto a contender and play for a championship before he gets too old.


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            I agree, they could get a solid piece to rebuild if they trade him.


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              Rudy Gaye shoulda been in the slam dunk contest.


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                David Lee for MVP.


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                  Originally posted by ny10804
                  David Lee for MVP.
                  Id say so. Hes got like 5 or 6 dunks so far. These kind of games suck from a technical stand point. But they are fun to watch none the less


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                    Man the Rooks are so terrible other than Paul Milsap.

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                      I had already planned on picking up a David Lee jersey when I head into the city on Sunday. This just confirms my decision. He is blatantly the best all around Knick. I don't know why he doesn't start.


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                        Originally posted by ny10804
                        David Lee for MVP.


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                          This game just proves my two pregame theories: David Lee is a beastly man and Adam Morrison blows.

                          RIP TheManInBlack


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                            Originally posted by Brodeur
                            This game just proves my two pregame theories: David Lee is a beastly man and Adam Morrison blows.

                            David Lee is the most entertaining player out there right now.


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                              i'm proud to live in the same city as David Lee. He's a new age Manhattanite Hero.


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                                Trade deadline is coming up. As of right now it looks like the Magic are looking not to make a move...ugh. We need a SG big time, someone like a Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, or even a Reshard Lewis who can play the two. It would make the magic that much more dangerous... you get a scorer in their... your're going to see Nelson's assists go up and his overall game improve tremendously and it's going to draw pressure away from Dwight down low. Can you imagine...

                                PG Jameer Nelson
                                SG Vince Carter
                                SF Trevor Ariza
                                PF Darko Milicic
                                C Dwight Howard

                                Hedo would most likely be starting at the 3 but, I would love for it to look like this. I can dream but, they're going to get a star eventually in there, if not this year, definitely next season.

                                Thanks BoneKrusher^

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