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Lebron James or Dwayne Wade?

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    the only correct answer is Darko Milicic
    I'm a state.


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      On a drive to the hoop I like Dwayne because he always finds a way to get the ball in the hoop.. he's a lot quicker then LeBron too.. but he's abnormal and LeBron is fast as hell himself, plus he's 6'8 240 lbs with a 40 inch vertical, it's almost unfair.. he makes difficult layups look so damn easy.


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        d-wade no doubt

        credit to cardsalltheway


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          I don't see how it's not LeBron.. he's Magic Johnson 6.0

          Dwayne's gonna be great too. I compare him to Jordan a bit because of his driving ability, dunking ability similar with Jordan slightly edging him, not a great 3 pt shot, play PG/2G. But he won't ever reach Michael's level. LeBron will easily surpass Magic. By next year these should be the 2 best players in the NBA though.


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            I think Wade is more fun to watch, but LeBron is better and will be better down the road.


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              Originally posted by Cleveland31
              Lets say this....

              Lebron has Shaq, another great passing PG Williams, a acouple better deffenders, and alot of better leadership vetrans.

              Wade has Illgauskus, Drew Gooden, Eric Snow, Etc.....with barely any great veterans.

              Who is better then?

              I really believe Lebron blows him away in that case.

              Dont FORGET the Heat were good before Shag, and Wade.

              Cave were never good in the last 10 years really.
              The Heat were horrible before Wade. There is a reason they picked #5. The picked #4 the year before I believe. They were ok with Hardaway and ZO, but that was a while ago.

              It's gotta be Wade. When did Bron score 17 points in 5 mins to beat the Pistons. LeBron made what, one game winner, when Wade makes them every other night. Shaq has missed over 20 games this year. He played with Walker and Doleac at center. Wade can take over a game at any time. LeBron doesn't do that. If Wade doesn't play in the game on Saturday the Cavs win by 40. Right now Wade is better than LeBron. Do you see the shots he throws up. Those shots shouldn't go down. Also what has LeBron done so far in the playoffs. Wade led his team to the playoffs his rookie year with Brian Grant at center. Down the road LeBron will be slightly better, but right now Wade is. Next year is will be 1a. LeBron and 1b. D-Wade.

              That is correct comahan
              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
              <3 dg


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                It's gotta be Wade. When did Bron score 17 points in 5 mins to beat the Pistons. LeBron made what, one game winner, when Wade makes them every other night.
                OK, "When did Bron score 17 points in 5 mins to beat the Pistons", when did 1 game make Wade better than Lebron?

                Wade makes game winners every other night? LOL whatever.

                The Heat have won there division 6 times in a row now. Wade has been in the league 3 year, meaning the 3 before that the heat still won????

                You need to learn the facts before posting this BS.


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                  also Wade is almost 3 years older than Lebron. So basically Lebron could play 3 more years, and then you would have to compare them!!!


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                    this is stupid question, im not a homer because i live in clevelnad, but lebron is sooo much better com on, hes much taller and can do alot more, and he does eveyrthign wade does but better.


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                      Oh yeah Dwayne's better then LeBron? LeBron was statistically better in every single category the other night besides "ridiculous shots that find their way in"... PLUS HIS TEAM WON. And you act like without Shaq they are so bad. Theres Alonzo Mourning who is far better defensively.. Udonis Haslem can put up 15 with some minutes, Walker can put up oer 20 every night, even without Shaq they are one of the better teams in the NBA because of their depth.

                      LeBron won the most recent, better in all categories, he's the better player. You could say that entire 4th quarter was LeBron vs Dwayne, and LeBron came out victorious.. that assist to Marshall was sick.


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                        Lebron averages more point, rebounds and is only behind in assist by .2.

                        Hes bigger, and has more range on his shot (evident by there 3pt %).

                        Heat won 3 division championships before Wade came along - meaning he didnt turn around the team.

                        Lebron is 3 years younger, meaning Wade has had 3 years more playing exsperience to get better.

                        Wade also has another player on the team - Jason Williams who is one of the best passers in the game to get him the ball. Shaq to dish it to (when healthy) to get the easy assist. And plenty of big men to help downlow.

                        Wade is surrounded by the better team, and it isnt even arguable.

                        He has the better coaching staff by far, 100 times more exsperienced then Mike Brown is.


                        This isnt even comparable


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                          Lebron is winning the vote 25-7, this says it all, voted on by an unbias crowd.




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