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    Chauncy Billups

    Saunders, who's a horrible coach, has no rotation with his starters. Billups is out there more than 40 minutes a game and is the most well balanced player outside of Kobe


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      Billups is basically allready out of the race. his team around him is to good to give it to a specific one.

      Nask makes his teamates better? TRUE, but they were good to begin with.

      Kobe DOES NOT make players around him better. He gets 4 assist per game and takes 5 more shots a game than Lebron, while having a worse FG% aswell. Phil Jackson is why this team is winning. he is the best strategy coach and gets the most out of his players than any other coach in the game. Hes helping kwame become something, Kobe didnt do anything to help.

      Kobes main arguement for winning the award is his deffense.

      Someone mentioned lebron had Hughes? For like 15 games.

      Im bias so im not gonna try to explain why lebron might win, just dont think Kobe will. Your team has to win 50 games to get MVP, its almost an unwritten rule.


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        Originally posted by Keak Thee Sneak
        Look at Smush Parker too
        No love for Fordham???

        ^^Best Real Estate Salesman Ever^^



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