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  • Originally posted by Borat Sagdiyev View Post
    Went to my local Gamestop at 12:45am, waited in line for only 20 minutes and got my copy. VERY HAPPY. So far the game is legit. Played the first 2 levels of online co-op and was very impressed. No lag, no voice drops, and the game looked really, really polished. I have no complaints so far. Looking forward to trying out Forge tonight.
    Wait, what is forge mode?


    • You can edit the maps and then play with them.

      That is correct comahan
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      • Originally posted by The Great Jonathan Vilma View Post
        never played halo before, but i went and got this today based on what i've heard and i'll say its solid, but i'm terrible, oh god am i bad.........

        Yeah I'm terrible too, thats why I dont know if I want to get it or not.


        • Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
          Do peoples heads finally explode when you shoot them in the head?
          Played the first two levels offline. I can say that I HAVE seen peoples head explod when you shoot them.

          I also like how when your using a turret, you can press "B" and Chief rips it right off and you can walk around with the turret in your hand shooting it. I find it is VERY helpful. I also find that normal is pretty easy. I beat the first two levels in less than an hour.

          I like this game alot. Some of the multiplayer maps are the same ones as the Halo 2 version only modified. Like Zanaibar is called Last Resort. Its pretty much the same level just looks alot more futuretechy if you know what I mean. I like the old one better,

          Anyone know if you are able to get the old maps from the Marketplace?


          • does this game live up to the hype?

            i was gonna buy it, then my 360 got the red ring; so, i bought my own for college (let bro keep the old one); well about a month ago my power went out for about 1 min and the power brick short circuited; my family came down for the wvu last weekend, and my bros xbox supposedly got fixed (sent it back), but it wouldnt turn on; so we switched xbox's so we could play (his power brick and my xbox); so i was gonna buy it, so i went to play madden and i got the red ring

            so now i have 2 xboxs that dont work and have to call about this weekend; im pissed

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            • i refuse to play it.
              all my guy friends are all disappearing one by one. and that's bad.
              because i have madden 08 tourneys to attend to.
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              • Just beat it, almost missed the scene after the credits, online play later


                • Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post

                  ALSO, I hate the sniper now.
                  They better not have ruined the ******* sniper. First the postol, now this? Whats wrong with it?

                  Also, I hate everyone of you, and these damn Italians who dont have halo or good food.

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                  • Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
                    They better not have ruined the ******* sniper. First the postol, now this? Whats wrong with it?

                    Also, I hate everyone of you, and these damn Italians who dont have halo or good food.
                    Italians food is god like.... AKA Favre like.

                    The sniper sucks now, its nothing like it used to be.



                      Screw Halo, this comes out in 5 days. Portable gaming FTW!

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                      • Right now Halo 3 is the fifth highest reviewed game of all time, at 95.5&#37;, per gamerankings.


                        • i'm hearing about a lot of people being let down in terms of this game. I think its solid, but that might just be because i haven't been looking forward to it for months on end like others. I want some of my buds to get online so we can do campaign and multiplayer crap then watch the video's.

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                          Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
                          You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


                          • So far I've only lost one multiplayer game and I completely attribute it to the unfamiliarity to the map I was playing.

                            I've run through a couple of the maps on forge just to see where everything is. I should probably do that with the rest of the maps before I play more multiplayer.

                            I haven't played any games with the hornet (the human version of the banshee), but I have inserted it into maps on the forge just to see what its like.

                            It can fly backwards. Thats frickin awesome.

                            Oh, and while most turrets are detachable, the turrets on the elephant are not.


                            • the elephant is awesome when there are like 6 people on it, it is unstoppabble.

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                              • my roommate just got it in the mail... he's at class right now though, and i'm sure he's gonna start playing without me... ******* bastard.

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