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  • Just adding to that, I bet Cena's belt will be on the line, which basically ensures a victory for him (uhhhhhhhg) cause they wouldnt take the wwe title away from their flagship program.

    I was Wrong

    I think Raw's midcard should be given more time to do their thing, I love the Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Hardy, Nitro, Super Crazy, and so on Intercontinental title thing, and their week after week 5 minute triple threat matches with no near falls, or pin attempts at all until the finish doesnt do it for me.

    On Smackdown, they need more Benoit, more Finlay, and less Batista and Raw guys. They also apparently sent Terkay and Burke to ECW which dissapoints me, not so much Terkay, as I think he's a decent fit, but Burke, who I love.

    The Eddie Guerrero angles need to stop, its rather uncomfortable to watch, now theyre getting Benoit involved? Uhhggg. I swear theyre going to do a relationship angle with Chavo and Vickie, which will be the day I stop watching Smackdown unless I know something cool is going to happen. (via spoilers)

    On ECW, I like what theyre doing, reletively. Theyre keeping the belt on The Big Show cause the only other heel in ECW is TEST.. who i dont want ANYWHERE near the title.

    CM Punk's push makes me happy. (I also saw Colt Cabana on ECW this past week for all you ROH fans.)

    Hes in a huge 5v5 elimination match at Survivor Series, as well as one of the men in the Elimination Chamber for the ECW Title

    In other news, TNA is in constant talks with Chris Jericho about coming to TNA. I'm against TNA adding more people to their roster while only having one hour of TV time, UNLESS its Jericho, who i think would be a great fit, as the one thing TNA is lacking are guys who can really work the mic, and Jericho is one of the best.

    Joe vs. Angle at Genesis later this month. (too good not to talk about) My hope is that it ends in a draw/countout.. something that isn't a clean finish, cause I feel like they rushed this feud, and id like to see it span about 6 months in 3 different matches, Angle putting Joe over in the end.

    And lastly, that backwards battle royale on TNA was dumb. I like the fact however, that it looks like Abyss is getting a push, id like to see Abyss/Sting, it would be like the old Vader/Sting feuds.


    • Claudio Castagnoli Signs With WWE

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