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    First Name:Scott
    College (if applicable):Northwood University
    Job (If Applicable) - Golf course grounds crew in the summer
    Favorite Teams/Players:
    -NFL - Detroit Lions - Ernie Sims/Roy
    -NCAAF - Michigan / Mike Hart
    -NCAAB - Gonzaga
    -MLB - Tigers
    -NBA - Pistons
    -NHL - Red Wings

    Movie:Shaun of the Dead
    TV Show: The Office / South Park/ starting to like Chuck
    Artist/Band:The Doors
    Song:Don't Stop Beliving/ Push it Salt and Pepper ? (me and my friends love it after Grandma's Boy)
    Food:Chicken Tenders
    Drink:Mountain Dew
    Alcoholic Drink:Jack and Coke


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      First Name: Mike
      Age: 20
      College (if applicable): Oakland University
      Job (If Applicable): Scan Administrator for Kroger
      Favorite Teams/Players:
      -NFL: Detroit Lions / Tom Brady
      -NCAAF: Michigan Wolverines / Mike Hart
      -NCAAB: Michigan Wolverines / DeShawn Sims
      -MLB: Boston Red Sox / Jonathan Papelbon
      -NBA: No Favorite / Steve Nash
      -NHL: Detroit Red Wings / Dominik Hasek

      Movie: A Beautiful Mind
      TV Show: Baseball Tonight
      Artist/Band: The Killers
      Song: "When You Were Young"
      Food: Pizza
      Drink: Dr. Pepper
      Alcoholic Drink: Beer


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        First Name: Jon
        Age: 18
        College (if applicable): Villanova
        Job: Looking at school, former Bank-Teller
        Favorite Teams/Players:
        -NFL San Diego Chargers-Tomlinson/Merriman
        -NCAAF Rutgers-Ray Rice....I'm from Jersey
        -NCAAB Villanova-Scottie Reynolds
        -MLB Boston Red Sox-David Ortiz
        -NBA Barely follow it
        -NHL Barely follow it

        Movie: Fight Club
        TV Show: Scrubs
        Artist/Band: Cobra Starship (No one has ever heard of them....)
        Song: Walking in Memphis, Jukebox Hero...I really like a whole bunch of random ****
        Food: Chicken Parm w/ Pasta
        Drink: Sprite
        Alcoholic Drink: Beer...lots of it. :)


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          First Name: Yannick
          Age: 20
          College (if applicable): Hogeschool Utrecht (dutch city)
          Job (If Applicable): ...I guess call-center agent
          Favorite Teams/Players:
          -NFL: Lions
          -NCAAF: ....ummm I dig the Hawaii uni's
          -NCAAB: no clue
          -MLB: no clue
          -NBA: LeBron James, I guess
          -NHL: Penguins
          -Other: soccer-wise, Olympique Lyon

          Movie: American Beauty, Fight Club, American Histroy X, Monty Python & the Holy Grail
          TV Show: you wouldn't know it, but it's de Wereld Draait Door
          Artist/Band: Rise Against, Pennywise, Bad Religion, etc. etc.
          Song: too many
          Food: meat.
          Drink: beer.
          Alcoholic Drink: beer as well, although Whiskey & Coke.

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            Get to know your fellow posters

            First Name: Dan
            Age: 18 (to be 19 shortly)
            College (if applicable): Oakland University (same is Mr. P-L)
            Job: Student / Entrepreneur / Waiter
            Favorite Teams/Players:
            -NFL - Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers (mainly for Brett Favre)
            -NCAAF - Michigan Wolverines (Mike "Heisman" Hart)
            -NCAAB - I'm not a Basketball fan, so I will say Oakland University, you may remember that we won the play-in game in the NCAA tournament 2 years ago and then got stomped by UNC
            -MLB - Detroit Tigers (Curtis Granderson), and currently, the Colorado Rockies
            -NBA - Detroit Pistons
            -NHL - Detroit Red Wings (Henrik Zetterberg)

            Movie: Far too many to choose from, so I will just say The Godfather
            TV Show: The Office, Lost, House, 24
            Artist/Band: Too many to pick from, but it would definitely be a rock band
            Song: I've always been fond of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
            Food: Umm . . .
            Drink: Water
            Alcoholic Drink: I'll pass thanks
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              First Name: Shane
              Age: 21
              College (if applicable): THE Ohio State University
              Job (If Applicable): Resident Manager for tOSU
              Favorite Teams/Players:
              -NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers (born and raised)
              -NCAAF: The Buckeyes!
              -NCAAB: The Buckeyes!
              -MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates/Chicago Cubs
              -NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers?
              -NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins/Columbus Blue Jackets

              Movie: Se7en
              TV Show: The West Wing/Sports Night
              Artist/Band: Jason Mraz
              Song: Wordplay
              Food: Anything with meat
              Drink: Iced Tea
              Alcoholic Drink: Yuengling

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                First Name: Adam
                Age: 18
                College (if applicable): University of Minnesota
                Job (If Applicable) Athletic Communications
                Favorite Teams/Players:
                -NFL Green Bay Packers
                -NCAAF Wisconsin Badgers
                -NCAAB Wisconsin Badgers
                -MLB Milwaukee Brewers
                -NBA Milwaukee Bucks
                -NHL Anahiem Ducks
                -Other AFL's Georgia Force

                Movie: Dumb and Dumber
                TV Show: Seinfeld
                Artist/Band: Tom Petty
                Song: How Far We've Come
                Food: McDonald's
                Drink: Cream Soda
                Alcoholic Drink: don't drink

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                  First Name: Keith but friends call me BK
                  Age: 21
                  College (if applicable): went to LA Tech for a bit
                  Job (If Applicable): work at Countrywide
                  Favorite Teams/Players:
                  -NFL: Steelers/Larry Foote
                  -NCAAF: LSU/Highsmith
                  -MLB: N/A
                  -NBA: i guess Mavericks
                  -NHL: N/A

                  Movie: Shooter
                  TV Show: Lost and Heroes
                  Artist/Band: too many to name but here are a few: Ben Folds, Muse, Flogging Molly, Audioslave, RATM, RHCP, Zep, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Queen, Hendrix, RX Bandits, Protest the Hero, Fiest, Silversun Pickups, The Decemberist
                  Song:Philosophy - Ben Folds
                  Food: anything cajun/creole
                  Drink: Fierce Gatorade
                  Alcoholic Drink: long island ice tea for me or any beer

                  Silverback....still the best.

                  +rep to Jakey for the sig


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                    First Name: Barry...normally called by last name or just Moth
                    Age: 19
                    College (if applicable): Going next year
                    Job (If Applicable): Former Target Backroom team lead
                    Favorite Teams/Players:
                    -NFL: Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Bradie James, Demarcus Ware
                    -NCAAF: South Carolina Gamecocks, Cory Boyd and the Captain
                    -NCAAB: Arizona Wildcats, fav player ever...Hassan Adams
                    -MLB: Atlanta Braves, Brian Mccann, John Smoltz, and Chucky James
                    -NBA: Orlando Magic, D-Howard and Trevor Ariza
                    -NHL: New York Rangers, Petr Prucha

                    I know yall love that...haha^^^

                    Movie: The Departed, a Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, Cinderella Man, Blood Diamond
                    TV Show: Nip/Tuck, Futurama, Scrubs
                    Artist/Band: I like everything. Evan's Blue, TDG, Breaking Ben, 10 Years, TFK, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, Red, The Exies, Thrice, Muse, The Killers. I'm also a big fan of R&B and Soul music and you gotta love the oldies. (Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Four tops) It's all good.
                    Song: can't pick just one
                    Food: I like to eat but, mostly healthy stuff
                    Drink: water and gatorade, that's basically it.
                    Alcoholic Drink: Do not drink.
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                      I feel like this is for a dating service, anyway...

                      First Name: James
                      Age: 18 (but who knows)
                      College (if applicable):TBA
                      Job (If Applicable):Sportcheck
                      Favorite Teams/Players
                      NFL:Steelers (Ward, Pola, R. Harper, M. Bush)
                      NCAAF: Pitt U (Wann Leave now)
                      NCAAB: Pitt U (Young)
                      MLB: Pirates (Bay, Wilson)
                      NBA: Meh
                      NHL: Penguins (Crosby, Malone, Armstrong, Stall, Fleury, Laraque, Espisito, Latang)

                      Movie: Remember the Titans, Scarface, Blood Diamond
                      TV Show: King of Queens, 24, Family Guy, Prison Break, Friday Night Lights
                      Artist/Band: Rooney, Ludacris, Tom Petty
                      Song: Wont back down/Last dance with maryjane- Tom Petty
                      Food: Steak, Ribs, Pizza
                      Drink:Arnold Palmer (All I drink when I golf)
                      Alcoholic Drink: I wont give ino peer pressure, a bruschi while watchin the game occasionally.
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                        First Name: Brandon
                        Age: 19
                        College (if applicable):Uconn
                        Job (If Applicable): cafe on campus
                        Favorite Teams/Players:
                        -NFL Philadelphia Eagles- Brian Dawkins
                        -NCAAF University of Michigan/ Uconn - Mike Hart
                        -NCAAB Uconn Huskies - Ray Allen
                        -MLB Atlanta Braves - John Smoltz
                        -NBA Charlotte Bobcats dont follow much- Emeka Okafor
                        -NHL Hartford Whalers ftw

                        Movie: Equilibrium
                        TV Show: Seinfeld
                        Artist/Band:so many, but Queen and Bob Dylan are probably tops
                        Song: Hurricane
                        Food: Steak
                        Drink: Coke
                        Alcoholic Drink: Jack and Coke

                        The way it is

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                          First Name:John
                          College (if applicable): Freshman at the University of Louisville
                          Job (If Applicable) NA
                          Favorite Teams/Players:
                          -NFL- Lions-Calvin Johnson
                          -NCAAF-Louisville-Harry Douglas Notre Dame- Zibby
                          -MLB-Detroit Tigers-Curtis Granderson
                          -NBA-Lebron, Kobe, KG, Shaq, Wade

                          Movie: Wedding Crashers
                          TV Show: Lost, Scrubs, Office
                          Artist/Band:Green Day
                          Alcoholic Drink: Bacardi


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                            First Name: Rob or Robbie
                            Age: 28
                            College (if applicable): US Army out of high school
                            Job (If Applicable) Police Officer
                            Favorite Teams/Players:
                            -NFL Detroit Lions/Ernie Sims, Roy Williams
                            -NCAAF Michigan Wolverines/Mike Hart, Shawn Crable
                            -NCAAB Michigan Wolverines/Don't really watch basketball
                            -MLB Detroit Tigers/Carlos Guillen, Curtis Granderson
                            -NBA Detroit Pistons/Don't watch
                            -NHL Detroit Red Wings/Nick Lidstrom
                            -Other Liverpool FC

                            Movie: Saving Private Ryan, Original Transformers, a bunch more
                            TV Show: The Unit, Tour of Duty, Original Transformers(yes, I like Transformers)
                            Artist/Band: The Beatles, Johnny Cash
                            Song: The Wanderer, God's Gonna Cut You Down, San Quentin, The Man Comes Around, Don't Take Your Guns To Town, Tomorrow Never Knows, Rocky Racoon, Glass Onion, Within You Without You, Norwegian Wood, Strawberry Fields, I am the Walrus, Dig a Pony
                            Food: Steak, Chicken
                            Drink: Dr Pepper
                            Alcoholic Drink: Scotch, but I don't drink much anymore.
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                            Originally posted by Jakey

                            i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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                              ill fill mine out after football practice


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                                First Name: Jeff
                                Age: 19
                                College (if applicable): Utah State
                                Job (If Applicable) I'm doing it right now
                                Favorite Teams/Players:
                                -NFL Redskins
                                -NCAAF Huskies (UW)
                                -NCAAB Huskies (UW)
                                -MLB Mainers
                                -NBA Sonics
                                -NHL I like fights

                                TV Show: The office, SImpsons, south park
                                Artist/Band: Elliott Smith, Sublime, Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Drake, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Brand New, The Used, TBS.... etc
                                Song: Jesus Christ
                                Food: Sandwiches are sublime
                                Drink: Arnold Palmer...
                                Alcoholic Drink: Vodka



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