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    First Name: Tim
    Age: 17
    College (if applicable): Senior in HS
    Job (If Applicable): Local Paint Store
    Favorite Teams/Players:
    -NFL- New York Jets
    -NCAAF- Michigan Wolverines
    -NCAAB- Don't Really Follow It
    -MLB- Don't Really Follow It
    -NBA- Don't Really Follow It
    -NHL- Detroit Redwings
    -Other- F.C. Chelsea
    Henrik Zetterberg (Redwings)
    Kerry Rhodes (Jets)
    Tomas Holmstrom (Redwings)
    Petr Cech (F.C. Chelsea)
    Freddie Ljungberg (West Ham Unit.)
    Nicklas Lidstrom (Redwings)
    Leon Washington (Jets)
    Andre Woodson (Kentucky)

    TV Show: Family Guy, That 70's Show, South Park, Colbert Report, some others
    Artist/Band: Led Zeppelin & Nirvana
    Song: My Girl by Nirvana
    Food: Chicken Parm Pizza
    Drink: Arizona Arnold Palmer (Half & Half)
    Alcoholic Drink: Heineken
    Penn State University - Detroit Red Wings - New York Jets - Red Bull New York - Fulham FC


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      First Name:Evan
      College (if applicable): Duke University
      Job (If Applicable):Criminal Defense Attorney
      Favorite Teams/Players:
      -NFL Packers/Favre
      -NCAAF Duke :(/Brian Cushing
      -NCAAB Duke/Greg Paulas
      -MLB Mets/Jose Reyes
      -NBA Magic/Grant Hill
      -NHL Flyers/Daniel Briere

      Movie:Too many to say
      TV Show:Seinfeld
      Artist/Band:Too many to say
      Drink:Anything but Soda
      Alcoholic Drink:Beer, no ***** drinks
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        First Name: Earl
        Age: 22
        College (if applicable): University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
        Job (If Applicable): Golf Course
        Favorite Teams/Players(some not there anymore):
        -NFL: Packers (Favre of course)
        -NCAAF: Texas Longhorns (Young, Applewhite)
        -NCAAB: Wisconsin Milwaukee and Texas
        -MLB: The Milwaukee Brewers (Benny Sheets)
        -NBA: I guess the Bucks (Lew Alcindor)

        Movie: Animal House, Super Troopers, Gladiator
        TV Show: Family Guy, Lost, South Park
        Artist/Band: Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Sevendust
        Song: Touch, Peel, and Stand - Days of the New
        Food: Pizza and pasta sides
        Drink: Chocolate Milk
        Alcoholic Drink: Leinie's Red Lager


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          First Name:Kyle
          College (if applicable):not yet
          Job (If Applicable) N/A
          Favorite Teams/Players:
          -NFL- Vikes AD, Antonio Gates, Kerry Rhodes, Demarcus Ware, Sidney Rice
          -NCAAF-Gophers. Mike Hart, Dennis Dixon, Jonathon Stewart
          -NCAAB- 1. Gophers Distant second- Marquette. Dominic James and Ty Lawson
          -MLB- Twins Pat Neshek, Torii Hunter, Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera
          -NBA 1. Timberwolves 1a-Celtics. KG, Steve Nash, Kobe, TJ Ford, Craig Smith
          -NHL- Wild. Derek Boogard

          TV Show:Scrubs, That 70's Show, The Office, South Park
          Artist/Band:Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z, Nirvana, Nickelback
          Song: Ghetto Gospel-Tupac
          Food: Fettucine Alfredo
          Drink:Mountain Dew
          Alcoholic Drink- Not old enough


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            First Name: Danny
            Age: 19
            College (if applicable): ECU
            Job (If Applicable): Construction during the summer, randomly throughout the year
            Favorite Teams/Players:
            -NFL: Arizona Cardinals, Anquan Boldin, LaDainian Tomlinson
            -NCAAF: Wisconsin, Jack Ikegwuonu, Jonathan Stewart
            -NCAAB: UNC
            -MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks, Eric Byrnes, David Wright
            -NBA: Charlotte Bobcats, Jason Richardson, Kevin Garnett
            -NHL: San Jose Sharks, Ryane Clowe, Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau

            Movie: I like a lot, not one clear favorite
            TV Show: King of Queens, Family Guy, Fresh Prince, Lost, The Office
            Artist/Band: Breaking Benjamin
            Song: Welcome Home
            Food: Chicken, pizza, seafood
            Drink: Pepsi, Vitamin Water, Iced Tea
            Alcoholic Drink: Don't drink



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              First Name: Benn
              Age: 17
              College (if applicable): Senior in highschool
              Job (If Applicable): N/A
              Favorite Teams/Players:
              -NFL = Buffalo Bills - Sean Taylor, Adrian Peterson, Puz
              -NCAAF = Penn State/South Florida - Dan Connor
              -NCAAB = Georgetown - Robert Sacre (played against him) and Chase Budinger
              -MLB = Blue Jays - David Ortiz
              -NBA = Toronto Raptors/Charlotte Bobcats - Dwight Howard
              -NHL = Toronto Maple Leafs - Dion Pheneuf (spelling?)
              -CFL = Saskachewan Roughriders - Jeofrey Reynolds RB

              Movie: Super Bad/ Anchorman
              TV Show: South Park
              Artist/Band: Rodney Atkins/Akon
              Song: These Are My People - Rodney Atkins
              Food: Club Sandwhich, and nothign beats a great burger
              Drink: Ice tea
              Alcoholic Drink: Molson Canadian
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                First Name: Scott
                Age: 16
                College (if applicable): If i dont get into Rutgers i will become a hobo
                Job (If Applicable)- maintenence over the summer
                Favorite Teams/Players:
                -NFL Giants/Osi
                -NCAAF take a guess/everyone(Greene, Raymell, Britt, Girault, Ito, Foster, Westerman, it goes on and on)
                -NCAAB- RU but they suck so Zona. Shakur
                -MLB- Yankees, Posada/Cano
                -NBA- Nets/ Richard Jefferson
                -NHL- Devils- Pariese

                Movie: Remember the Titans
                TV Show: 24/Family Guy
                Artist/Band: Rise Against, Motion City Soundtrack
                Song: Like the Angel(or the Killing Tree's "Dressed to F*uck")
                Food: certain Penne Vodka
                Drink: Wawa chocolate milk
                Alcoholic Drink: lets just say i aint legal, and dont haveenough experience
                We ALL bleed scarlet
                New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
                UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
                Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                  First Name: Sunny
                  Age: 24
                  College (if applicable): Indiana University
                  Job (If Applicable)
                  Favorite Teams/Players:
                  Colts/Antwaan Randle El
                  IU/Kellen Lewis
                  IU/Armon Bassett
                  Red Sox/Curt Schilling
                  Indiana Pacers/Danny Granger
                  Andretti Green/Marco Andretti

                  Movie: Remember the Titans
                  TV Show: Fresh Prince of Belair
                  Artist/Band: Kanye West
                  Song: "You Never Know" by Immortal Technique
                  Food: Spaghetti
                  Drink: Pepsi Blue (RIP) :(

                  Designs by D-Unit

                  ILEMTPKC - I Love Eli Manning <The Patriots Killer> Club


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                    First Name: Dan
                    Age: 16
                    College (if applicable):
                    Job (If Applicable): Pudge Bros. Pizza
                    Favorite Teams/Players:
                    -NFL Bengals/Adrian Wilson
                    -NCAAF Oregon
                    -NCAAB Nty
                    -MLB Rockies
                    -NBA Nuggets/Bobcats
                    -NHL Avalanche

                    Movie: "In Hell" Van Damme and Lawrence Taylor(Yes, THE LT)
                    TV Show: Fresh Prince
                    Artist/Band: Nas, Kanye
                    Song: Many by Nas and Ye
                    Food: Anything thats healthy and dont taste like ****
                    Drink: Water
                    Alcoholic Drink: Grey Goose
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                      First Name: Jacob
                      Age: 16
                      College (if applicable): ----
                      Job (If Applicable): Unemployed at the moment.
                      Favorite Teams/Players:
                      -NFL: Dallas Cowboys
                      -NCAAF: LSU
                      -NCAAB: LSU
                      -MLB: Red Sox and Rangers
                      -NBA: Mavs
                      -NHL: Preds

                      Movie: Saving Private Ryan
                      TV Show: The Office
                      Artist/Band: Coldplay, The Postal Service, Barenaked Ladies
                      Song: What a Good Boy- Barenaked Ladies
                      Food: Anything cajun
                      Drink: Dr. Pepper
                      Alcoholic Drink: Beer



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                        First Name: Alexandre
                        Age: 19
                        College (if applicable): JUCO
                        Job (If Applicable): Student.
                        Favorite Teams/Players:
                        -NFL - Not a fan of any particular team - Chad Johnson , Kirk Morrison, Ronnie Brown
                        -NCAAF - Kentucky Wildcats - Wesley Woodyard, Craig Steltz, Chris Long
                        -NCAAB -
                        -MLB - Cleveland Indians - Grady Sizemore, Prince Fielder, David Wright, Jose Reyes
                        -NBA - Toronto Raptors - Chris Bosh, Lebron James, Dwight Howard
                        -NHL - Montreal Canadiens - Zetterberg, Cammalleri, Briere

                        Movie: Scarface
                        TV Show: Lost
                        Artist/Band: Rage Against the Machine
                        Song: Sweetest girl by Wyclef Jean ft Akon and Lil Wayne
                        Food: Spaghetti
                        Drink: Orange Juice
                        Alcoholic Drink: Absinthe



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                          First Name: Tony
                          Age: 18
                          College (if applicable): Minnesota State
                          Job (If Applicable) student
                          Favorite Teams/Players:
                          -NFL: Vikings
                          -NCAAF: Va Tech
                          -NCAAB: Pittsburgh
                          -MLB: Twins
                          -NBA: Wolves
                          -NHL: Wild

                          Movie: Billy Madison
                          TV Show: The Office
                          Artist/Band: right now, the Killers
                          Song: Time is Running Out by Papa Roach
                          Food: Fried Chicken
                          Drink: Mountain Dew



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                            First Name: Greg
                            Age: 17
                            College (if applicable): Duquesne University, Class of '12
                            Job (If Applicable): File Clerk/Chef
                            Favorite Teams/Players:
                            -NFL: Bills/ Brian Moorman, Dusty Dvoracek
                            -NCAAF: Oklahoma (UB too)/ Terrence Toliver
                            -NCAAB: Don't Follow
                            -MLB: Orioles/ Currently Nick Markakis
                            -NBA: Don't Follow
                            -NHL: Sabres/ Jason Pomminville/ Wojtek Wolski
                            -Other: NASCAR (Truex)

                            Movie: The Big Lebowski, Superbad, Permanent Midnight
                            TV Show: Always Sunny, SNL, The Office, South Park
                            Artist/Band: RCPM, Sublime, NMAS
                            Song: Let It All Hangout by the Hombres
                            Food: peach jello
                            Drink: Loganberry
                            Alcoholic Drink: SoCo and Lime, Labatts
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                              Originally posted by Jensen View Post
                              -NCAAB: UNC
                              Wanna fight?


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                                First Name: James
                                Age: 15
                                -NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers, Hines Ward
                                -NCAAF: Pitt, Notre Dame
                                -NCAAB: Pitt
                                -MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates, Freddy Sanchez
                                -NBA: Orlando Magic
                                -NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby

                                Movie: Field of Dreams
                                TV Show (non-sport related): 30 Rock
                                Artist/Band: Tim McGraw
                                Song: "8th of November," Big & Rich
                                Food: Pizza (I'm hungry now)
                                Drink: Red Gatorade

                                Xbox Live Gamertag: DocSteel92
                                Rest in peace, Randy Pausch.



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