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    First Name: Jakey
    Age: 18
    College (if applicable): North Warwickshire/UK
    Job (If Applicable): Carer
    Favorite Teams/Players:
    -NFL: Steelers: Hines, Troy.P, Lamarr Woodley, J.Harrison
    -NCAAB: N/A
    -MLB: N/A
    -NBA: N/A
    -NHL: Penguins
    -Other: Go-Kan-Ryu Karate- Me :)

    Movie: Dunno
    TV Show: Lost
    Artist/Band: Van Halen, Led Zep, Hendrix, Warren Demartini
    Song: Unchained
    Food: Pasta, Pizza, Seafood, Sushi, Chinese
    Drink: Milkshake
    Alcoholic Drink: Becks Lager
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      First Name: Andrew
      Age: 19
      College (if applicable):Sophmore at MTSU
      Job (If Applicable): country club in the summer
      Favorite Teams/Players
      -NFL: Titans, cowboys, VY, KBulluck, KVB, Romo, MB3, Witten
      -NCAAF: UT vols, Ainge
      -NCAAB: Vols, Chris Lofton
      -MLB: meh braves
      -NBA: nba sucks but i can watch the bulls sometimes
      -NHL: predators
      -Other: my flag football team is well on its way to a championship

      Movie: 40 YOV, Superbad, Transformers (yes, the new one)
      TV Show: Scrubs, that 70s show, seinfeld, PTI
      Artist/Band: I move around but right now its killswitch engage
      Song: killswitch engage- holy diver
      Food:chicken parmesan
      Drink: cherry coke, Dr.P
      Alcoholic Drink: Where's the Rum?


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        First Name: Ben
        Age: 18
        College : Fall 2008
        Job : Student
        Favorite Teams/Players:
        Colts-NFL- Tomlinson, Schobel
        TCU and wherever i go next year-NCAAF-
        -NCAAB- Dont care
        -MLB- Dont Care
        -NBA- Really Dont Care
        Dallas Stars-NHL- Zuboz
        Chelsea FC-Other- Dorgba

        TV Show: Lost, Dexter
        Artist/Band: Bloc Party
        Food: Seafood
        Drink: Coca Cola Classic

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          Originally posted by NYGibril28 View Post
          Get to know your fellow posters

          First Name: Joe
          Age: 19 (20 in December)
          College (if applicable): Heartland Community College
          Job (If Applicable): Production Assistant
          Favorite Teams/Players:
          -NFL - Da Bears
          -NCAAF - Illini
          -NCAAB - Illini
          -MLB - Sox/Cubs (Sox fan first though)
          -NBA - Da Bulls
          -NHL - Blackhawks
          -Other - Fire/Rush/USA Soccer

          Movie: Good Will Hunting/American History X/Boondock Saints
          TV Show: Entourage/Scrubs/Lost/Heroes
          Rock: Staind/Breaking Benjamin/Foo Fighters
          Rap: Eminem/Young Jeezy/Kanye West/Immortal Technique

          Song(s): Lose Yourself, It's Been a While, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Red, My Hero, Learn to Fly, What I've Done, Push It, Changes, Cruisin....

          Food: Spaghetti and Chicken Enchiladas
          Drink: Glacier Freeze Gatorade

          Alcoholic Drink:
          Beer: Dos Equis
          Hard Liquor: Captain Morgan

          Another sig courtesy of BoneKrusher

          Originally posted by JBCX
          Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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            Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
            First Name: Scott
            Age: 16
            College (if applicable): If i dont get into Rutgers i will become a hobo
            Job (If Applicable)- maintenence over the summer
            Favorite Teams/Players:
            -NFL Giants/Osi
            -NCAAF take a guess/everyone(Greene, Raymell, Britt, Girault, Ito, Foster, Westerman, it goes on and on)
            -NCAAB- RU but they suck so Zona. Shakur
            -MLB- Yankees, Posada/Cano
            -NBA- Nets/ Richard Jefferson
            -NHL- Devils- Pariese

            Movie: Remember the Titans
            TV Show: 24/Family Guy
            Artist/Band: Rise Against, Motion City Soundtrack
            Song: Like the Angel(or the Killing Tree's "Dressed to F*uck")
            Food: certain Penne Vodka
            Drink: Wawa chocolate milk
            Alcoholic Drink: lets just say i aint legal, and dont haveenough experience
            I was reading this and was surprised since this was your pic for that one thread.

            So your saying you look like this at 16? Kinda feel like an investigative journalist or that guy from internet predator show.
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            Originally posted by STARHEATHER
            the only hot actreeses are adult
            Originally posted by A Perfect Score
            players intsimy latieres are sutpdi. the players areat all unituw/ o dpmt ebem aer about wat the lpater aare calling themeslves of whatever, terhera will Its sutpid/ neever be anothe said playerm. rscj p;syhyrt uniyeee, snf rhyrtrgotr, each player autntiwue for each syste,. /
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              Originally posted by Primetime21 View Post
              I was reading this and was surprised since this was your pic for that one thread.

              So your saying you look like this at 16? Kinda feel like an investigative journalist or that guy from internet predator show.
              OH NO! IT'S CHRIS HANSEN! *shoots self*


              New York Giants
              New York Yankees
              New York Knicks (unfortunately)
              UConn Basketball
              Virginia Tech Football
              UConn Football


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                First Name: Kevin
                Age: 22
                College (if applicable): Not Applicable!
                Job (If Applicable): Nunya, Nunya dam business
                Favorite Teams/Players:
                -NFL = Baltimore Ravens/Ed Reed
                -NCAAF = Maryland Terrapins/Keon Lattimore
                -NCAAB = Maryland Terrapins
                -MLB = Baltimore Orioles/Daniel Cabrera
                -NBA = Washington Wizards/Caron Butler
                -NHL = Washington Capitals/Donald Brashear

                Movie: Boondock Saints/The Shawshank Redemption/Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas/Nightbreed/ The Big Lebowski
                TV Show: Scrubs/Daily Show/Colbert Report/Reno 911/Ravens Wired
                Artist/Band: Tool/Avenged Sevenfold/Atreyu/Guns N Roses/Van Halen/The Used/White Zombie/John 5
                Song: Stinkfist/I Won't See You Tonight Pt.1/The Crimson/It's So Easy/Amsterdam/Maybe Memories/Electric Head Pt.1/Damaged (songs correspond to above artists)
                Food: Fried Chicken, Lasagna
                Drink: Coke Zero
                Alcoholic Drink: Jagermeister
                HALL OF FAMER!

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                  ERU i'm disappointed you left American Psycho off your Movie List and Fresh Prince off your TV Shows..


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                    Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                    ERU i'm disappointed you left American Psycho off your Movie List and Fresh Prince off your TV Shows..
                    Dammit I always forget things while doing these surveys!

                    I forgot Dawson's Creek too :(!!!
                    HALL OF FAMER!
                    PUT ART MODELL IN THE HALL OF FAME!
                    JUSTIN BLACKMON IS A GOLDEN GOD!

                    Xbox Live - Kevown8999


                    • Originally posted by EdReedUnstoppable View Post
                      I forgot Dawson's Creek too :(!!!
                      I think that was for the better.


                      • First Name: Mike
                        Age: 19.5 years
                        College (if applicable): Joliet Jr. College
                        Job (If Applicable): none
                        Favorite Teams/Players:
                        -NFL-Packers / Sean Taylor, Chad Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, LT, Steven Jackson.
                        -NCAAF- No true favorite but LSU, South Florida, Cal. / Glenn Dorsey, DeSean Jackson.
                        -NCAAB-usually whoever's hot in the big 10
                        -MLB-Chicago White Sox/Hanley Ramirez
                        -NBA-Chicago Bulls/ Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Gilbert Arenas, Marcus Williams

                        TV Show: Regular TV-Seinfeld by far. sports- lately it's been NFL Total Access. and NFL Replay cause they've had two Packers games I couldn't see here and it's a great concept overall.
                        Artist/Band: Kanye West, Three 6 Mafia Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, in rock The Doors some Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix
                        Song: "Everything I Am"- Kanye West, "Feelin it"- Jay Z "Roadhouse Blues"-The Doors, tons of others
                        Food: Just had some high quality lasagna
                        Drink: Fruit Punch/Berry X-Factor Gatorade Frozen into Slush.
                        Favorite Hot Chicks: Nicole Scherzinger, Layla El -from WWE, Vida Guerra, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Lanny Barbie, Leeann Tweeden
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                        I remember: Sean Taylor



                        • First Name: Jacob
                          Age: 19
                          College (if applicable): Mizzou
                          Job (If Applicable): SkyZone during the summer, currently looking
                          Favorite Teams/Players:
                          -NFL - Rams(its tough this year) Randy Moss(hes back) and Sean Taylor

                          -NCAAF - UMiami, WVU, and Mizzou, Pat White, Demarcco Murray, Jeremy Maclin, Danario Alexander, Jarret Brown, Graig Cooper, and CJ Spiller

                          -NCAAB - Duke, Mizzou, and Memphis, Jon Scheyer, Hasheem Thabeet, Chris Lofton, Deron Washington, Gerald Henderson, and Keon Lawrence

                          -MLB - TB DevilRays, Carl Crawford, KG Jr., and Dontrelle Willis

                          -NBA - No team but i like B. Diddy, JR Smith, Josh Smith, and Tyrus Thomas

                          -NHL - Hockey is for canadians and communists (no offense to canadians on the board)

                          -Soccer - Man U, Cristiano Ronaldo, Patrice Evra, Obafemi Martins, Eddie Johnson, Anderson, and Jozy Altidore

                          Movie: Pulp Fiction
                          TV Show: South Park
                          Artist/Band: Jay Z
                          Song: Too many to name one
                          Food: A huge burger
                          Drink: Water
                          Alcoholic Drink: Bud Select

                          Leroy Smith -


                          • First Name: Kristen
                            Age: 27
                            College (if applicable): Boston College
                            Job: Project Manager
                            Favorite Teams/Players:
                            -NFL: Bears...
                            -NCAAF: Boston College
                            -NCAAB: Boston College
                            -MLB: Chicago Cubs
                            -NBA: i should say the bulls but i won't.
                            -NHL: 'nucks

                            Movie: Armageddon (kidding... actually it's stay)
                            TV Show: Heroes
                            Artist/Band: Mineral
                            Song: Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles
                            Food: Cigarettes and Whiskey
                            Drink: Iced Tea
                            Alcoholic Drink: Bourbon.
                            For a good time call (303) 499-7111.whitspacsig by steel man

                            United: "I actually went to the college I root for"


                            • First Name: Kyle
                              Age: 16 in 3 weeks
                              College (if applicable):na
                              Job (If Applicable) none currently, getting one soon
                              Favorite Teams/Players:
                              -NFL - Broncos/Cutler, Champ Bailey.. Chad Johnson Mojo Drew
                              -NCAAF - Badgers/ Tyler Donovan, Pj Hill, DMC, Andre Woodson Desean Jackson
                              -NCAAB - Badgers/Michael Flowers Brian Butch JP Gavinski (went to hs with him)
                              -MLB - Colorado Rockies, ChiCubs, Brewers - Alfonso Soriano, Prince, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun, Todd Helton, Aramis Ramirez
                              -NBA Den Nuggets, Bucks, Bulls/ Melo A.I. and Lebron
                              -NHL - Colorado Avalanche

                              Movie: Scarface
                              TV Show:Sopranos
                              Artist/Band:Akon T Pain Brisco Flo Rida
                              Song:Low - Flo Rida/T Pain
                              Drink:Orange Juice/coke,pepsi/gatorade
                              Alcoholic Drink:Vodka, Brandy, Hennessey Cognac
                              Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
                              I smoke ten blunts before lunch
                              Gucci Mane


                              • First Name: Artur
                                Age: 16
                                College (if applicable): N/A
                                Job (If Applicable) N/A
                                Favorite Teams/Players:
                                -NFL- St. Louis Rams/ Torry Holt, Sean Taylor
                                -NCAAF Michigan State Spartans/ Javon Ringer, Jehuu Caulcrick
                                -NCAAB Michigan State Spartans/ Drew Neitzel
                                -MLB St. Louis Cardinals/ Albert Pujols, Chris Carpenter
                                -NBA Detroit Pistons/ Tracy Mcgrady, Chris Paul, Andris Biedrins
                                -NHL Detroit Redwings/ Pavel Datsyuk, Alexander Ovechkin
                                -Other Michigan State Hockey/ Jeff and Brian Lerg

                                Movie: Happy Gilmore
                                TV Show: That 70's Show
                                Artist/Band: Metallica
                                Song: Fade to Black
                                Food: Pizza
                                Drink: Mountain Dew
                                Alcoholic Drink: not old enough.
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                                R.I.P Sean Taylor

                                Thanks to Renji for the AVI



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