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    Get to know your fellow posters

    First Name:
    College (if applicable):
    Job (If Applicable)
    Favorite Teams/Players:

    TV Show:
    Alcoholic Drink:
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    New York Giants
    New York Yankees
    New York Knicks (unfortunately)
    UConn Basketball
    Virginia Tech Football
    UConn Football

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    First Name: Patrick
    Age: 18
    College (if applicable): Indian River Comm. College (FLA)
    Job (If Applicable): Ruby Tuesday
    Favorite Teams/Players:
    -NFL - Giants - Gibril Wilson, Aaron Ross, Amani Toomer, Osi Umenyiora
    -NCAAF - Virginia Tech, UConn - Tyrod Taylor, Eddie Royal, Victor Harris, Larry Taylor, Darius Butler
    -NCAAB - UConn - Jerome Dyson
    -MLB - Yankees - Robby Cano, Mo Rivera, Derek Jeter, Melky Cabrera, Jorge Posada
    -NBA - dont really have one, follow the Bulls though because of Ben Gordon
    -NHL - dont have a favorite team, enjoy watching though

    Movie: Lucky # Slevin, Wedding Crashers
    TV Show: King of Queens, Seinfeld, Family Guy, South Park
    Artist/Band: Lil Wayne
    Song: Hustler Musik, 1000 Degrees (both Lil Wayne)
    Food: steak, pizza
    Drink: Vanilla Coke
    Alcoholic Drink: love me some Bacardi, mix it up with a Rockstar energy drink, its good as hell...not a heavy drinker though, on occasion
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    New York Giants
    New York Yankees
    New York Knicks (unfortunately)
    UConn Basketball
    Virginia Tech Football
    UConn Football


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      First Name: Brian
      Age: 15
      College (if applicable): Not there yet. Although I am taking honors everything and am in advanced honors math
      Job (If Applicable): None yet
      Favorite Teams/Players:
      -NFL - Bills (Evans/Lynch/Posluszny) (I like the Colts/Browns/Broncos too)
      -NCAAF - Notre Dame/South Carolina (Casper and Jasper Brinkley. There was a great article about them in ESPN not too long ago)
      -NCAAB - Tar Heels
      -MLB - Indians (because the Bisons are their farm team) and the Yankees -Robinson Cano
      -NBA - Not really a big fan of basketball, but if i had to choose, it'd be between the Bulls and Cavs. Michael Jordan was my idol when I was younger
      -NHL - Sabres - Drew Stafford/Thomas Vanek/Afinogenov/Miller/Rest of the team

      Movie: Rudy
      TV Show: NFL Total Access/Everybody Loves Raymond/King of Queens
      Artist/Band: Theres a lot
      Song: Theres a lot
      Food: Lasagna, Spaghetti, Pizza, Chicken Wings
      Drink: Lemonade
      Alcoholic Drink: Not old enough
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      Originally Posted by scottyboy
      my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
      But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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        First Name: Mark
        College- Graduated from the University of Florida (Bachelors in Criminal Justice)
        Job- Police Officer in Gainesville, FL.
        Favorite Teams
        NFL- Jacksonville Jaguars
        NCAAF- Florida Gators
        NCAAB- Florida Gators
        MLB- Red Sox
        NBA- Los Angeles Lakers
        NHL- What's that?...I don't watch hockey...

        Movie- Pulp Fiction
        TV Show- 24
        Artist/Band- Maroon 5
        Song- Another American Classic (Taking Back Sunday)
        Food- A Big Tender Steak...
        Drink- Tea
        Alcoholic Beverage- I'm fond of Margaritas...I know...puss...


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          First Name: Ben
          Age: 21
          College (if applicable): Graduated from the University of Warwick with a Bachelors in Maths
          Job (If Applicable): Part-time in a call centre, soon to be a systems analyst for a big firm (contract in the post, postal strikes are killing me!)
          Favorite Teams/Players:
          -NFL - Colts (Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders), Ravens (Ed Reed)
          -NCAAF - Michigan, just the first team I caught on NASN, loved watching Braylon Edwards, now Mike Hart
          -NCAAB - None
          -MLB - None
          -NBA - I'd go with the Suns, but I'm not a huge basketball fan
          -NHL - None
          -Other - Massive Liverpool FC fan, big Leicester Tigers rugby union fan and Bradford Bulls rugby league fan

          Movie: The Hurricane, Man On Fire, American History X
          TV Show: NFL Total Access/The Ultimate Fighter/Whose Line Is It Anyway?/Spooks
          Artist/Band: Old school rock music, Indie, Hip Hop, Rap, Almost anything but dance music. Currently really liking Lupe Fiasco and JET.
          Song: Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi (first ever song I owned)
          Food: Lasagne, Chicken Kievs, Crispy Shredded Chicken
          Drink: Water
          Alcoholic Drink: Becks Bier or Kronenbourg 1664, but not a big drinker.

          XBox 360 Gamertag: Bunj1986


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            why not...

            First Name: Dan
            Age: 27
            College (if applicable): St. Norbert College (class of 2002)
            Job (If Applicable) Research Department for health insurance company
            Favorite Teams/Players:
            -NFL-Packers-most of the roster.
            -NCAAB-Wisconsin, Marquette
            -MLB-Brewers----Corey Hart
            -NBA-F that.
            -NHL-St. Louis Blues

            Movie: Animal House, The Usual Suspects, A Time to Kill, The American President, The Big Lebowski, Snatch
            TV Show: The West Wing, The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs
            Artist/Band: Live, Tool, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Soundgarden
            Song: one from each of the above mentioned to keep it short. Selling the Drama, An Angry Young Man, She's the One, Miles from Nowhere, Superunknown
            Food: Pizza, any type of asian food...Indian and Thai are especially good. Sushi
            Drink: Diet Pepsi
            Alcoholic Drink: Beer only. not lite beer either. If i can see through it in a pint glass, i probably won't like it.
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              First Name: Dan
              Age: 18 (or 14 or 45)
              College (if applicable): UCF
              Favorite Teams/Players:
              -NFL- Dolphins, Adrian Peterson
              -NCAAF- UM, Kenny Phillips
              -NCAAB- UCONN?
              -MLB- Marlins/Yankess, Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera
              -NBA- Heat, Dwyane Wade

              Movie: Transformers (old one)
              TV Show: Heroes, Scrubs
              Artist/Band: RX Bandits, Coheed and Cambria, K-Os
              Song: Decrescendo
              Food: Chicken
              Drink: Orange gatorade

              That is correct comahan
              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
              <3 dg


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                First Name: Bobby
                Age: 23
                College (if applicable): Roman Catholic High School ( Famous Alum: Marvin Harrison)
                Job: Work for a mortgage company

                Favorite Teams/Players:
                -NFL- Colts/ Bob Sanders
                -NCAAF- Notre Dame/ Tommy Z
                -NCAAB- West Virginia/ I hate WVU athletics, but since Huggins took over I have to like the hoops team. Hes my man.
                -MLB- Phillies/ Pat the Bat
                -NBA- Sixers/ Lou Williams
                -NHL- Flyers
                -Other- UFC: GSP

                TV Show: College Gameday
                Artist/Band: U2
                Song: New Years Day
                Food: Currently the Baconator from Wendys
                Drink: Arizona Green Tea
                Alcohol Drink: Currently Heineken
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                Originally posted by nvot9
                I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

                Phillies 2007 NL East Champions & Back to Back MVP Award Winners.
                Indianapolis Colts 13-3
                Philadelphia Flyers 19-14-4 = 42 points
                Philadelphia 76ers 14-18
                Coach Bob Huggins 10-2


                • #9
                  First Name: Miles
                  Age: 18
                  College (if applicable): The Ohio State University
                  Job (If Applicable): **** no
                  Favorite Teams/Players:
                  -NFL- Browns (Joe Thomas, Kam, Urlacher, AD, Vrabel and many more)
                  -NCAAF- OSU and Florida (i lived in FL for 13 years)
                  -NCAAB- ""
                  -MLB- **** baseball
                  -NBA- Cavs, Celtics, Dirk, Lebron
                  -Soccer- Arsenal, Inter, Netherlands, Zlatan! Zlatan! Zlatan! Petre Cech, Drogba, Mark Viduka

                  Movie: Lord of War, Fisher king
                  TV Show: trash
                  Artist/Band: as long as it is not country
                  Song: So Fresh, So Clean
                  Food: cajun
                  Drink: water
                  Alcoholic Drink: vodka, whatever is in the keg

                  DChess resizing inc.

                  Reality is relative.

                  We don't give a DAMN for the whole state of Michigan


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                    First Name: Rob
                    Age: 19
                    College (if applicable): Saint John's University
                    Job (If Applicable): flag football ref
                    Favorite Teams/Players:
                    -NFL- Buffalo Bills/ Love all Bills
                    -NCAAF- Florida Gators/ Percy Harvin
                    -MLB- Yankees/ Derek Jeter
                    -NBA- Knicks/ David Lee
                    -NHL- Rangers/ Lundqvist
                    -Other- Soccer: Necastle United, Boxing: Miguel Cotto, MMA: Shogun, Georges St. Pierre.

                    Movie:Dont have a favorite, like all kinds tho. Pan's Labyrinth is sick.
                    TV Show: Seinfeld, no contest. Of new shows, The Office.
                    Artist/Band: Sublime
                    Song: none in particular
                    Food: Chicken Parm with pasta on the side
                    Drink: Coke
                    Alcoholic Drink: Jack and Coke
                    When I eat, it is the food that is scared.


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                      First Name: Michael
                      Age: 23
                      Favorite Teams/Players:
                      -NFL Oakland Raiders/ Kirk Morrison
                      -NCAAF USC Trojans/ Sedrick Ellis
                      -NCAAB nope
                      -MLB nope
                      -NBA L.A Lakers/ Kobe for now
                      -NHL Buffalo Sabres/ Ryan Miller,Tim Connolly

                      Movie: 80ís horror
                      TV Show: Dexter
                      Artist/Band: Nine Inch Nails, Muse
                      Song: Hurt, Dead Star
                      Food: Steak Sub
                      Drink: water, pepsi
                      Alcoholic Drink: JD
                      Taking a Knapp.


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                        First Name: my friends call me Eli
                        Age: 27
                        College (if applicable): George Washington University graduate
                        Job (If Applicable): Product Manager for Thomson Financial
                        Favorite Teams/Players:
                        -NFL: Eagles--Dawkins, Andrews
                        -NCAAF: Penn State
                        -NCAAB: GW
                        -MLB: Phillies--Utley, Myers, Hamels
                        -NBA: I hate the NBA
                        -NHL: Flyers--Simon Gagne
                        -Other: The A-Team (Mr. T)

                        Movie: The Big Lebowski
                        TV Show: Heroes, Lost, Iron Chef America, The Office, 30 Rock, old school Simpsons, South Park, Lil Bush
                        Artist/Band: The Doors
                        Song: "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey
                        Food: sushi
                        Drink: unsweetened iced tea
                        Alcoholic Drink: whiskey & coke or car bomb

                        I am "America's Poster"...


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                          First Name: Corey
                          Age: 18
                          College (if applicable): Jamestown Community College (NY)
                          Job (If Applicable): Steve and Barry's
                          Favorite Teams/Players:
                          -NFL: Minnesota Vikings/Kevin Williams, Sidney Rice
                          -NCAAF: Alabama Crimson Tide
                          -NCAAB: Alabama Crimson Tide/St.Bonaventure Bonnies
                          -MLB: New York Yankees - Cano and Melky
                          -NBA: Nuggets i guess, dont watch much.
                          -NHL: Buffalo Sabres - Pomminville/Kotalik
                          -Other: FC Barcelona - Ronaldinho

                          Movie: Goodfellas/Scarface
                          TV Show: Lost
                          Artist/Band: Kanye West
                          Song: Purple Ribbon All-Stars - Kyrptonite/ Kanye West - Homecoming
                          Food: Steak
                          Drink: Coca-cola or Blueberry Lemonade Kool-aid
                          Alcoholic Drink: Dont Drink

                          Vikings | Yankees | Magic | Sabres | Chelsea FC | Alabama | St. Bonaventure


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                            First Name: Joey
                            Age: 18
                            College (if applicable): University Wisconsin Milwaukee
                            Job (If Applicable): I work at local grocery store back in my hometown of Winona, Minnesota called Midtown Foods
                            Favorite Teams/Players:
                            -NFL: St. Louis Rams
                            -NCAAF: Wisconsin Badgers
                            -NCAAB: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Panthers
                            -MLB: St. Louis Cardinals
                            -NBA: Miami Heat
                            -NHL: Don't really care, but St. Louis Blues

                            Movie: Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, 40 Year Old Virgin, Office Space, SuperBad: just some of them
                            TV Show: Scrubs, Around the Horn, PTI
                            Artist/Band: Beatles
                            Song: Don't Stop Believin' By Journey
                            Food: Pizza, fettuchine alfredo with chicken
                            Drink: Dr. Pepper
                            Alcoholic Drink: I don't drink.
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                              First Name: Max
                              Age: 24
                              College: CCNY
                              Job: Draftsperson (Electrical Contractor)
                              Favorite Teams/Players:
                              -NFL: Indianapolis Colts/Peyton Manning
                              -NCAAF: PSU/Maurice Evans
                              -NCAAB: IU/DJ White
                              -MLB: NY Mets/David Wright
                              -NBA: Indiana Pacers/Danny Granger
                              -NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins/Evgeni Malkin
                              -Other: Fedor Emelianenko is my favorite MMA fighter

                              Movie: Braveheart/Shawshank Redemption
                              TV Show: Married With Children
                              Artist/Band: P.O.D.
                              Song: "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi
                              Food: Shrimp
                              Drink: Sprite
                              Alcoholic Drink: Corona
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