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  • <3 Veronica <3


    • everyone loves veronica mars


      • I forgot how funny Better Off Ted was.

        RIP TheManInBlack


        • Just saw the fall finale of White Collar and wow, great ending.

          USA has really stepped up the game the last few years:

          Burn Notice
          Royal Pains
          White Collar

          That's a pretty solid lineup when you add in how successful Monk was for a long while.

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          His soft D really turns me off
          ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


          • Not that it matters, but woah Simon Baker is 40? I guess that's when a lot of Hollywoods big-timers start to really take off though.


            • 1. Breaking Bad
              2. Psych
              3. Cake Boss -- Yeah I said it...


              • 1- Arrested Development
                2- Eastbound and Down
                3- LOST from the beginning or any season of 24
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                • Originally posted by vidae View Post
                  Just saw the fall finale of White Collar and wow, great ending.

                  USA has really stepped up the game the last few years:

                  Burn Notice
                  Royal Pains
                  White Collar

                  That's a pretty solid lineup when you add in how successful Monk was for a long while.
                  USA and Bravo which NBC owns has better shows across the board than the mother station.

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                  • Figured I may as well attempt my top 20 shows for the decade as well. As someone who spent the first half as a student and thus got to watch a ridiculous amount of TV I feel I am in a good position.

                    Hardest part for me is probably ordering the shows and balancing for genres and what not... but anyway... here goes.

                    Top 20
                    1. Chuck - Pretty comfortable with it at #1. Sex Appeal, Humour, Action and just slick as hell. What more could you want, I also think the season 2 ending may be the best ending of the decade.

                    2. House - Has been consistently brilliant for most of the decade, which puts it above other shows that had great seasons.

                    3. Prison Break - The first season may be the best season of the decade, sort of lingered from there but I still enjoyed it thoroughly, it certainly was time to go though.

                    4. Arrested Development - Just loved the show, took a few episodes to get into it, but just plain awesome once it got going.

                    5. Heroes - First season was just that good, I actually haven't minded any of the season's since, though they certainly are not as strong.

                    6. Entourage - Just an awesome show, last few seasons have been very mediocre though.

                    7. Futurama - Loved the show, first season was not in the decade, but whatever, it's not like I can distinguish between the seasons, they were all awesome.

                    8. One Tree Hill - Meh... for all that I didn't and dont want to like it, once I start watching I get hooked.

                    9. How I Met Your Mother - Great Show, glad they ended the relationship Barney though, that was getting old.

                    10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Only got into this one pretty recently, man was I missing out.

                    11. Stargate SG-1 - Great show that ran for a large part of the decade, Atlantis was never as good, haven't even tried the new one yet, but will eventually, hopefully.

                    12. Rome - This show was great, really wish they had gone on longer.

                    13. Californication - It's first season rivals Prison Break, it's second almost pushes it out of this list, it's third was great until about a week ago, Hank needs to be single for the show to work.

                    14. Weeds - First couple of seasons were great, then it became a drama and forgot to be funny, last season was much better, though still way to much drama.

                    15. The OC - Yeah, yeah... I was hooked and Bilson is still one of the hottest women on the planet.

                    16. Gossip Girl - See the OC and One Tree Hill, just a character flaw I guess.

                    17. Friday Night Lights - Something about the show is just off, permanently, but it is still great, still think it needs way more focus on the football side of things.

                    18. Chappelle's Show - I found many of the skits to be pretty ordinary, but there were some absolute gems as well.

                    19. Scrubs - Could quite easily be a lot higher, later seasons they seemed to latch onto the elements I didn't like at the expense of the elements I did like though, which knocked it down a bit.

                    20. Hustle - British show, highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it. So slick.

                    Honourable Mentions
                    Two and a Half Men - Was 21st, but couldn't find a spot.
                    Stargate Atlantis - Was still a good show, even if it wasn't SG1 good.
                    Modern Family - The potential is certainly there, though 1 season wont get you on the list.
                    Community - See Modern Family
                    The League - Again, see Modern Family.
                    Bored to Death - Needs some changes, but also has potential.
                    Playmakers - One season wont get you on the list. Was great though.
                    Reunion - Same as Playmakers, shame it didn't get to end, may still be the best concept for a show in the decade.
                    Reaper - Was fun while it lasted, again, longevity did it in.
                    Desperate Housewives - Was good, I sort of lost interest after the time jump.
                    Coupling - Another British show that is very much worth watching.
                    Skins - Also British, also good.

                    Noteable Exclusions
                    The Sopranos - I have it to watch, have been meaning to watch, but it is a big time investment, maybe over Christmas I might be able to find that time. The few episodes I've seen indicate that it will find a home somewhere in the top 20.
                    Band of Brothers - See the Sopranos. Like Sopranos, I don't want to be distracted watching it and I want to enjoy it in all it's HD glory, so 3 housemates make this one hard to do, one day...
                    Dexter - Same deal as Sopranos and Band of Brothers. Have seen 1 episode and I liked.
                    Burn Notice - Enjoyed what I have seen of it, never felt the urge to go out of my way to watch it though, will be something I will watch when other shows run out.
                    Battlestar Galactica - Exactly the same as Sopranos.
                    Smallville - Sopranos...
                    Supernatural - Sopranos...
                    24 - Have seen the first season, mean to see the rest someday, enjoyed it, if the rest are as good, could certainly see top 20 for it.

                    Shows I watched that missed.
                    Lost - Loved the first season, but it lost the plot early in the 2nd and lost me later that season, I have it to watch, but again, finding time, alone, to watch it is difficult.
                    Veronica Mars - Seen a few episodes, never got hooked, though it had elements to it that make it seem solid.
                    The Office - Never liked it, have seen a few episodes and can honestly say I never laughed at it. Ditto for the british version.

                    Thats about it, as with any list covering such a long time period, I'm sure there is some disgraceful omission that should be there, probably top 5.

                    Have done my best to explain, though I'm sure there will be no one who agrees completely, some even at all, with this list. Either way, have fun reading it.

                    Props to BK on the sig!


                    • I think we need some more Psych on these lists. Love the O.C. mention though because it was a very good show especially the 1st season which was excellent. I'm sure most of the people here hate it but I also think you need Survivor on these lists. It's a fun show to watch and even though it breeded some terrible terrible TV after you can't blame them.

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                      • 1. Arrested Development- Have all the seasons, and have watched them around 20 times.
                        2. Psych
                        3. Friday Night Lights
                        4. The Office
                        5. Scrubs


                        • None of you have Six Feet Under on your lists? Really?

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                          • Originally posted by fischbowl View Post
                            None of you have Six Feet Under on your lists? Really?
                            Lol Gossip Girl made an appearance, but the best drama of the decade hasn't snuck on. Interesting.
                            Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                            The APS is strong in this one.
                            Originally posted by killxswitch
                            Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


                            • Originally posted by A Perfect Score View Post
                              Lol Gossip Girl made an appearance, but the best drama of the decade hasn't snuck on. Interesting.

                              <+fenikz> "**** the Police, ride my fischstache bitches"


                              • I think it'd be hard to make a top 20 but I'll give it a shot.

                                1. Chuck - Easily tops my list. It's funny, has great action and a great cast. Adam Baldwin is at his best as Agent John Casey, and that is saying a lot considering his other roles.

                                2. Veronica Mars - I didn't watch this when it was originally on, but it battles for the number one spot. Doesn't hurt that Kristen Bell is a goddess.

                                3. Psych - One of the best shows on TV. Amazing cast who work so well together.

                                4. Dexter - I loved the books but Michael C. Hall has really taken Dexter to a whole new plane. He's fantastic in this role.

                                5. Firefly - Fox canceled this show too early but the cast was great and it's easy to see why it became a cult favorite overnight. Joss Whedon is a great storyteller.

                                6. Burn Notice - How can you not love Michael Westin?

                                7. The Office - Guaranteed laughs every week. Need I say more?

                                8. Curb Your Enthusiasm - I might be in the minority but I like this more than I did Seinfeld.

                                9. Family Guy - Pretty self explanatory. Hard not to like this show.

                                10. Scrubs - The first five or six seasons were very good. I can't watch that show without my favorite character, Dr. Jan Itor.

                                11. 30 Rock - Witty and well written, it's one of the best comedies on TV.

                                12. House - The only medical show on TV worth watching. By far.

                                13. Sports Night - I'm a huge Aaron Sorkin fan and it's really a shame he didn't continue to write this show after The West Wing hit it big.

                                14. Glee - Already one of my favorite shows. Great writing, great cast and the kids can really sing. I know a lot of people don't like it but I look forward to it every week.

                                15. Community - One of the best new comedies that has come around in a while. It has me cracking up every week without fail.

                                16. Friday Night Lights - I'm a football fan (obviously) so it's entertaining, but definitely not top 10 imo.

                                17. Arrested Development - Funny show and really well written. I don't think it's as good as others here do, but it's definitely one of the better shows to be developed over the last ten years.

                                18. Dollhouse - Huge fan of Firefly and Whedon (#5) and another show canceled a bit too early. It had its moments and I think could have been a lot better had Whedon had his way from the start. Good old Fox does it again.

                                19. Studio 60 - Also written by Aaron Sorkin (Sports Night, West Wing). Only had a single season on NBC but I liked it more than West Wing almost instantly, which failed to make my list.

                                20. The League - A show about dick and fart jokes revolving around fantasy football. This show speaks to me.

                                That was tougher than I thought it would be. I didn't want Psych to be #3 but it was hard to put it over Chuck and VM.

                                edit: I did forget about Six Feet Under. It would be up there but I'm way too lazy to revise the entire list.

                                edit2: Dead Like Me might make the list too. Hrm.
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                                Originally posted by fenikz
                                His soft D really turns me off
                                ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **



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