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    Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
    show me some love guys.
    In the words of the one and only, the great D-UNIT........who are u?


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      Originally posted by GB12 View Post
      How did I not mention Xio once. I'll add my own category for him

      Best closet Packer fan: Xiomera

      Best wannabe Lions fan: GB12
      R.I.P. L.E.F.
      "I am the one who knocks!"


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        Favortie Poster: Ward, njx, SuperMcgee, Xio, P-L, bsaza, RyanLeaf, MaxV, Dam, Geo, GB12, RoyHall, Toonster, Creek, D-Chess, Ghettosermon, too many

        Poster You Can't Stand: got nothing

        Best New Poster: _____

        Best College Football Poster: D-Unit

        Best Nfl Draft Poster: Scott

        Best Mock Maker: Scott Wright

        Best NFL Poster: Toonster, Ward, DG

        Best Fantasy Poster: NJX, bsaza

        Best Off-Topic: SuperKevin by far though I do agree with DChess's "Obnoxious Beer Picture"

        Best 10,000+ Poster: MOTH

        Funniest Poster: SuperKevin, Duckseason

        Most Underrated Poster: Geo

        Most Overrated Poster:

        Best 'Named' Poster: ERU though I did mistake "Ghettosermon" for "Ghettomom" for quite some time.

        Best 'Mod' Poster: P-L
        Is that a rash?

        Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece


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          Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
          show me some love guys.
          Poster most in need of acceptance and approval: OSUG17


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            Originally posted by yodachu View Post
            In the words of the one and only, the great D-UNIT........who are u?
            u don't know me?



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              Favorite Poster: The guy who tries to get me to buy cheap prescription medicine every now and then

              Poster You Can't Stand: Justin Sandy because I'd rather cuddle with that monkey from Outbreak than read his posts

              Best New Poster: I refuse to pass the torch and acknowledge new posters

              Best College Football Poster: RyanLeaf#1 because he provides a play by play of almost every game

              Best Nfl Draft Poster: Toonster knows everything about everyone

              Best Mock Maker: I don't really read the mock drafts until January

              Best NFL Poster: Geo

              Best Fantasy Poster: RoyHall#1 because I don't think I've seen him post anywhere else

              Best Off-Topic: Can I say GRF? Where else would I get to read 6 new threads a day about obscure national news

              Best 10,000+ Poster: Draftguru

              Funniest Poster: That'd be everyone's favorite Kazakh Mr. Borat Sagdiyev

              Most Underrated Poster: yoda because he's a Rams fan and I feel obligated to give him at least a pity vote somewhere

              Most Overrated Poster: Scott Wright. Who does this guy think he is?

              Best 'Named' Poster: EdReedUnstoppable. Just ask him to explain his name

              Best 'Mod' Poster: P-L because I hope he makes me a hall of famer

              Sandiest Vagina: Brownstown


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                Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
                show me some love guys.

                Do you know how pathetic you sound right now?


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                  If any one asks you who I am just stand up tall look them in the face and say..

                  Im that star up in the sky
                  Im that moutain deep up high.
                  Hey you made it
                  Im the worlds greatest
                  Im that little bit of hope in my backs against the rope I can feel it.
                  Im the worlds greatest.


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                    Originally posted by Paul View Post
                    Poster most in need of acceptance and approval: OSUG17
                    good enough for me



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                      Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                      I think HOF's should be allowed to vote on those.
                      Yeah, I've thought about that before. The only reason we didn't ask the other guys in the HOF to vote was because everyone came to a fairly unanimous decision. However, I'm going to definitely try to get other HOFers involved next time.


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                        Favortie Poster:
                        Poster You Can't Stand:
                        Best New Poster:
                        Best College Football Poster:
                        Best Nfl Draft Poster:
                        Best Mock Maker:
                        Best NFL Poster:
                        Best Fantasy Poster:
                        Best Off-Topic
                        Best 10,000+ Poster:
                        Future Tubby
                        Funniest Poster:
                        Most Underrated Poster:
                        Most Overrated Poster:
                        njx (this is a serious nomination)
                        Best 'Named' Poster:
                        Best 'Mod' Poster:
                        Future Tubby

                        Sig by rainbeaukid2
                        Originally posted by yodachu
                        Everyone pwns the Rams.


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                          Originally posted by NYGibril28 View Post
                          Favortie Poster: SuperKevin

                          Poster You Can't Stand: DChess

                          Best New Poster: Chaucer

                          Best College Football Poster: DraftGuru181

                          Best Nfl Draft Poster: toonster

                          Best Mock Maker: toonster

                          Best NFL Poster: Shiver

                          Best Fantasy Poster: neko4

                          Best Off-Topic: SuperKevin, Lions WMD

                          Best 10,000+ Poster: Patriots-Lions

                          Funniest Poster: ERU, SuperKevin

                          Most Underrated Poster: moc182

                          Most Overrated Poster: yoadachu

                          Best 'Named' Poster: AkiliSmith, Borat Sagdiyev

                          Best 'Mod' Poster: Patriots-Lions
                          Boys: lets rep rape.


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                            Favortie Poster: OSUGiants17

                            Poster You Can't Stand: OSUGiants17

                            Best New Poster: Who cares?

                            Best College Football Poster: Draftguru

                            Best Nfl Draft Poster: Toonster

                            Best Mock Maker: Me or Toonster. Mine are probably more accurate, but Toonster can give you a 7 paragraph description on the backup fullback at Western Nebraska State. Scott's mocks suck.

                            Best NFL Poster: Geo (even though he's a pompous assclown), BBD

                            Best Fantasy Poster: That sounds which case DChess

                            Best Off-Topic: Windy

                            Best 10,000+ Poster: Don't pay attention

                            Funniest Poster: Windy's 500 aliases

                            Most Underrated Poster: Basically we just write **** on the internet..I mean...

                            Most Overrated Poster: We're all overrated (actually I take that back...after reading this thread I agree with someone else, how did Man_of_Steel get so much rep?)

                            Best 'Named' Poster: What the **** does that mean?

                            Best 'Mod' Poster: Ward
                            Last edited by bearsfan_51; 10-22-2007, 08:44 PM.

                            Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                              Originally posted by yodachu View Post
                              Boys: lets rep rape.
                              I've been waiting for a rep rape. Good thing you just gave me the go ahead.


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                                Originally posted by yodachu View Post
                                Boys: lets rep rape.
                                dont, he'll just cry about it.



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