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Terminator on Fox:Yes or no?

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    Originally posted by PackerLegend View Post
    How can you have a show based on The Terminator without the terminator?? Or does it?? If it does it wont have Arnold (not going to attempt his last name) and if u don't know what Arnold im talking about he is currently the governor of California. Its like the price is right without Bob Barker, ive seen it once with Drew Carey and it well.. sucked.
    there is a terminator but I believe they are all bad....I don't know who the main chick is...but she says the infamous "come with me if you want to live" line...


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      I don't think most of you guys really grasp the whole "terminator" mythology/concept.

      Miles Dyson helps create the technology by working for SkyNet that ultimately causes technology & machines to turn against mankind and start wiping it out thus taking over the world in the future. John Connor (Sarah Connor's son) is the one to help gather and lead the rebellion in the future to basically save the human race/mankind. In T1, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the original Terminator sent back in time (by SkyNet) to kill a pregnant Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) so that John Connor would never make it to the future and oppose them. This attempt failed due to the future John Connor sending back a human (Reese in the first movie) to protect Sarah. In T2, Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent back in time (by a future John Connor again) to protect him -- the "bad guy" in the movie (y'know, the one made of liquid metal played by Robert Patrick) was sent to kill John. However, Robert Patrick's character was still a terminator. There are many different forms/types of terminators - some good, some bad.. some that are cyborgs and others with different capabilities. So, yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the original "terminator", however there are thousands (probably even millions) of terminators in the future.

      The chick in this show is ugly
      Summer Glau? Eh, to each their own. I first remember her from being Tess from The 4400 and I've been a fan ever since. Plus, I find her extremely cute.
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        Originally posted by JagHombre22 View Post
        don't forget, Christian Bale is going to be starring in the next terminator movie...due out in 09 I believe...
        Which is the only reason I'll be seeing that movie. Bale is the best actor in Hollywood. I can't think of one bad preformance in his entire career.


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          Originally posted by Ewing View Post
          Which is the only reason I'll be seeing that movie. Bale is the best actor in Hollywood. I can't think of one bad preformance in his entire career.
          I'll go with New World for 500, Alec....



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