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    Originally posted by Belish
    Originally posted by etk
    Who is the best current former CFL player in the NFL?

    Otherwise known as, the true Canadian BUMP :P
    Jeff Garcia?

    The CFL is alright. They're not trying to be something they're not. The CFL knows it's never going to be anywhere near the NFL, but it gives Canadians their football fix during the NFL offseason and provides entertaining football and it doesn't cost a lot to go see a game.
    If they wanted to be the NFL, they would have 11 man teams with 4 down football and a ridiculously narrow field. The CFL knows all they're good for is 5'4 160 lb kick returners that just close their eyes and sprint down the sidelines

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      the rules in the cfl are so much more exciting. and special teams is huge.


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        The Baltimore Stallions ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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        SSAEL....... its a new revolution!

        Originally posted by Job
        On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
        Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

        So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!



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