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    Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
    DUDE. Tell me about it. I've become the ******* poster boy for that.

    And Shiver: handle your business player. We'll miss you.
    Hey, I know I'm no innocent poster. I waste waaaay too much time on the internet. At least I don't play video games much anymore. Still, I find I need to have a job to have my life in order. School is just too optional.


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      Shiver will be missed. We'll keep his column's spot warm for him.


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        Bye, bye Shiver, I will miss ur cute butt. I'll keep ur moderator spot warm for u.


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          Good luck.


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            See ya Shiver, I'll miss you. Hope you get everything straightened out and return before too long.

            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
            Originally posted by njx9
            do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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              Since when are you only 18 years old? Anywho, good luck man. We'll miss ya!

              Another sig courtesy of BoneKrusher

              Originally posted by JBCX
              Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                Shiver, you will be sorely missed by all.
                Ride off into the sunset, oh great Shiver!
                Do not make us wait any longer! The tears will only flow harder.
                Ride, you fool!
                Your place is not here with us anymore; it is with those courageous orphans.
                So ride.
                When we are thirsty, we will think of that time
                You rode your camel valiently
                And found us water.

                Shiver, shiver.
                Four letters, two syllables.
                All wisdom.

                This town is too small for your dreams.
                Greater things await you beyond these walls.
                We watched you grow, raised you as our own,
                But what we have here is not enough,
                And we understand.

                All of us have had that hunger,
                Yet lacked the courage to leave.
                So we stayed,
                We raised families,
                And found a place.

                Yet we always felt that hunger.

                But you, courageous Shiver,
                Have greater will than us all.

                I know you will think about us, and likewise ourselves.
                But know that you are better off where you are,
                Wherever that may be.
                This town survived before you came,
                And it will survive long after.

                So ride! Don't think twice!

                Maybe you will return, maybe you will not.
                Your memory will sustain in our hearts.

                Xbox Live Gamertag: DocSteel92
                Rest in peace, Randy Pausch.


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                  Pssssh, more important things.

                  That is correct comahan
                  I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                  <3 dg


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                    Bye Shiver, good luck.



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                      Good luck Shiver, you'll be missed...I'm sure you'll stop by sooner or later


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                        Well this is disappointing, you have great weekly write ups I enjoyed reading them.

                        hope you come back soon
                        Taking a Knapp.


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                          Once I rose above the noise and confusion
                          Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
                          I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high
                          Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
                          Though my mind could think I still was a mad man

                          Carry on my wayward son,
                          For there'll be peace when you are done
                          Lay your weary head to rest
                          Now don't you cry no more
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                            Good Luck with this time in your life.......College is right around the corner and then you'll find your way back here

                            Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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                              I love you Shiver!


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                                Damn Shiver. The NFC South Forum and whole board just lost a great poster, even if it isn't permanent.



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