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What is the most difficult sport to play?

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  • Cricket....


    • golf, tennis, then hockey. baseball, football, basketball, soccer then rugby. in that order.

      i think no one gives tennis enough credit either.

      it's the athletic person's golf. yeah, you can play with your friend and hit it back and forth, but the level of play between beginner and decent player is huge.

      just like between decent player and pro is huge.

      tennis is truly the weirdest professional sport. period. the ATP is a weird system that produces 3-5 dominant players, and a field to play against them. on any given sunday, tiger woods can fall to upstarts, rarely does that happen in the tennis world. to watch federer play sampras really proved that.

      edit: there's also 0 metrics that say you're better fit to play tennis than another. the only metric you have is what? racket speed? reaction time? i mean... it's the same with golf, all you have is club speed. everything else is purely statistical on you're competence. baseball you have baserunning speed, range, throwing, batting. football you have 40 time, strength, hockey, you even have blue-line to blue-line, reaction times, shot power, etc... the skill between one person and the next has more to do with strength of footwork, and knowledge of the game than physical skill. same with golf, how you plan your shots, how you execute, how you hit the fairway, all aren't measureables by any physical means, just statistical means. the intangables are more a part of the game with these two sports that make it harder to learn. hence, why there's converted basketball players playing tight end. but not as many hockey players who play another sport...
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      • Originally posted by NYGibril28 View Post
        I've been playing since I was 6. I'm a little better than that. My best score on 9 was a 35. (1 under) and on 18 it was 73 (2 over)
        That's pretty damn good. Do you play competitively?

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        • Although I'm not convinced that it is the most difficult, I have to stick up for soccer a little at this point. People talking about tennis are basically describing the skills required for soccer. They did a study on the last England soccer game and 5 players ran over 11000m, one getting over 12500m, that requires a hell of a lot of fitness when you consider a lot of soccer is sprinting, controlling the ball as it is hit to you etc.

          Also in soccer you need to have very good technique as well, which is the argument many are using for golf. It's not quite as technical as golf, but some of the coordination required in soccer is extremely difficult to master.
          I've posted a couple of links containing some of the skills, I hope it helps people's appreciation of the game. Oh and a couple of the old Nike ads, just because they are awesome haha.

          It's also quite a physical game, it gets a bad rap from the idiots who dive and avoid contact, but played in the right way it's a tough game. It's not exactly football, but you come off and you know you have been in a game.

          So it contains a lot of the things people are looking for when describing a difficult sport, physicality, fitness, technique. Apologies for the essay, but I get fed up with soccer getting such a bad rep.

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