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Man gets tazered over speeding ticket.

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    Originally posted by SubNoize View Post
    he comes out pretty fast with his arm raised, he's says pointing at the sign, but the cop was turned away from him so out of side vision it could have been perceived as him holding a gun. He def. did not calmly as smoothly walk over, he jumped out and came up behind the cop in a hurry. Again I don't think he should have been tazered, but his actions did not help his defenseless story at all.
    Oh I agree that he shouldn't have been tazered as there was better ways to defuse the situation and that the guy was acting like a complete moron, especially after seeing the tazer gun...but I was just saying that he didn't come jumping outta the car like a mad man, but walked up to where the cop was with one arm raised and talking, which most normal people would respond to by talking with the person rather than yelling at them with a tazer pointed at them, but I understand the cop had no idea what to expect

    looking at the video again, I don't know how fast the guy was going, but he was in the 40 mph zone so the cop was definitely justified in giving him a ticket. However, the way the cop went about it was completely wrong and seemed like he's never done it before...he refused to tell the guy how fast he was going for no reason, not refused to show him the radar, but refused to tell the guy how fast he was speeding, which is ridiculous...but the guy should have, after realizing the cop wasn't going to show/tell him, taken the ticket and then gone to court...but in no way did any of his actions show that he should have been tazered


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      Originally posted by someone447 View Post
      Usually I am on the side of the cops. But this cop was just reckless and on a power trip. Using a tazer so close to the highway is just stupid. What if he fell into oncoming traffic? He was not resisting arrest. He did nothing threatening. We see the entire video on this one, the cop was entirely out of line. It is for episodes like this that people distrust cops.
      Okay, so when he tries to restrain him what happens if the guy resists and pushes the cop into oncoming traffic?

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        Originally posted by Smokey Joe View Post
        Okay, so when he tries to restrain him what happens if the guy resists and pushes the cop into oncoming traffic?
        There were definitely better ways to handle it. I have no problem with him initially pulling the taser. However, he should have explained what was going on. Get the guy away from the road, and attempted to restrain him against the car. If he fights back in any way, then the use of a taser would be justifiable.
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          Originally posted by Moses View Post
          Tazer is a substitute for lethal force. It should only be used in life and death situations in my opinion.
          that sir, is not the truth...

          the taser is an intermediate weapon used for is in no way a substitute for deadly force...

          the guy was resisting without violence...the patrolman pulled his taser as a compliance tool...the guy was still non-compliant thus making the patrolman use the taser...

          when you refuse to sign the ticket, you are resisting a lawful command without that was in Utah and I'm a police officer in Gainesville, FL. (and yes I do carry a taser) but the state laws for resisting without violence are not that different state to state...

          could have the patrolman told the guy "if you don't sign this you will go to jail..."? Probably, does he have

          law enforcement personnel are trained to use the taser and their agencies have strict policies when and when not to use the, this video being available on tells me that the agency released it to the media and the patrolman was probably reprimanded as a learning tool....

          make no mistake...highway patrolmen have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country...they deal with the worst of the worst on a daily basis...they make traffic stops where there are vehicles traveling in excess of 80+ mph...

          the patrolman makes some mistakes during the whole course of the video but he was justified in using the taser...



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