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    Albert Pujols

    Torry Holt

    Tracy McGrady

    R.I.P Sean Taylor

    Thanks to Renji for the AVI


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        Originally posted by CalBears99 View Post
        Mike Piazza. Mets fans will always love him no matter what team he is on.
        Exactly. There were times when the only reason to watch a game was because of Mike.


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              Doug "Killer" Gilmour

              Wendel Clark

              Joe Carter

              Michael "Pinball" Clemons

              Doug Flutie

              Mike Alstott


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                Ken Griffey Jr

                Troy Aikman


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                  Originally posted by KILLERSANTA View Post
                  He said Athlete.......
                  dont start that bullsh*t

                  bonekrusher on the sig magic
                  <beans> libid dont worry man i think fondling big black men is a perfectly worthy career goal
                  <JBond> laughing so hard I am crying


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                    Shawn Bradley

                    RIP TheManInBlack


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                      Originally posted by Brodeur View Post

                      Shawn Bradley
                      He was awesome in:

                      Let's get some activity going in the Cleveland sub-forum!


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                        Deion Sanders

                        Patrick Roy


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                          It is now and will forever be Omar Vizquel.


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                            10. Randy Johnson - Would be higher if he played longer with the M's. Regardless, he's one of the top three strikeout pitchers of all-time.

                            9. Olaf Kolzig - OH-LEE! OH-LEE! OH-LEE! I don't know how many times I've chanted that during a game but I'm willing to bet it's more than anything else.

                            8. Alexander Ovechkin - No player has done more with less over the last two seasons than Ovechkin. Unlike Crosby, he can actually check and play defense.

                            7. Ichiro Suzuki - Best contact hitter ever? Possibly. Without his success the imports such as Godzilla, Dice-K, and several others would still be over in Japan.

                            6. Vince Young - The best college quarterback I've ever seen(including highlight films from the past) and one hell of a prospect. I can only dream what the future awaits.

                            5. David Robinson - Even though I hate the current Spurs, Robinson is one of kindest athletes in the history of sports. I've never been a Spurs fan(although I did root for them during their first title run) but Robinson was great. Plus, he played for Navy.

                            4. Dale Hunter - I went to grade school with one of his sons. Yeah, he was a douche sometimes but he was always the first on the and the last to leave(unless he got a misconduct). He gave 100 percent every game of his career and belongs in the NHL Hall of Fame.

                            3. Steve McNair - One of the toughest quarterbacks in NFL history. He sucks now but his time with the Titans will always have a place in my heart.

                            2. Edgar Martinez - One of the top five hitters of the ninties and hopefully a future HOFer. Plus, he ALWAYS ****ed up the Yankees. Oh and there's that prefromance in the 95 ALDS that saved the franchise.

                            1. Ken Griffey, Jr. - The player who made me a Mariners fan. You can make a serious arguement that no player(save for Ruth) was as good over the course of a decade than Griffey was in the 90's. Since he and Edgar are my top two, I have to include this image...


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                              Karshane Sarsborough


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                                Originally posted by nvot9
                                I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

                                Phillies 2007 NL East Champions & Back to Back MVP Award Winners.
                                Indianapolis Colts 13-3
                                Philadelphia Flyers 19-14-4 = 42 points
                                Philadelphia 76ers 14-18
                                Coach Bob Huggins 10-2



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