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WWE 24/7 and that one sig from this board.

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  • WWE 24/7 and that one sig from this board.

    Yeah, I don't post here a lot or anything, but I do visit the site every day. anyway, on to the point here..

    I have WWE 24/7 on demand on comcast and today they're showing an old NWA broadcast from January 1986, and Ric Flair is on there, and he delivers a promo which someone has as their sig on this board.

    I can't really remember who the poster was that had it, but the Ric Flair quote went something like "I can't help that I'm cus-tom Made. I can't help that I look good, smell good, WHOO! can dance all night long!"

    I know I've seen the sig, and laughed at it, well today I saw the actual interview that it came from, and it's on WWE 24/7 this week. I was dozing off listening to the show, and when I heard it I sat straight up and laughed. Anyway, thats my rant. Kudos to the guy who has that as his sig.
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      Wow, I think I just watched this for 15 straight minutes. Good times.



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