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Annual NFLDC Combine.

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    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 180
    40: No Idea. Probably 5ish, slow.
    Bench: N/A
    Sport: Basketball
    Position: Dead-Eye SG.


    "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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      Hgt- 6'4
      Wgt- 250
      40: 4.80
      Verticle- ????
      Bench-25 @ 225
      Sport- Football/Baseball
      Pos.- OLB/MLB----1B/OF
      NFL/MLB comparison- NFL- Brian Urlacher MLB- Jason Giambi


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        Height: 3 foot 6 inches
        Weight: 720lbs (all muscle, not even any bones)
        40 time: 5 hours and 23 minutes(unless I can drive it or take a bus)
        Vertical: When I'm standing
        Bench: Use them in Parks
        Sport: Football
        Best Position: Wide Receiver (predicted by Kiper to go top 5) and Doggy
        Draft Postion: taken by Millen in Round 1


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          The pro camparisons are funny....its like, i'm 5'5 100lbs run a 6.0, best postition is WR....Pro comparison= Randy Moss

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            Height: 5108
            Weight: 135
            40: Who knows swim the 50 in 22.7
            Vertical: I'm lucky to touch the rim
            Bench: Hows someone who's 135 supose to bench 225? It would snap my little arms.
            Sport: Swimming
            Postition: In the booth


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              Height: 6'1

              Weight: 165 lbs

              40: 4-5 seconds

              bench: not a lot

              position: safety or reciever

              I wish I played football.



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                Height: 5103
                Weight: 156
                40: Havent run one since last summer
                Vertical: not sure
                Bench: 1-2
                Sport: Football/Baseball
                Position: Athlete/Athlete

                Overall: Not bad for my age, got some Highschool years left. I wish squats were a categorey because I can get 400lbs on it.

                Thanks to bonekrusher for the sig


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                  Age: 22
                  Height: 5'10"
                  Weight: 185 lbs
                  40: 4.68
                  Vertical: 21 inches
                  Bench:1 on a good day, 2 if I don't want to be able to lift any thing for a month
                  Sport: Soccer, boxing, wrestling
                  Position: Kicker
                  Pro Comparison: One of the Andersons (Morton,Gary)


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                    Weight: 205
                    Vertical around :30
                    Bench: not a clue
                    Sport: former college baseball player,now just a regular college guy a lot of free time
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                      Re: Annual NFLDC Combine.


                      Height: 5'10"
                      Weight: 183
                      40: 4.62 (in 20 mph winds and a slick surface) It would have been a low 4.5 in good conditions. In a month I should have it under a 4.5.
                      Vertical: 32 in(Not completely sure, as good a guess as any)
                      Bench: 11-12 reps 225(down from 16)
                      Sport: football
                      Position: DB
                      Build: Bubble Butt
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                        Originally posted by bigmac076
                        Height: 5084
                        Weight: 330
                        40: 6.76
                        Vertical: 10"
                        Bench: 325 lbs.
                        Sport: Football
                        Position: OG
                        Build: built like a fire hydrant; bubble butt
                        How come im the only one to put my build?


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                          Height: 5'11
                          Weight: 198
                          40: 4.56 (That's my personal best... that was 2 years ago...should still be high 4.5's low 4.6)
                          Vertical: 32-34 inches
                          Bench: 16 reps
                          Sport: football, baseball, basketball
                          Position: RB

                          Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                            Originally posted by bigmac076
                            Originally posted by bigmac076
                            Height: 5084
                            Weight: 330
                            40: 6.76
                            Vertical: 10"
                            Bench: 325 lbs.
                            Sport: Football
                            Position: OG
                            Build: built like a fire hydrant; bubble butt
                            How come im the only one to put my build?
                            I'll join ya so you dont feel like the only one...........My Build, Edge from the WWE. Almost exactly the same exept my shoulders a a bit bigger


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                              Age: 23
                              Height: 5104
                              Weight: 210
                              40: 5ish (recovering from a torn meniscus)
                              Vertical: Not much
                              Bench: 225 x 19
                              Sport: Flag football/soccer
                              Position: WR/LB in flag football and GK in soccer
                              My teams:
                              St. Louis Rams
                              Michigan Wolverines
                              Southern Miss Golden Eagles


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                                Re: Annual NFLDC Combine.

                                Originally posted by Freddy G
                                Since it is combine time again, what are your attributes?

                                Obviously, a lot of you will lie, but it hopefully most will tell the truth.


                                Height: 6032
                                Weight: 183
                                40: 4.7 10lbs ago, not sure now
                                Vertical: 32 in
                                Bench: not much, i only rep like 180ish
                                Sport: Soccer
                                Position: Utility man (seriously, i play everywhere, and of course i like forward the most...but defense is fun as well because you can rough guys up)
                                Height: 5'10"
                                Weight: 155lbs
                                40: 4.6 (yep, I'm a fast white boy!) :D
                                Vertical: 37 (no joke either, I had it tested last year in P.E.)
                                Bench: Last I checked I was at about 185
                                Sport: Soccer
                                Postion: Forward
                                Strength: My shot, my ability to get back and defend, toughness, my soccer intelligence, leadership, and goal scoring ability. Also my speed.

                                Weaknesses: Not the greatest dribbler, not the best in the air, left foot dominant, and sometimes I'm way too passive.

                                Build: Slender with some muscle defintion

                                Another sig courtesy of BoneKrusher

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