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Annual NFLDC Combine.

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    Height: 6000
    Weight: 150
    40: 4.8ish
    Vertical: 25inch
    Bench: best rep is 120 :D most consistant rep is 90!
    Sport: Football
    Position: Quarterback
    Gamertag: OnABoat16 (Games: NCAA 10, NHL 10, Tiger Woods 10)

    Proud fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Somewhat proud fan of the Toronto Blue Jays
    Yes, a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs as well
    A fan of the USF Bulls


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      Height: 6'3
      Age: 25
      Weight: 217 (228 High School)
      40: 4.58 (in highschool before knee injury)
      Vertical: 34 in
      Bench: 24 (18 High School)
      Sport: Football
      Position: Middle Linebacker And Full Back (MLB HighSchool)

      (we train March 1st - May 30th) (preseason May 1st - May 30th) (June 1st - November 30th) (December is playoffs) (January 1st Gold Bowl) (January 2nd - February 27)

      we are in our 4th year anyone from maryland wanna join please do must be 21 thou


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        Re: Annual NFLDC Combine.

        Originally posted by SuperMcgee
        Originally posted by Eaglez.Fan
        Originally posted by sweetness34
        Originally posted by someone447
        Originally posted by sweetness34
        Originally posted by Freddy G
        Since it is combine time again, what are your attributes?

        Obviously, a lot of you will lie, but it hopefully most will tell the truth.


        Height: 6032
        Weight: 183
        40: 4.7 10lbs ago, not sure now
        Vertical: 32 in
        Bench: not much, i only rep like 180ish
        Sport: Soccer
        Position: Utility man (seriously, i play everywhere, and of course i like forward the most...but defense is fun as well because you can rough guys up)
        Height: 5'10"
        Weight: 155lbs
        40: 4.6 (yep, I'm a fast white boy!) :D
        Vertical: 37 (no joke either, I had it tested last year in P.E.)
        Bench: Last I checked I was at about 185
        Sport: Soccer
        Postion: Forward
        Strength: My shot, my ability to get back and defend, toughness, my soccer intelligence, leadership, and goal scoring ability. Also my speed.

        Weaknesses: Not the greatest dribbler, not the best in the air, left foot dominant, and sometimes I'm way too passive.

        Build: Slender with some muscle defintion
        Why would left foot dominate be a weakness?

        Heh, I'm a fast white boy, but in about a month I'll be a REALLY fast white boy
        Uh in soccer, you want to be two footed if at all possible. I suck with my right foot. I mean I can dribble and stuff but I always go left, and that's a problem.
        Yeah, my left foot is terrible in comparison to my right, my left isn't that bad in passing or dribbling but I can't cross or shoot very well with my left.

        oh yeah, and if you watch Rondaldinho play to get pumped up then dribble around in your basement ur dribbling will improve. It's just all about how much time you spend
        I'm terrible with my left. I'll make the best move to pull it over with my right, and then just blow the kick with my left. I hate it. I wish it were soccer weather again.
        Oh, I get it. I just misunderstood your post. I thought you meant that your left foot being dominate was a weakness compared to someone who's right foot is dominate.
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