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Annual NFLDC Combine.

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  • Annual NFLDC Combine.

    Since it is combine time again, what are your attributes?

    Obviously, a lot of you will lie, but it hopefully most will tell the truth.


    Height: 6032
    Weight: 183
    40: 4.7 10lbs ago, not sure now
    Vertical: 32 in
    Bench: not much, i only rep like 180ish
    Sport: Soccer
    Position: Utility man (seriously, i play everywhere, and of course i like forward the most...but defense is fun as well because you can rough guys up)

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    Height: 6002
    Weight: 246.3
    40: slower than 4th class mail
    Vertical: can't slide a credit card under my feet when i jump
    Bench: 21 reps
    Sport: weight lifting and long distance running (kind of an odd combo)
    Position: back of the pack... :(

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      Height - 6060
      Weight - 205
      40: Slow
      Bench: 5 years ago I could do 10; now maybe one
      Sport: I watch a lot
      Position: Reclined on couch, seated on couch, laying on floor with pillows, laying in bed


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        Height: 5'8''
        Weight: 145
        40: 4.65
        Bench: 0
        Sport: Football and Track
        Position: RB/CB, 100 meter for track

        I am pretty fast, I need to work on power now. I am only in 9th grade though.


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          Re: Annual NFLDC Combine.

          Height: 5'3"
          Weight: 105 lbs.
          40: ~4.80
          Vertical: 33"
          Bench: I can only rep about 100 lbs.
          Sport: ex-Football
          Position: Wide Receiver/Cornerback/Punt Returner
          NFL Comparison: Tim Dwight


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            Height: 5094
            Weight: 155
            40: 5.9 (disappointing, but it was 30 degrees...I think it will improve at my pro day)
            Bench: .5 (I can go down, but not back up)
            Sport: Spectator, mainly
            NFL Comparison: Akili Smith, but smaller and with less talent


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              Height: 5'9"
              Weight: 205 lbs.
              60 time is 7.5, never ran a 40
              Vertical: 28 inch
              Bench: Rep about 190. dunno about 225
              Sport: Footbal/baseball
              Position: Tightend/Defensive end
              NFL Comparison: Daniel Graham/Shaun Ellis

              Throw to 2nd base (baseball): 2.32
              Baseball comparison: Benji Molina

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                Height: 5084
                Weight: 330
                40: 6.76
                Vertical: 10"
                Bench: 325 lbs.
                Sport: Football
                Position: OG
                Build: built like a fire hydrant; bubble butt


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                  height- 5'2

                  weight- 100

                  40 time- ?....i've never ran a 40, but it would probably be pretty good

                  vertical- well, you no what they say, white men cant jump lol

                  bench- 225???...i wouldnt even be able to pick it up

                  sport- baseball and football

                  postiton- 2nd base in baseball, and running back and kick returner in football

                  nfl comparison- darren sproles(exept that he's much stronger then i am)

                  overall, besides speed, im not physically made for the nfl

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                    Height: 6035
                    Weight: 205
                    40: 4.75
                    Bench: 5 Reps
                    Vertical: 34
                    Sport: Football
                    Position: Wide Reciever & Safety
                    NFL Comparision: Matt Jones & Adrian Wilson


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                      Height: 6021
                      Weight: 167
                      40: 5.0
                      Vertical: 23 in
                      Bench: 215
                      Sport: Football
                      Position: Quarterback

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                        Height: 5'9
                        Weight: 215
                        40: 5.0 and above
                        Bench: 135
                        Squat: 155
                        Position(s): Center/Defensive Tackle
                        NFL Comparisons: Dominic Raiola, Shaun Rogers


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                          Height: 5'8''
                          Weight: 155
                          40: 10-12 seconds
                          Vertical: 2-3 inches
                          Bench: haha
                          Sport: Poker Superstar
                          Position: On the button


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                            Height: 5'6.5"
                            Weight: 146
                            40: 4.7 in HS, probably got faster at some point and am slower now because I'm out of shape, but I'm only 21 so I bet I could pull a 4.6.
                            Vertical: I can just barely touch a 10 foot rim, so that's not too shabby coming from a very short dude.
                            Bench: 0, long, weak arms = absolutely crappy bench
                            Sport: Football, Basketball
                            Position: RB, WR, CB, and QB for two games due to injuries to other guys, we won both games though, so woohoo, and PG in basketball.


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                              Re: Annual NFLDC Combine.

                              Height: 6035
                              Weight: 180 lbs.
                              40: 4.7
                              Vertical: 35"
                              Bench: @225? 1 maybe 2
                              Position: Wide Receiver/Safety
                              NFL Comparison: Drew Bennett at WR, Roy Williams at safety without
                              the plentiful huge hits



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