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    Originally posted by danman253
    Originally posted by VoteLynnSwan
    Originally posted by WarOnTheShore
    I'd be happy if the Cavs traded all three of their picks this year and Gooden for Ben Gordon, but I doubt Chicago does that.

    They don't need 5 picks in this weak draft, that'd be stupid
    I wasn't even paying attention to how many picks the Bulls had. Sorry. Damn.


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      You really thin having just Tyson Chandler (NO OFFESNE WHATSOEVER) and a rookie such as Aldridge with no good backups is going to get you far into the playoffs?

      You need a proven scorer down low and you WONT get it from Chandler, Sweetney, and Rookie, or Harrington.

      Fact is the Bulls dont need A shooting gaurd such as Gordon as much as they do a low post scorer.

      If Gordon was god they wouldnt be talking about trades for him.

      The Cavs could be the last team in the world that could work out a fair trade, but Im curious.....

      The Bulls HAVE to get a low post scorer THIS YEAR, because they want to win now! They have allready tasted the playoffs and want to make it farther this coming year.

      Without a low post scoring threat they cant do that.

      Drew Gooden is the #1 rated big man in FA this year and hes only 24 years old.

      Can Gordon play PG or is that not the best option?


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        I wish I could trade a tootpick for Lebron James to join the Magic...It might have to be somewhat of a special toothpick though. Oh oh one owned by me!
        NY Giants- Graveyard for unwanted Skins.


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          What would Cleveland do with Larry Hughes & Ben Gordon? Neither of them can play PG, neither of them can play SF. If Cleveland was going to trade for anyone on the Bulls they should try Heinrich.


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            I think Gordon and that #2 pick will be used for Mr. Garnett.
            Originally posted by Paul
            Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
            Originally posted by Vikes99ej
            These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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              Originally posted by Number 10
              I think Gordon and that #2 pick will be used for Mr. Garnett.
              We'll the media and MN front office thinks different. I posted about 4 hours ago an article shutting down this rumor.


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                I would rather want Anderson Varejao in return for Gordon plus about two future 1st round picks. Even though the Bulls are loaded at the SF positions they are rumored to be coveting Morrison.


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                  no, that would be a bad trade for the bulls


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                    Helz no.

                    As long as we dont get KG, I will be happy

                    Originally posted by BeansDooma
                    who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                      They can draft Ty Thomas, who can be better than Gooden.

                      credit to cardsalltheway


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                        First off John Paxon said he'd only be willing to part with Ben Gordon if the player we got in return was an All-Star Caliber player, and I'm sorry but Gooden is not that. He's a nice player, good on the boards and solid down low but Ben Gordon IMO is on the verge of having a break out season next year and he's a scoring machine.

                        Plus if we get Drew Gooden, we'll get him though F/A, not through a sign and trade.

                        But I guess if we do make that trade Cleveland would have to through in a guy like Larry Hughes into the deal for Paxon to pull the trigger, and even then I don't know if he'd do it.

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                        Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                          not a good trade


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                            It's already been said, that trade stinks for Chicago.



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