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    Originally posted by Jvig43 View Post
    uhh idk, i ddk know what QWERTY set up is haha.

    Look at the keys in the top row of letters q-w-e-r-t-y


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        Originally posted by Damix View Post
        Huh, my iPod touch is in QWERTY set up, I assume iPhones are too
        No, no. I meant an actual keyboard/keypad.

        AT&T Tilt. Next phone I plan to get hopefully.
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          I want to get this, but I think its Verizon only...

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            I just got the RAZR 2 V8....what a great phone...I recommend it to everyone...


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              Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
              He said he is not marketing what he did.

              Also, do you think that the average American will know how to do what that guy did in the video?

              Be a little realistic here. I'm talking about the average American knowing what they do about cell phone companies and them wanting the iPhone. If Mr. Joe Blow American wants an iPhone and can only go through AT&T then he will. Chances are that Mr. Joe Blow doesn't know how to hack an iPhone either. So, in the end, AT&T ends up getting his business just because he wants the iPhone.
              Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
              Very well said. If you want the iPhone, you have to get AT&T's service.
              You can go on EBAY, and buy them already programmed for other servers. You dont have to do what the kid did in the video it comes that way.
              Originally posted by nvot9
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                k so I'm typing this on my iphone now, its been about a week since I got one and while I love it, right now I'm noticing hickups with it. Safari dosent close as quickly as it did when I first got it and while on the Internet the other day I couldn't click on anything for some strange reason, and it makes me pissed they don't offer any insurance plan for a 400 dollar phone. So I went ahead and put it under my home insurance that way if anything happens I'll be covered. Not the most ideal plan but it works. I still love this thing but at&t should really make some better plans to cover such an expensive phone that has a high probability of bugging out.

                Originally posted by WMD
                Jesse realizing Walt was Santa Claus could really shake things up.
                Originally posted by gpngc
                I don't know how old you are, but if you can get to 24/25 without getting arrested or killed, you've done well for yourself lol.



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