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    Well for me it would have to be these things.

    Loosing financial aid for school- Had to get a real job for the first time in my life and hated it. Fortunately for me my dad pulled some strings and I work with him now. I'm in the process of saving up money to get back in and earn my financial aid back.

    Getting in my first wreck- Coming home from work on a back road with no lights I missed a curve and I put my truck in a ditch. Luckily it was raining and the ditch was filled with water so there was no major damage to my truck.

    Meeting my g/f- I met the girl i'm confident i'm going to spend the rest of my life with in April and this year will be special for that simple fact.

    Sean Taylor's death- I was out of town working when I found out. I just couldn't believe it. Without knowing him you just knew he was trying to get his life together and we lost a great football player and a great person.

    Marquise Hill's death- Being a Tiger fan this one hurt. He led us to the 2003 NC and was a leader on and off the field. Earned 2 rings (i think, 3?) and he helped save his wife before he was swept by the undertow. He was truly a hero and will be missed.

    The Mitchell Report- finding out that arguably the best pitcher ever got shot in the ass with 'roids is disappointing. While it is filled with a lot of no names there are a few names that surprised me.

    I'm sure there's more but I can't remember right now.


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      Originally posted by terribletowel39 View Post
      - moving into a house
      - making new friends
      - paying off my car

      but the one thing i will probably remember 50 years from now is 16-0. although i hate the patriots, i'm glad to have been apart of history.
      Ya i would have to agree with you... im glad i watched that game, now i can say i witnessed history haha

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        this year was a pretty big one for me:
        Got named to my city's east-west allstar game and played in that. one of the funnest things ive ever done, very proud of it and was happy to miss out on most of my senior trip for it. met alot of great people and just had an absolute blast in the 2 weeks of practice leading up to the game. the game itself was one of the toughest games ive ever personally played in as i went up against two allstate noseguards who went on to play D1 ball at UC.

        Graduated Highschool/went on senior trip for a few days and went on vacation for a week after that. Those 2/3 weeks were some of the funnest times so far in my life and having the allstar game in the midst of it was truly awesome. Senior trip to panama was short but awesome nonetheless. After that i started preparing for college football/worked a ton/went to a ton of grad parties. Near the end of the summer i got arrested for the first time which was pretty much the biggest annoyance of the whole year. had to do 60 hours of community service.

        Then college and college football started. Was a big time adjustment and it took me awhile to get away from partying alot and to do my school work. Fortunately I made the 2nd team and got to play in about 4 or 5 games. We made the playoffs but lost a close one in the first round. Since the season ended i just got back into working more and partying pretty much. Unfortunately this new year's eve won't be very fun as i am spending it at home and not even drinking because i have to work at 8am 2moro.

        All in all its been pretty damn fun and if next year can be half as fun it will be great.

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          I still cant get over the death of Sean Taylor, I remember falling asleep watching ESPN News and Sportcenter. I wake up early in the morning and I got on the bus around the same time they annoced his death. When I got to school and heard about it I felt terrible. For the first time in my life I really empathized with people. I could seriously feel the pain his family felt, pain the team and coaches felt. It just tore me up that a young, talented man with a baby girl was killed in the prime of life. And then the aftermath. The idiots on CNN "Sean Taylor does have a criminal past, may have been his past caught up to him." They had the whole nation fooled it seemed that Taylor somehow deserved this, that he brought it upon himself. Also I encourage everyone to buy the SI issue with Favre on the cover because of the award. It has a great article on Sean's life and death and the aftermath. Here's a quote from Chris Samuels in the article. "How in this great country can a man be asleep in his own bedroom, get shot, and in the media it's like he did something wrong to deserve this."

          Anyway onto the happier things...
          Recovery of Everett
          Revitalization of Favre and the Pack
          Getting to see three Skins games (Cards, Boys this weeked, and the other escapes me) And one KC game (TEN)
          Charlie Wilsons war was great
          This stupid writers strike which has kept all my favorite shows from being on.
          Some other stuff

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            I'm shocked nobody has mentioned the NBA betting scandal with Tim Donaghey in terms of sports. That was one of the biggest sports stories of the year


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              - Michael Vick
              - VA Tech shootings
              - Barry Bonds
              - Pats 16-0
              - Sean Taylor's death
              - Me getting so wasted that I wake up in the hospital the next morning
              - Beginning of college

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                2007 was first sex for me

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                  Originally posted by Jags#7 View Post
                  2007 was first sex for me
                  way to go's to much more poon!


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                    My 2007 was great....

                    I'll preface by saying that I graduated college with my bachelors in criminal justice and graduated the police academy all at the end of 2006...

                    January-February....started looking for a cop job throughout the state of Florida....
           a job at Gainesville Police Department...moved to Gainesville
                    May-June...proposed to my long time g/f
                    September...Got married
                    October...Bought house



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