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    Originally posted by GB12 View Post
    Is it me our does this look fake? They want to open by next year, but there is absolutely nothing in place. They don't even have a commissioner. No owners, no cities or team names, players, coaches, team executives, they don't have anything but a website. It's a pretty poor website to represent a whole new league too. Their "goal" seems rather rediculous. Why would you want to train players to leave your league. I fail to see how they benefit from having their best players shoot for the NFL. And when the "stars" from this league hit the nfl they become practice squad players or the 50th man on the roster. Why anyone would make this up is beyond me, but I hope it is fake. If it's real it'll fail misserably. They're not going to get a TV contract, and attendance will be extremely low. Who wants to watch guys who couldn't even make a practice squad?
    who needs a tv contract? i'd go to a game every week if it meant i didn't have to spend every sunday cutting the grass.
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